Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands 2020-2015

The home without furniture is like a body without soul and a food without taste. It is rightly said “A home is more than a mere shelter; it should lift us emotionally and spiritually”. The way you decorate your home is not only refreshing for yourself but also reflects your lifestyle and tell about your aesthetic sense. Furniture makes your home feel homely and complete. It’s all depend upon your creativity that how you decorate every corner of your home to give it life and makes it more welcoming. Whether you choose furniture of traditional/ classic, modern or a mixture of both, it’s all about your own choice but chooses wisely and design according to the space you have. But you should consider the quality and durability of furniture before buying any furniture piece.It is true that everyone do not have deep pockets but if you people love to buy the luxurious furniture to dress your home more stylish and heavenly piece then here is a collection of Top 10 Most Expensive Furniture Brands 2020-2015 .


10. Northland Refrigerator

Most Expensive Furniture Brands -

Worth $11,000

If you want to decorate your kitchen with something unique and stylish then North land refrigerator is the best option to turn your dream kitchen into reality. Its special quality of  72 side by side refrigerator/freezer with glass door and stainless steel wrap gives you a pure and elegant look. Now you can store whatever you want as Northland refrigerator has the total capacity of 48.3 cubic feet. So Northland refrigerator is a superior choice for those who wants quality with style.




9.  Vividus Mattress

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Vividus Mattress

Worth $59,750

Vividus made by Hastens in Sweden is the height of perfection offering the best, comfortable, soft and stylish look. It is made with the world’s best  and luxury materials like cashmere, flax, silk, lamsbwool and hand tufted horse hair that gives the most comfortable sleep for human and you feel like sleeping on a cloud as vividus is the latin word meaning “full of life”. It would not be wrong if we call it king’s bed as it has all the royal qualities.


8. Baldi Amethyst Bath Tub

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Baldi Amethyst Bath Tub

Worth $121,200


Bathing is not only for cleaning purpose but also a mode of relaxing and pleasurable experience. So if you want to have royal refreshment than you must use Baldi amethyst bathtub made by Baldi of Florence, Italy. It is luxurious purple bath tub with a 24 kerat gold plated legs combined with matching accessories like lotion, soap dish etc.


7. Parnian Furniture Desk

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Parnian Furniture Desk

Worth $200,000


It is made by Parnian Furniture Design & Manufacturing of Scottsdale, AZ, shows a different and elegant design in their showroom. It consists of six different kinds of some extraordinary wood, like ebony and Carpathian elm including a piece of custom glass. It will surely add grace to your room.


6. Solid Gold Stool

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Solid gold stool

Worth $1.3 million

You may find it difficult to call this unique and artistic piece as furniture or jewelry. This classic piece is not only a stool. It’s the world’s most expensive stool made of 110 lbs of solid gold.


5. Pininfarina Aresline Xten

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Pininfarina Aresline Xten

Worth $1.5 million

The Italian brand pininfarina introduced a top class office chair, the Aresline Xten. The innovative design with the promise of reducing stress on back truly meets the criteria of a standard and quality chair. Both the chair and cushion gives you everything you could think of any exotic furniture. Its cushion could mold according to the shape of the user because of its techno gel design and help to decrease stress on the back. The Dynatec fabric also shows its durability. You can get this comfortable chair in four different colors: metallic blue, grey , anthracite  and red.


4. Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Ruijssenaars Magnetic Floating Bed

Worth $1.6 million

The magical bed truly exits in this real world that seems floating in the air, 40 centimeters above the flour and can bear weight up to 900 kilogram. This is not only a point of attraction of your room but also gives prove of human intelligence and creativity. Jan jaap Ruijssenaar ,  A creative architect collaborated with the Bakker Magnetics design this floating bed  and develop a technology in around six years.


3. Tufft Table

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - Worth $4.6 million tUFT tABLE

Worth $4.6 million

This antique table is named after the creator named Thomas Tufft. The handmade and finely craved table is not only the pierced fretwork and the long legs ending in the narrow ankles but also the detailed ball-and-claw feet. In 18th century, this exclusive furniture piece was craved for a very rich man, Richard Edwards who lived in New Jersey. This table presents the fine rococo style furniture with the fine and elegant royal look.


2.  “Dragons” Chair

Most Expensive Furniture Brands - “Dragons” Chair

Worth $27.8 million

This is not only an expensive chair, actually this is the ultimate perfection with the classical look. It was created an Irish artist named Eileen Gray in 1917-1919.An exceptional decorative piece in 20th century. The Dragons Chair was also passed on to the Yves Saint Laurent who is the founder of YSL luxury and fashion brand. ‘Dragon’ chair is an amazing chair with the record of most expensive chair of the world; its special design makes it more exceptional and remarkable.


1. Badminton Cabinet

The Badminton Cabinet in Liechtenstein Museum

Worth $36.7 million

Badminton Cabinet is an antique piece dating back to 18th century furniture style and the most expensive furniture. This is not a simple cabinet in which you can only place your badminton racquets and shuttlecock. In1720-1732, this Badminton Cabinet was made by the Grand Ducal workshops in Florence, under the supervision of the Foggini family for  3rd Duke of Beaufort  named Henry Somerset and it took almost six years to design it with  the help of 30 craftsmen working with their talent.

The Cabinet is made up of some exotic materials, including lapis lazuli, agate, Sicilian red, green jasper,  chalcedony, amethyst quartz as well some other exceptional hard stones. It is no wonder the Badminton Cabinet fetched is the most expensive and finest furniture piece with wroth of $36.7 million crafted in Florence during the Medici control



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