Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in 2020

With great developments in science and technology have benefited a lot with and the rising demand, newer technologies are being introduced almost every day, whether we talk about the mobile phones or laptops people are constantly looking for higher versions which could handle more workloads for them. Technology has been responsible for changing the way we live and connect these days, and with the use of these smart gadgets we have been able to conveniently manage our commitments at work and personal life. Like mobile phones / Smartphones control our twenty four hours communication with each other, a laptop controls all our office works and professional lives, although it is difficult to clearly define the responsibilities of these gadgets. Spending a little extra on them would mean more luxury for you and ease to manage your works and stay connected more efficiently than before. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive laptops 2020 for you.


10. Dell M6400

Dell M6400

This model from Dell is for the design professionals who are looking for high performance and scalability. The laptop configuration perfectly supports high end graphics, design, analysis, animation, video editing, engineering related works in the most efficient manner, making it every graphic designer and design professionals’ favorite around the world priced at USD$ 3000.


9. Acer Ferrari 1100

Acer Ferrari 1100



The Acer Ferrari 1100 is known for its light weight which appears delicate but has strong protection is stylish, ultra portable laptop with full features such as X2 dual core and 4 GB ram which is unique about this model. Price of the mode is USD 3000, similar to the Dell M6400.


8. Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660

Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660

Toshiba Qosmio G35- AV 660, is an excellent laptop is known for its exhaustive list of features, which are more than enough for any person to buy it. But if it’s listed here it definitely means it is not going to be within the reach of the common man, this is an exclusive model with Core 2 Duo processor and built in HD-DVD drive, TV Tuner, 17wide screen. The laptop is available at USD $ 3500.


7. Lenovo Thinkpad w700ds

Lenovo Thinkpad w700ds

With Great ergonomics, handy secondary display and integrated digitizer, the laptop is no ordinary when it comes to functioning and quality. This model has an in-built quad core processor and many other features which make this model popular and expensive as well. The price of this Lenovo Model is USD $ 4500.


6. Alienware Area 51

Alienware Area 51

As the name signifies this sophisticated model has out of the world and best features one can look for all in one machine. It is equipped with Intel core 2 extreme along with a very powerful RAM ensuring the best speed and comfort for the users. The Alienware Area 51 is a sophisticated glossy looking light weight laptop which is priced at USD $ 5000.


5. Rock Xtreme SL8- 9550

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in 2020

Packed with Intel Core 2 Quad (desktop) Q9550 processor and NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTX SLI graphics adaptor is a popular high end gaming notebook available now in the world. The powerful 8 GB ram is the most distinguishing features of this model making it among the best fast running laptops in the world. The price is USD $ 5000.


4. Voodoo Envy H: 171

Voodoo Envy H 171

Voodoo Envy H:171 is the among the best performing laptops with great style quotient too. With a chunky 4GB Ram, Twin NVIDIA Quadro FX Go 2500m Graphic chipset, dual hard disks are some of the great features of this beautiful model. The notebook is available at Approx. USD $ 8500.


3. Ego for Bentley

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in 2020, Ego for Bentley

If you like style and wish your laptop to fit in perfectly with your personal style, Ego For Bentley is the one you must go for. Although many have questioned its functionality as compared to the other ones but here we are talking about the most expensive laptops and this one costs USD $ 20,000, making it the third most expensive notebooks in the world.


2. Tulip E-go Diamond

Tulip E-go Diamond

Popular as the most desirable notebooks in the world, this luxury laptop is extremely expensive and costs USD $ 355,000. Available in a variety of beautiful covers and the shape of the laptop has a resemblance with a ladies handbag. The skin of the laptop is made up of leather. Needless to mention this laptop is for the rich and the famous.


1. Luvaglio

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in 2020, Luvaglio

The fully customizable laptop comes at an affordable price of USD $ 10,00,000. Unlike others this model is the perfect combination of beauty and brain. The look is designed and comes with a guarantee of unmatched performance next to all other laptops listed here making it the world’s most expensive laptop available in 2020.

The best and the worst thing about the technology is what is in today will be very soon replaced with a higher version just like our clothing and these so called expensive models would be some day available for others too and a more affordable price.




  1. maybe write your own article instead of copying someone else. these are not computers from 2013 as I have just bought an alienware17 for $2500 whose specs almost quadruple the ones in this list

  2. The admin has no knowledge of labtop tech.

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