Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops In 2020

Laptops have now become an important part of modern life. They are more of a need than facility. One of the major benefits you can get with laptops is the portability. You can carry them anywhere any time. You can perform any function on them which an ordinary computer can perform and at the same time charge them and carry wherever you want. However in the recent days, these laptops have also become more of a status symbol. People tend to purchase laptops which are relatively more expensive to maintain their place in the society. Electronic companies also launch latest models of these laptops which are more expensive than usual so that these people can buy. Have you ever wanted to purchase a laptop and accidentally see some fancy pieces the price of which give you a certain shock? Exactly!! I am talking about all those laptops. I have compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive laptops in 2020. Let us have a look at them.


10. Envy H: 171

Most Expensive Laptops 2020 -

It was released by the Voodoo Company back in 2007. Many peculiar features are present in it which make it one of the best laptop computers for the gaming purposes. This is the reason it is one of the most expensive gaming laptops in the world. It is available in the market at about $8500. It contains Core 2 extreme X6800 processor by Intel and NVidia GeForce Go 7950 graphic card. The 4GB RAM provides enough speed for high quality games to operate without any problem. It also contains 500GB of hard disk space which is divided into 2 portions.


9. Gigabyte P34G

Most Expensive Laptops 2020 - 9th Gigabyte P34G

This particular model is available in the market for $9999. One of the most interesting features in it include the thickness and its weight. Its thickness is just 21mm while its weight is about 1.67kg which make it pretty easy to carry with. It contains Intel’s 4G i7 processor and NVidia Ge Force GTX 760M graphics card. Another unique feature in this laptop is the Supra Cool Technology for the cooling purposes.


8. Asus N550

Asus N550, 8th most expensive laptop 2020

Like all other modern day high quality laptops, it contains Intel’s 4th generation processor with the speed of 2.4 GHz and NVidia graphics. It is also available in the market for some hefty $9999. Its anti-glare 1080p full HD screen makes it look elegant and stylish. Its weight is about 2.6kg while it also contains 8GB RAM. The 15.7in wide screen makes it a good choice if you are looking to play high quality movies.


7. Apache Pro GE60

Apache Pro GE60, 7th most expensive laptop 2020

This model is also available in the market for $9999. It again contains 4G Intel Core i7 processor and NVidia Ge Force GTX 860M graphics card. Its unique feature is the cooling technology which cools the system temperature to almost 10%. Its wide screen, matrix display and 16GB RAM make it very preferable for the gamming purposes. Plus the audio boost design provides clear audio signals.


6. Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad - 6th most expensive laptop 2020

ThinkPad X1 by Lenovo was released in 2012 while the modified versions were released in 2020 and 2020. Its price is also about $9999 and it contains Intel’s 4th generation processor. One of the best features which it provides is the charging time. This laptop has a shockingly less charging time and it completes its 80% charging in less than an hour. Besides it is also equipped with 14 inch screen and up to 8GB RAM.


5. Ego For Bentley

Ego For Bentley, 5TH Most expensive laptop 2020

Ego is one of the top fashion brands in the market and this laptop was designed specifically for the cars launched by a company named Bentley. Its shape is more like a handbag used by ladies and this unique style adds extra glare to its beauty. It is 12.1 inch wide while contains 160GB hard disk space. Its weight is about 2.6kg. One of the features of this laptop is its handmade leather skin. For the customers, this laptop can cost about $20,000.


4. MacBook Pro-24 Karat

MacBook Pro-24 Karat - 4th most expensive laptop

Personalized computer laptops have also become popular these days in which the customers choose different components according to their own will and custom install them. MacBook Pro 24-Karat is also an example of such laptops. This laptop, as the name suggests is made of pure 24-Karat gold while the diamond logo adds a classic finish to it. Company also gives the provision to choose the color of your choice. This laptop is available in the market for $30,000.


3. Tulip Ego Notebook

Tulip Ego Notebook - 3rd most expensive laptop 2020

Another luxurious laptop included in our list is also from the manufacturers of Tulip Ego. The main purpose behind developing this laptop was to give it more of a fashion look than a gadget. It is available in diamond and platinum models. The leather skin and integrated diamonds included in it make it one of the most expensive laptops ever developed by any company. Its price is about $355,000. The technical specifications include 100GB to 160GB hard disk space and its weight is about 2.5kg.


2. MacBook Air Supreme

MacBook Air Supreme - world's 2nd most expensive laptop

2nd place is given to the laptops which are known as the MacBook Air Supreme. It is available in three different editions in the market. These are Ice edition, fire edition and platinum edition. Platinum edition is the most expensive in the list and it costs more than $500,000. This unexpected high price is because only 5 pieces are available in the world. Its body is made of platinum and it weighs about 7kg.


1. Luvaglio

Most Expensive Laptops In 2020 - Luvaglio

The most expensive laptop so far is developed by a company named Luvaglio. Its cost is about $1,000,000 and this is the reason it is also known as The Million Dollar Laptop. Even though most of the specifications have not yet been revealed by the company, but the basic reasons behind such unorthodox cost is that the buttons in the keyboard are all made of diamond.

Also in order to turn on the laptop, there is a small diamond which operates only by detecting the finger prints of the owner. There is also the provision of manual up gradation depending on the choice of the customers. This is the most expensive laptop ever made.



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