Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers In The World

Being a lawyer is not a cup of tea. It requires an individual to study a lot and learn various law and legal books. Just like doctors, the lawyers also serve the human beings so it is considered to be a very good legal profession. But more than how much a lawyer is successful what matters is his salary. Definitely a well known lawyer is the guarantee to help you win the case and get your problem resolved, so his charges are going to be high as compared to an ordinary or non-famous lawyer. But as we say that good things are never cheap, the same is the condition with a lawyer’s charges. Keeping in mind their popularity and success graph, the following ten lawyers can be named to be top 10 most expensive lawyers in the world.


10. Vernon Jordan

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers - Vernon Jordan

VernonJordan’s total net worth is estimated to be over 10 million dollars. He is doubtlessly a very successful, talented and well known lawyer of United States of America. Verson is a Harvard graduate and knows well what to do to win a case. His talent and endless efforts have made us enlist his name here.


9. Thomas Mesereau

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers - Thomas Mesereau

Thomas Mesereau is basically a French citizen, but at his childhood he moved to America with his parents and started his education at a local school of the colony. Thomas was very intelligent throughout his academic career and this is what made him become a lawyer by profession. His current net worth is said to be almost $20 million.


8. Stacey Gardner

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers -

This wonder lady was into the modeling field for many years, but only a year or two ago she persuaded her career as a successful lawyer. Stacy’s name is taken as the guarantee to win even a very complicated case. This is what has raised her popularity graph and she owns a total net worth of $25 million from her law career, but what she has earned as a model is another aspect.


7. Jose Baez

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers - Jose Baez

Jose Baez started his career as a lawyer from his native city New York. Not only at the city level but also at international level Jose keeps on winning various cases. His career as a lawyer is very shiny, free of any dark spots and this is why Jose most of the times remain busy in dealing the cases of America’s most famous Bar, Florida Bar.


6. Harish Salve

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers -  Harish Salve

Harish Salve is a well known Indian lawyer and doubtlessly a hard working individual. He has earned so many degrees of graduate and postgraduate level in the field of law and legal ethics that today Harish seems to be a perfectionist of his field. His total net worth is estimated to be over $30 million.


5. Joel Segal

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers - Joel Segal

Joel Segal is said to be a lawyer of worldwide football. This is said so because he initiated his law practice as the legal advisor of football management. The proceeding further, he started taking independent cases as well. His total net worth is about $35 million which makes us believe that he is one of the top notch and successful lawyers in the world.


4. Erin Brockovich

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers - Erin Brockovich

Erin is also a Harvard graduate, but she took her postgraduate degree in law at a government university of America. Her total net worth is about $45 million and she has had been a lawyer of environment related cases. Recently she has won a private case of Pacific Gas Company in USA. The list of her successful cases is far away beyond completion.


3. John Branca

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers -

John Branca is a restoring lawyer known for his ethics and principles. He graduated from UCLA School of Law. But before he took his degree of LLB, John was a musician. His love and craze to help others urged him become a lawyer. John’s total net worth, according to an estimate, is over $140 million.


2. Willie E. Gary

2nd most expensive lawyer- Willie-E.-Gary

Willie E. Gary is a descent looking black complexioned lawyer. Isn’t it? Yes definitely but despite of how he looks like his achievements in his career are admirable. He was born in America’s city Georgia. His parents were not so rich, but his father struggled hard to raise the family and educate the children. Willie took hid LLB degree from ShawUniversity and then became a businessman. Before he entered into the world of law, he was running a private business. Willie was habitual of reading books and what made him get inspired to become a lawyer were the success stories of different lawyers in the history. So he decided to start his private practice years ago. Today, Willie’s name is enlisted here just because he is a motivating and successful lawyer with a total net worth of $100 million.


1. Roy Black

Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers - Roy Black

The topper of the list is Roy Black, a well known and intelligent and of course the most expensive lawyer with a total net worth of $200 million. Roy is doubtlessly a remarkable lawyer and known for his efforts to win various rape cases in USA. He was born in USA and got his law degree from University of New York.

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