Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes In 2020

Nike is a renowned American multinational company that is engaged in the designing, manufacturing, development and worldwide selling and marketing of equipment, apparel, services, accessories and most importantly footwear. It is a dominant manufacturer of sports equipment and is one of the largest suppliers of apparel and athletic shoes in the world. Nike is a valuable brand among sports businesses and one of the world’s biggest and favorite brands for shoe lovers. It produces a huge range of sports equipment including fine quality shoes. Their shoes are impressive not only in their looks but also in their styles, comfort levels, design, colors and also the price that make individuals appealed towards Nike shoes. These shoes are stylish and bold and a perfect choice for selection.Here is the list of top 10 most expensive Nike shoes in 2020, so that you can enjoy their beauty and comfort and also their price.


10. Michael Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan nike Shoes

Michael Jordan is one of the most widely appreciated and recognized basketball players of all the time and he is considered as a single greatest player of all time by his players, fans and media members. Back in the 1980’s the Nike Company saw his flawless talent and asked him to symbolize the company with his own variety of Michael Jordan shoes. The shoes of this renowned player, Michael Jordan have been sold at a worth of $4 million. These are beautiful and stylish shoes that are widely appreciated in all over the world every year.


9. Rory McIlroy Shoes

Rory McIlroy nike Shoes

The Nike Golf Team is pleased to include some of the most leading players with victories and accomplishments well deserved. This Rory McIlroy shoes are named after player Rory McIlroy from the golf and the Nike Company make $6 million per pair. These beautiful and wonderful shoes are the beloved of Rory McIlroy who is one of the world’s marketable athletes.


8. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods nike shoes

The tiger woods are the stunning and wild looking Nike shoes that are named after the American professional golfer Eldrick Tont :Tiger” Woods who is among the most favorable golfers of all the time and he is currently the world’s highest paid athletes for numerous years. These stunning shoes come in different designs and styles having worth of $10 million per pair and give the wearers an exclusive comfort level.


7. LeBron James

LeBron James nike shoes

These expensive shoes worth $12 million per pair and are loved by the world’s real famous players. The LeBron James Shoes of Nike are appealing and stylish basketball shoes that give each and every player an amazing experience to slip into the shoes of “King”. Its latest designs are featured with enhanced benefits and puts this athletic shoe a step above the rest.


6. Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter nike shoes 2020

These attractive and wonderful Nike shoes come with a price tag of $16 million. The style, color and outlook of Derek Jeter shoes are highly appealing and it offers the amazing collection of shoes that are perfect for your game, and graphics and its shoe colors are appropriate for your style.


5. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal nike shoes

These are the favorite Nike shoes of Tennis lovers and Nike has designed these shoes style by getting inspired from the Rafael Nadal , Known as “King Of Clay”. It costs $15 million, these shoes are durable and responsive and the player will experience an extreme comfort level by wearing them.


4. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova nike shoes

Maria Sharapova is a talented Russian professional tennis player who is the top Russian player and is ranked as the World no 8 tennis player by the Women’s Tennis Association in 2020. She is one of the best tennis athletes in the world that are completely equipped by wearing Nike shoes and is proud to be a part of Nike community. Maria Sharapova is wonderful Nike shoes that have a price of $18 million but no doubt it is one of the most remarkable shoes of Nike Company. These are innovative footwear that will make the athletes to achieve their mark. Due to their tremendous price they are rarely available at the nearby stores.


3. Kobe Bryant

kobe bryant nike shoes 2020

These are the hottest and exclusive team shoe of Nike and are named after a renowned American professional basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant. Each year Nike promotes the new shoe of Kobe Bryant and they get a lot of exposure and appreciation. Kobe Bryant is a stylish and amazing presentation of Nike Shoe Company. These exclusive pair of shoes that are manufactured and designed in cool and unique colors come with a price tag of $20 million.


2. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant nike shoes

Kevin Durant is one of the three signature athletes that symbolize Nike Basketball. A versatile player will demand a versatile shoe like Kevin Durant shoes of Nike that are especially designed to control athlete’s game. These are innovative and especially designed expensive shoes that have a price of $21 million per pair. These shoes are hot and beautiful and are perfect for every one’s personality.


1. Roger Federer

Roger Federer nike shoes

The most expensive shoes of Nike in 2020 are Roger Federer. These are the real wild tennis shoes By Nike Shoe Company. These are extremely comfortable shoes and are sold at a price of $23 million. These shoes come in different designs, outlooks and colors so that you can choose a design and color according to your own taste. Their comfort level is very high but they are out of affordability range of many individuals due to the tremendous amount that is to be paid in order to own them.The one who can buy this shoe will experience a very pleasing feeling in his personality and overall attitude by wearing them and this is quite remarkable. In sports like tennis when comfort and speed is everything, this shoe is a perfect choice as it will make you to dictate each shot with high speed and maximum agility without decreasing your comfort level.

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