Top 10 Most Expensive Software In 2020

With the latest onset of virtual reality and its acceptance and love in our society, it is only fitting that software which provide a glimpse of it are sold at such high prices. For old school people, something so intangible yet so expensive is certainly a gaga thought but as virtual or implicit as software are, their prices are a complete different story. Usually software concerning game consoles and design software are exorbitant. But no one can deny their use and benefits if one lands on it. But certainly that would take a lot of fortune. These software are bought by companies and developers which earn the money back manifolds. Newer versions higher prices, looks like there is no end to this. Having seen the epic expansion of technology in such short time, it won’t come as a surprise if soon we will have surrogates or Dexter’s master computer in our streets and homes. So here we are going to present you the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Software In 2020.


10. Inventor Pro 

Cost: $7,295

Going down the list you will realize that $7,295 is not that big of an amount. But the price needs to be warranted by the use. This software is used for simulation, assembly of parts, animation and documentation. This software is godsend gift for architects and mechanical engineers.


9. Adobe Font Folio 11.1

Most Expensive Software In 2020 - Adobe Font Folio 11.1

Cost: $9000

For some people this might be the most absurd use or might I say waste of money. But people like web creators and publishers will understand what an exigency it is. Software has almost 2,400 fonts. It is available in different packs such as for 20 or 5 computers (obviously the price varies). It has high quality fonts and can attend to any typographic task.


8. Adobe Acrobat Capture

Most Expensive Software In 2020 -  Adobe Acrobat Capture

Cost: $20,000

Adobe Acrobat Capture is a formidable tool for managing documents. It converts large volumes of scanned documents into searchable and accessible PDF files. The documents generated are neat and high quality. They can be readily used for publication. Adobe Acrobat Capture has always been expensive software. In the start it was the most expensive one but now a lot of hefty software is available in market.


7. Core Impact Professional

Core Impact Professional

Cost: $40,000

If owner of the company watches lot of Hollywood movies, then no one can stop him from buying Core Impact Pro, not even the price. The software checks the security vulnerabilities of the organization. Its features include testing the risk areas such as wireless networks, security passwords, mobile devices and open ends. The price of the software can be justified by its high penetration power, easy use and good assessment tools. It is an updated and very powerful network security tool, thus justifying its cost.


6. Soft Image Face Robot

Most Expensive Software In 2020 -  Soft Image Face Robot

Cost: $95,000

Soft Image Face Robot is computer graphics software that aims at bringing ease to the animators. It helps in easy animation yet realistic animation for games and movies. So may be for all those perfect animations and the lovely GROOT we have Face Robot to thank! The best part of the software is its simplicity and so to some extent it is idiot-proof. The characters thus created are more lifelike. Face Robot also gives the simulation of soft human tissues so that animators can bring more detailed and convincing graphics.


5. Image Solutions Doc Composer

Cost: $122,000

Doc Composer by Image Solutions is highly useful software for compilation of documents. It is available in three categories: Editing and Management, Creation and Conversion and Searching and Indexing. All the names suggest their usage. Within seconds you can scan your documents and then complete the document, add clean pages, index it and create digital libraries. It is also a pdf converter. It reduces the hectic use of paper and hardware documentation. This software rationalizes its cost with the vast usability and time efficiency.


4. VxWorks

Most Expensive Software In 2020 - VxWorks

Cost: $199,000 This is real-time operating software which has been written in C, C++ and Java. Being of the oldest and most common RTOS it is quite well-known (points for that). Some of its outstanding features are fast interrupts (thus real time) and multitasking kernel. It has a modular and easy error handling framework. With this cost VxWorks has accomplished a lot and is present in market in almost every embedded computer. It can be used in defense, automotive, aerospace, industries and electronics.


3. New World System Public Administration

Most Expensive Software In 2020 -  New World System Public Administration

Cost: $500,000

As the name explains, this software can be used for Public Administration for various governments. The software tries to justify its cost, which in a way is correct. But such an enormous amount..!! People what happened to the good old registers? But honestly with the latest trends of terrorism in the world, this kind of software is bliss. This software is not first one of its kind. This trend has been going on under New World umbrella for past 30 years.


2. Unreal Engine

Most Expensive Software In 2020 - Unreal Engine

Cost: $750,000

Unreal Engine is a game engine developed by Epic Games. They claim to have sharp cutting edge graphics which can be used in all sorts of consoles from mobiles to computers. The scalability of the graphics is one of their shining successes. Unreal Engine quite unrealistically changed the horizon of game development by bringing high portability in C++ games. The cost is pretty much justified for game developing companies. Their latest addition Unreal Engine 4 is for 8th generation consoles. Short time computations and real time illumination are its best features.


1. CryEngine 3

Most Expensive Software In 2020 -  CryEngine 3

Cost: $ 1.2 million

This software has a price so high, that its buyers can be counted on finger tips, and maybe we will only have to use one hand. The features might be great but certainly half priced solutions are also available. This software is a game engine (software used to create games) for Xbox, Play station and PC. It comes from German developer Crytek.

The software is free for non commercial use. It has highly sophisticated simulations and interactions. The whole experience is quite lifelike including the characters. Crytek claims that with CryEngine 3 real time simulations are easier and much faster than ever before. All inclusive tutorials are available with the software. According to Crytek, they deliver maximum support to the doorstep. We have no option but to believe because buying this is certainly a big no no.

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  1. You have probably never heard of Bloomberg terminal. It cost about $2000/ month. $24000 a year.

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