Top 10 Most Expensive Softwares In The World

The world is turning so grim and grave that reality seems to bite us. For this most of us want to spend major portion of our time in the virtual reality which seems to be a great blessing to us in these days. Different advancements in technology and software has led to such virtual worlds and software that it becomes really hard to differentiate between reality and virtual worlds.

Obviously software that offers such kind of techniques and tools ought to be expensive. Certainly the ‘braniacs’ aren’t sitting on their desks working day and night , writing codes just to give us a free lunch. All this hard work needs to be paid.

That is why some of the most capable software providing you the luxury of animations, computer aided designing and perfect gaming environments and consoles are really expensive. Most of this software also offers free version but they are usually made only to lure you to pay for full versions. However only the professionals use this software because they know they are going to earn much more than they pay for. Here we have Top 10 Most Expensive Softwares In The World


10. Auto Cad

Auto Cad

Cost: $ 9500

It is well-known and very handy software for computer aided designing. It is used by professionals such as engineers and architects. The software was designed by Autodesk. There have been various improvements and up gradations in the software. It proves very useful in both 2D and 3D modeling. It is also available in a student version.




9. Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya

Cost: $ 11,000

This software is an animation and 3D graphics software designed by Autodesk obviously. The interesting and unconventional name ‘Maya’ comes from Hindi script. This software runs on multiple OS including Windows, Linus and MAC. This software is used in film industry for better graphics and animations.


8. Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0

Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0

Cost: $ 20,000

Though this software is no more available for purchase, yet it is one of the most expensive software of its time. Now all its tools and functions are available in Adobe Reader and Acrobat Pro. Previously this software was used for handling PDF files.


7. Core Impact Pro

Top 10 Most Expensive Softwares In The World, Core Impact Pro

Cost: $ 50,000

Core Impact Pro is basically security software if I describe it in terms of layman. This software is a desktop application that helps keep check of penetration and cyber-attacks. It scans the underlying data to see if the system is susceptible of security breaches. Its uses surely justify the cost.


6. Softimage Face Robot

Softimage Face Robot

Cost: $ 95,000:

Softimage Face Robot is a 3D graphics software. As the name suggests, it is used to make computer graphics and animated characters look more life-like. This software is used in games and animated movies. This software is very popularly used in perfecting the computerized facial animations and environment.


5. VxWorks RTOS

Top 10 Most Expensive Softwares In The World, VxWorks RTOS

Cost: 199,000

The software has been developed by Wind River Systems. VxWorks RTOS is a real-time operating system. The software works on machines running on Linux and UNIX. VxWorks RTOS was developed for embedded systems. VxWorks RTOS is used extensively for all the CPU’s for embedded systems and its most important uses are in transport, space crafts, programmable controllers and robots and communication networks.


4. Source Engine

10 Most Expensive Softwares, Source Engine

Cost: $ 200,000

This 3D game engine was produced by Valve Corporation. Source Engine was created for first person shooting games. It started off with Counter Strike some 9 years back and then was used in Half-Life 2. It also has Source Filmmaker which is an editing software working within the Source Engine. This tool has been used in ‘Left for Dead Series’ and ‘Portal 2’. The Source Engine has continuous updates instead of new versions.


3. RenderWare


Cost: $ 250,000

This software is used in video games for creating virtual worlds. The software was developed by Criterion Games. RenderWare gained its importance by providing a suitable solution for PS2 programming for graphics. It works on both Windows and Apple. It also runs on different video game consoles like Nintendo GameCube, Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This software is massively used by the game developers.


2. Unreal Engine

Top 10 Most Expensive Softwares In The World, Unreal Engine

Cost: $ 750,000

Unreal Engine is a popular game developing engine for first person shooting games. It was developed by Epic Games. The latest edition to this software is Unreal Engine 4. It is the most commonly used software in the game developing word with its code in C++. It is also used for producing virtual environments for films other than games. Due to its popularity among the masses Unreal Engine UDK has also been developed for non-commercial uses. The software provides high degree of portability.


1. CryENgINE 3

 CryENgINE 3, world's most expensive software

Cost: $ 1,200,000.

CryENGINE is software developed by CryteK. Ame This software is the latest one available for game development. Initially it was developed for demonstration of technology but later it turned into game developing software. After the first two editions, the third one was released in 2009. The Engine works on Microsoft Windows, Xbox and Play station 3. After its release a lot of improvements were made to the software making it worth the money. In 2010 a new demo of the version was shown. Again in 2011, using the improvements and innovations in the software, it was used for training in Navy by making virtual dock of the ship. For non-commercial game developer, a free version is also available. CryENgINE 3 is the most expensive software ever made.



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