Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatments 2020

Looking younger and beautiful is not the desire of females, but I would say it is the right of theirs’. Life would have been so boring without taking care of yourself and especially your skin. There are a lot of home remedies to make your skin glow and shine, but the treatments in spas have promising results with a money guarantee. Different spas offer different treatments at various prices. The more money you add, the better services you get. If your pockets are not empty and have money, you must have a know how of the places where you can become more beautiful and alluring. Out of a lengthy list, I have figured out some selective places whose services are expensive and worthy as well. Exact locations are also described at some points. So what are you waiting for? Visit the most suitable place and dazzle the world with your enchanting beauty. Here we are providing you the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatments 2020.


10. Microablation and Triphasic Combination Facial – Cost: $500

If you need to know the beauty secrets of Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, you must visit Cornelia Day Spa in New York. Here, a little physics is applied to your face. Electromagnetism is the base of this facial. This stimulates heat and collagen, sculpting the face. In short you are going through a plastic surgery with no knifes around you. Not bad?


9. Triple Lift Luxury Facial – Cost: $650

Triple Lift Luxury Facial -  Cost $650

Looking younger is no more an issue now. The Peninsula Spa in New York is offering a package to cut off your age by just applying facial. Now the logic is that two different treatments are done which boosts up the metabolism. After that, a therapy is done using Remodeling Face Machine. The amalgam of both these things serves the actual purpose, that is, not getting old.


8. Indulgences – Cost: $666

Indulgences - Cost $666

If you ever pay a visit to Japan, do visit Tokyo and stop at Mandarin Oriental Spa. In the honor of their 5th anniversary, they have presented a special promotion, which includes Oriental Essence treatment followed by aromatherapy facial (fruit ritual) and a seasonal fruit platter. It seems a complete package which is also economical at the same time. So, do not forget to extract extra $666 while visiting Japan this year.


7. Anti Gravity Lifting Series – Cost: $700

As the name indicates, the treatment is done to make you look younger and hide your growing age. The good part is that the cost is not for one sitting rather ten sittings, each of duration 25 minutes. This time your destination is in Waldorf Astoria Park City – The Golden Door Spa. In addition to face lifting, skin glow is also offered making you more glamorous than ever.


6. Grand Luxe Facial – Cost: $750

Most Expensive Spa Treatments 2020

The facial is carried in series of processes in one sitting. First of all diamond peel is used to exfoliate the skin through scrubbing. Then micro current is applied gently to remove blackheads and age spots. Omega-6 and caviar mask makes the skin fresh and glowing. At the end, LED light therapy is done to clear wrinkles and blackheads. All this things in this much price, not a bad deal at all.


5. White Caviar Illuminating Facial – Cost: $1000

White Caviar Illuminating Facial - Cost $1000

If you want to make your skin tone brighter and lighter and want to lift it, than this facial at The Ritz Carlton is your destination. Caviar cream is used which also controls pigmentation. As the products used are really expensive, so $1000 is not a very big amount to spend. The glow on your skin will be like a spot light, attracting everyone’s attention. The results are no doubt the best so try this facial at least once a year.


4. Vampire Facelift – Cost: $1500

Vampire Facelift - Cost $1500

It is actually a non medical face lift procedure, which prevents the face from getting wrinkled. A gel like material is injected which is actually extracted from customers’ own blood. It is then injected to those areas which are loose or are at a risk. This procedure was first introduced by Kim Karadashian (TV star) and that is why it got more hype.


3. Evian Bath – Cost: $5000

Evian Bath - Cost $5000

Want to lie in a bath tub filled with 1000 liters of Evian water? You should head towards Sobe’s Hotel Victoria for the services. Evian water also contains orange Gerber and fuchsia daises. And if you are a snack lover, you can also enjoy the privilege of foie gras, salmon lollipops and chocolates while bathing. Serena Williams was one of the pioneers who experienced the bath. While lying in the tub, the whole body will feel relaxed and will take you to some other world.


2. HD Diamond and Ruby Peel Facial – Cost: $7000

HD Diamond and Ruby Peel Facial - Cost $7000

The unique thing about this facial is the inclusion of crushed diamonds and rubies, hence justifying the expensive cost of the facial. By scrubbing the rubies and diamonds, a glow spreads on the skin. This treatment is tracked by a lactic peel and ultrasonic hot and cold wand blasts, which helps circulation and cell turnover. Scott Vincent Borba invented the spa treatment and the famous actress f Hollywood, Mila Kunis, had this treatment twice making her skin ever glowing. For a demo, watch her movies.


1. Bee Venom Facial – Cost: $55,200

Bee Venom Facial - Cost $55,200

The bee venom manufactured cream’s main purpose is to prevent the skin from developing wrinkles. Main beauty agents are collagen and elastin. Collagen is meant to strengthen the body tissues while elastin (which is actually a protein) keeps the skin taut and compressed while venom relaxes the muscles. Process of collecting venom is a little difficult. A glass pane is placed with hive. Electrical current is passed for almost a week to attract insects. Very little amount of venom is collected which is worth $30,000 per ounce.

Other ingredients in the mask include lavender oil, Shea butter and manuka honey. The spa treatment is very promising. Kate Middleton of royal family also uses this treatment and her glowing skin is the proof of the results of Bee Venom facial.

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