Top 10 Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies

One of the most eminently seen celebrities of Hollywood on-screen and off-screen, who made her way direct to the top of the every related list is Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie. She could be certified as the best actress who managed to make her career in the film industry by kicking the tradition of actresses to fall in the same role over and over again; undoubtedly she is the one who had played gambit of roles in her movies. Whether it’s a heroin chic, a distraught mother or a video game character she fits amazing in all. Beside the blockbuster actress, a humanitarian, mother of four children and the life partner of the sexiest man Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie lead the film industry by more than 45 signature movies, more than 30 awards including Oscar and many other nominations along with them. She has been titled as the “sexiest” and “most beautiful” woman in the world. It would not be wrong to say that Angelina has an impressive and praise able work that she can be proud of. Being her fan, it is of course difficult to list the Top 10 Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies but here’s a list according to us that are really inspiring. You are welcome to share your opinion.


10. A Mighty Heart

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies -

The movie was based on the true story and Angelina Jolie played a role of Mariane Pearl, a wife of the journalist Daniel Pearl, who visited Karachi in 2002 and never returned back. Mariane turns to the police of Karachi to find her husband out. This was though the low grossing movie but did a great justice to Mariane Pearl. The critic about the movie was that Mariane herself choose Angelina to play her role in the movie. The story was very painful as Mariane was pregnant and desperate to get her husband back. This was really heartbreaking role which she played and justified as one of the most tiring and daring roles of Jolie.




9. Changeling

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Changeling

Angelina played the role of the grief-stricken mother of the missing boy named Walter. This movie is also based on the true story that was set in 1928 and is performed genuinely by Jolie. The woman is facing such a depressing situation with her child’s disappearance and such a non-co-operative police department. When police attempts to force her to admit some other boy as her son she came in action and stood against abuse of police power. She played a stunning role in the movie. With a great patience controlling her tears she had appeared to be a very humble woman. She had proved her acting skills in the movie so well that she was nominated for the best actress in the emotional role.


8. The Bone Collector

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - The Bone Collector

Angelina Jolie performed as an assistant to the smartest cop in the world in the movie. They both makes a perfect couple of brain and brawn behind every successful action happening. They have worked best together in hunting a serial killer. The movie keeps the audience so engaged and worried about the main characters of the movie when bone collector goes after the hero. Angelina Jolie has given a look of the sexiest cop in uniform; this movie was the way to raise Angelina’s profile as an actress in the Hollywood and provides her the opportunity to make her way to the big blockbuster Salt as director was sure that no other heroine could be better than Jolie for the action movies.


7. Kung Fu Panda

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Kung Fu Panda

Angelina’s first kid friendly foray didn’t work over so well, but Kung Fu Panda was a story that had a achieved the highest rating according to the RT users. Angelina Jolie has helped in bringing the extra star power in the best comedy and kid friendly movie for 2008 with her voice. The ultimate popularity and success of the movie has proved that even the voice of Angelina has the captivating and attracting power. It is well quoted for the movie that “Kung Fu Panda is little better, a little funnier and a little sharper than the animated run of the mill”.


6. Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Lara Croft Tomb Raider

The movie that marked Angelina as the true thriller action heroine is Lara Croft Tomb Raider. She had played the ionic role of the video game character. It was a financial success and still is listed as the highest grossing videogame adaptation. Angelina has flawlessly performed the amazing stunts in the role. There is nothing she can’t do, there is no situation she can’t handle, there is no object buried so deep that she can’t find and there is no man who haven’t fallen for her. It would be right to say that she was the best choice for the role with great accent and grace.


5. Beyond Borders

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Beyond Borders

The movie was not a financial success but it is listed as one of the Top 10 Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies because it had a personal effect on her life. The movie was directed by Martin Campbell, the movie is about the aid-workers. Angelina adopted her first son during the movie making as it was an inspiration for her. She gets involved in the charity work and third world relief. Angelina Jolie is now Goodwill Ambassador for United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees and helping poor and orphans all around the world.


4. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Jolie have played the role of happily married business woman Jane Smith. The movie casts the best couple of the world Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt which was a big reason of this hit. The sizzling chemistry of the leading actors was even supported by the critics of the movie. Both appeared in the film as assassins who are married to each other but do not know that both are in competition to each other. They remain together for six years not knowing that what would be the future of their relationship. The movie is a blend of comedy, action and romance. Angelina was paid $20 million for the movie that truly worth it.


3. Salt

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Salt

An action movie of 20th century that truly reminds you of the superb action of 80’s and 90’s is Salt. She played a role of Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent. It could be regarded as one of the fastest-paced and mind-blowing Angelina Jolie’s movies that amazed the audience with unexpected physical stunts and mental tricks. Though the story seems to be little predictable but it’s her talent that reviews on this thrilling movie has voted it to be “very engaging”. The role of honor which she played in the movie is now reflected in her real life outside the big blockbuster world.


2. GIA

Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies - Gia

It’s one of the hit movies of HBO Television, based on the story of the super model Gia Marie Carangi who died at the very early age of 26 due to the HIV complications. Before her death she struggled through the heroin addiction. She was a supermodel who was leading the film industry at that time (in the movie). The haunted vulnerability in her beautiful eyes made her looking stunning in the movie. The life of Angelina Jolie is shown to be blend of passion, love, insecurities and happiness and she is best fitted in all the situations encountered. The emotional role which she played was one of the breakouts in her acting career.


1. Girl, Interrupted

Top 10 Most Famous Angelina Jolie movies

Though Angelina Jolie played a supporting role but she was a Screen-stealing character due to whom a new energy was filled in the movie. The movie is based on a book about a girl named Susanna (whose role was played by Winona Ryder), she though played a leading role but Angelia was a success vehicle for her, she gained the producer’s and public credit. If the movie was about Susanna who checks herself in the mental hospital of Massachusetts during late 1960’s, the story is largely based on her relationships, specially the conflicted relationship which she had with her friend Lisa (Angelina).

She herself was a diagnosed sociopath (not able to distinguish between her aorta and jugular vein) but her magnetic personality and deep range helped Susanna to confront her illness and personal problems. She acted the way that everyone was forced to admit that no one but Angelina deserves the Academy Award for her incredible performance in the movie.



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