Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points For Tourists

Nature has blessed us with the gift of perfect refreshment for our soul. Love is in the air for those who really want to enjoy their life. Such positive people seek this enjoyment from the pure beauty of nature and often went to energize themselves with the melodious sound and cool breeze of sea. Sometime they refresh themselves from the bright sun bath. All these ingredients of freshness are available at the beach point that is truly a source of attraction, not only for tourists but for local natives. Beach is the place located along the coastal side of ocean, sea or lake and people visit this place to enjoy the beauty and purity of nature. Beach points are always a source of attraction for tourists and they explore new islands and beach point to increase their experience. So, if you are looking for the beautiful and paradisaical beach points for your vocations then following is the list of Top 10 most famous beach points for tourists. Let’s have a look on all these perfect and breathe taking places.


10. Baia do Sancho

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points -

If you are planning to spend your holidays to some heavenly place then you must plan a trip to Brazil and must spend your time to Baia do Sancho. You will explore this place as a paradise where you can find everything that is refreshing for your soul. The deep and pure water with its own solitude makes it more attractive for everyone. If you are bore with the cold snow and chilled winter then you must not wait for anything and explore this beautiful beach. As there is a kind sun that warmly welcomes you.




9. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Kauna’oa Bay is also one of the best beaches. In fact, this beach has everything that gives you joy and makes your moments memorable and everlasting. The pure blue water, white sparkling sand and a lot of palm trees looks wonderful. Moreover, here you can also enjoy sunbath and swimming as well. This will surely bring happiness to your life in winters. At night you can really feel the coolness and softness of sand. This fantastic place is situated on the Kohala Coast and the best tourist place in Hawaii.


8. The Hamptons, New York

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - The Hamptons, New York

One of the most romantic beaches to visit is the Hampton beach, which is located in the New York and has the grassy border of Atlantic Ocean. The freezing and relaxing blowing wind (which is usually blowing every time) makes it more romantic and attractive. You will surely feel comfortable and relax while experiencing this exotic place.


7. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Another magnificent beach point for tourists’ is Lanikai beach. The plenty of palm trees with tropical plants together gives a wonderful and relaxing environment. The warm and sparkling sunshine make lanikai as one of the best place of Hawaii for the tourists. The ever green deep water and coral reef protection makes it more glamorous.


6. Langkawi, Malaysia

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Langkawi, Malaysia

The most welcoming beach of this planet is located in Malaysia, named Langkawi beach. It is also called as the land where all your dreams comes true .It has a strong historic background and now its modern version snatches the attentions of the tourists. If you really want to enjoy your holiday then this is the perfect place to visit. The deep clear water combined with the ever green forest is the pure treat from the nature that you can freely enjoy and will give you relaxation and peace.


5. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora is a perfect destination for tourists .You will surely fall in love with it while sitting on its aqua centric luxury resorts. The covering of coconut trees increases its beauty, it is also known as “Romantic island” and you enjoy the cool breeze of sea on this sea restaurant. You can experience of enjoying food on table set on a sea.


4. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

If you love photography and want to capture your best moments than you must visit this beach as it has all the photogenic beauty. Its shinny and glittering sand make it more attractive. The sunshine on the sand presents a silver sparkling view and its shallow blue water protected by reefs gives you a complete heavenly sight.


3. Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Rainbow Beach, Queensland

Rainbow beach is the most amazing beach of the world.  It is located in the south-eastern Queensland, Australia. The combination of Fraser Island, water lakes, fish and dolphins dancing presents the most thrilling and wonderful views. Its colorful sand is made up of vibrant minerals including asrutile, ilmenite, zircon, and monazite that adds more richness and attraction to this beach.


2. Maho Beach, Saint Martin

Top 10 Most Famous Beach Points - Maho Beach, Saint Martin

Maho is one of best and most beautiful landing of the air plane because of the Princess Juliana International airport. This airport is not only close to the beach but also has the short runway id 7150 feet only. The plane spotting adds more flavor to this beautiful eye catching beach. This is different from the typical beach style and makes you more relax and refresh. Although some people consider the landing of plane as harmful and dangerous but still it is one of the best beach worldwide.


1. Maldives Beach

most beautiful beaches - Maldives Beach

The most beautiful beach of the world is Maldives beach that has everything one could wish for spending a romantic night. The cool breeze and outstanding weather makes you feel out of this world. Its crystal clear water and soft air make it more amazing and stunning. There are also superior beach bungalows that also facilitate the tourists.

These bungalows facilities includes air conditioning rooms, satellite TV, In house movies, sitting area, attached bathrooms, Fresh hot/cold water etc. So the tourists do not feel any kind of difficulty while exploring this place and they immensely feel the beauty of nature with every luxury.



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