Top 10 Most Famous Castles In The World

This world is beautiful with numerous breathtaking views and impressive buildings, some of them are extremely amazing and make everyone feel good by seeing them. With the advancement in technology and modern means many astonishing buildings have been designed, some of them are new but various beautiful buildings belong to ancient times. In the astonishing and beautiful buildings, castles seem to be extremely distinct and are also appealed by numerous tourists. So, here is the list of top 10 most famous castles in the world that have their own specialties and uniqueness that make them famous.


10. Windsor Castle, England

Windsor Castle, England

It is royal residence at Windsor and is renowned as the largest and oldest castle in the world. Windsor castle is famous for its architecture and affiliation with English and later British royal family. It was designed by William the Champion in the 11th century. This beautiful castle of England is really majestic and covers and covers an area of almost thirteen acres.


9. Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

It is beautiful castle that is located in kilkenny, Ireland and is renowned by the name Kilkenny castle. This marvelous castle is simply amazing and was constructed by William Marshal in 1195 to control a fording point of the River Nore and the intersection of numerous route ways. In present period, it is an appealing and attractive beauty of Ireland.


8. Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

It is a stone fortification that is located in the old city of Segovia, Spain. This stony castle is very beautiful and famous, the bow like ship shape of its building make it one of the most distinctive castles in Spain. It is eye catching and is one of the motivations for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.


7. Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Krak des Chevaliers is a crusader castle in Syria and is known as one of the world’s most important preserved primitive castles. It is a magnificent castle for vacations and is still exists in its ancient form. This admirable castle was designed in ravishing primitive military architectural style. Its stunning beauty with amazing surrounding landscape makes it extremely distinct from others.


6. Leeds Castle, Kent

Leeds Castle, Kent

Leeds castle is one of the world’s loveliest castles, it is located in Kent, England and serves as a great tourist attraction nowadays. It was built in 12th century, but there were some minor reconstructions in it during the 20th century. It is an awesome tourist attraction, its 500 acres of formal gardens and beautiful parkland, year round attractions and daily events with glorious history will ensure every visitor to come again and again.


5. Akershus Fortress, Oslo

Akershus Fortress, Oslo

Akershus castle or Akershus fortress is a primitive castle that was constructed in order to protect the Norway’s capital Oslo. It has been used for official dinners and events for foreign heads of state and dignitaries, and also has been used as a prison. This royal residence and medieval castle is now being visited by numerous local visitors and tourists. This marvelous castle has magnificent halls; it was built in 14th century but has undergone minor reconstructions also.


4. Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

This beautiful and magnificent castle is the office and official residence of the President of Czech Republic. In history, this castle has been a place of power for Holy Roman emperors, rulers of Bohemia, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. According to Guinness Book of world record, Prague castle is listed as the world’s largest ancient castle and occupies an area of approximately 70,000 meter square.


3. Conwy Castle, Wales, United Kingdom

Top 10 Most Famous Castles In The World

No doubt United Kingdom has numerous impressive buildings, but Conwy castle has its own identification and its beauty fascinate the concentration of various tourists towards Wales. Edward I built this castle in the 13th century during the conquest of Wales. Conwy castle played an important role in several wars. It is a grainy, dark stoned fortress, has eight magnificent and appealing towers and it really casts a powerful spell.


2. Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria

Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria

Hohensalzburg Castle is notable as one of the most beautiful and oldest preserved castles of Europe. It is originally located in Austria and was built in the 11th century but underwent reconstruction in the 14th century. This amazing castle is situated on a small hill in Salzburg, and is 250 meters long and 150 meters wide. Standing high over the city, the glorious castle dominates the city, being its major tourist destination. It is the biggest fortification of Europe and consists of numerous wings and courtyards.


1. Mont Saint Michel, France

Most Famous Castle In The World
Most Famous Castle In The World

France is a land of astonishing tourist’s attractions and beautiful ancient building. One of the most ideal attractions of France is Mont Saint Michel that has its own distinct place. It is a famous castle and is located on a stony tidal island nearly a mile off coast of Normandy, and almost 1500 miles away from Paris.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is visited by over three million individuals annually. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks of France and is simply outstanding.

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