Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands Of 2020

Fashion and our never ending thirst for new styles can never be quenched by one brand. Each year the famous fashion brands showcase their styles through fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and India. Here is the list of Top 10 famous fashion brands of 2020, which made it to the top of the fashion list, but unfortunately they are for classes and not for masses. Let us see how and why they are regarded as the top brands across nations by fashionista’s and even while they are hosting an event.


 10. Guess


Being the most worn denim jeans, American Brand, Guess’s new collection this season has been around the comfort and retained its love for classy styles for both Men and Women. This year’s collection by Guess simply multiplies the choices for everyone, as it has fresh skinny jeans, comfortable shirts in classic floral prints, Hot shorts, pencil skirts and also classic shirt dresses you can find all in the fresh collection this year


9. Dior

Dior fashion brand 2020

Known as the most sophisticated and modern designs clothing company, Dior has produced yet another line of beautiful line of modern trends this season. The collection is off course for high class women who are attractive, independent and successful. The range of other products by Dior such as fragrances and color products are a complete favorite of all even this year.


8. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret famous fashion brand 2020

While thinking about fine and sexy lingerie, only name that comes across millions of women across the world is Victoria’s Secret. The brand has become a must have for every women’s exclusive wardrobe. The Brand also has beautiful sleep wear and feminine swim wear and beauty products, women love to wear this brand as much as men love the exclusive fashion show which is held every year.


7 . Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

The Famous fashion Duo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Collectively known as D&G remains one of the top brands for men and women even in 2020. The wide range of quality and signature products have been loved by people from across boundaries and they simply adore the style, whether it is about eyewear, handbags, intimate wear or dresses they have been successful in keeping their clientele happy.


6. Chanel

Chanel fashion brand of 2020

The incomparable styles and beauty of wearing a Chanel can be explained only by the people who have been wearing them and there are reasons why they would not look for other brands, when it comes to dressing, fragrances or accessories. The extremely popular dressing style among girls across the world is definitely unique and maintains high standards in terms of designs and quality, with a genuinely high price tag.


5. Versace

5. Versace

With a wide range of products,all under one roof the house of Versace has everything that a man or a woman would want to look and feel great and exclusive. Initiated by Italian designer, Gianni Versace has always been in limelight and the hot choice among the celebrities and rich everywhere.


4. Emporio Armani

Top 12 Most Famous Fashion Brands Of 2020, 4. Emporio Armani

Armani formals, casual and party range of dressing have been the most favorite across the globe last year and it continues to be among the best choice even this year. Especially when it comes looking perfect even when you are in your casuals you could never go wrong with an Armani T-shirt and Jeans. There wide range of seasonal collection has continued to keep looking for more in 2020 as well.


3. Calvin Klein

3. Calvin Klein

The most famous American Brand name is the top-of-the line clothing brand offering sporty outfits and intimate wear. The brand is also well known for their lifestyle products which make them unique from other top international brands. This year too their fresh collections have attract more eyeballs than expected, in the areas of perfumes, watches, jewelry, towels, dresses. Calvin Klein is the 3rd most famous fashion brand of 2020.


2. Gucci


The house of Gucci has over 300 stores worldwide, and this itself explains the popularity of this exclusive brand. The brand has been endorsed by many celebrities, whether they are hosting a show or making their presence felt in Cannes festival.


1. Prada

Prada fashion brand

The up class brand has been the choice of the most powerful and stylish men and women across the world. Established in 1913, the brand has diversified into producing some of the best designs in their ready to wear clothing’s, leather accessories such as shoes, bags and hats. Every year the classic styles with powerful style statements are presented only to be a part of exclusive wardrobes of the rich and the famous, and retain the position of being the number one fashion brand in the world.

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