Top 10 Most Fascinating Wonders Of Australia

Naming Australia to be one of the richest and economically strong nations won’t be wrong at all. It is a famous western independent country, dominating the democratic and political environment of the world, side by side with America and other developed European countries.From various respects, Australia is a nation of high priority, for example the international students try to seek admission in Australian universities, the newly married couples want to spend their honeymoon there etc. Over seventy percent population of Australia lives in big cities, while the rest belongs to small and large villages. The lifestyle of the Australians is quite different and much better from other nations’ individuals. Here both men and women are educated and concentrate their focus on different professions. Their earnings are much high that everyone lives a highly standard life. Let us take a look at the top 10 most fascinating wonders of Australia to let you explore more about this wonderful country.


10. Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock australia

Ayes rock is situated in the southern Australia. Another name we can give to it is Uluru landmark. This beautiful rock is surrounded by variety of springs, rocky caves and historical monuments. All these heritages give this area an awesome and wonderful look.


9. Dingo Fence

Dingo Fence - wonders of Australia

I am sure you must be aware with Dingo Fence. Isn’t it? Yes definitely, it is one of the largest and most gorgeous fences in the world. Its estimated length is 5500 kilometers and is situated on the continent of Great Australia. Every year the tourists come to this place just to view the beauty of this wonder.


8. Trans-Australia Railway

Trans-Australia Railway - Wonders of Australia

Usually we don’t expect from a railway track to be deadly-straight throughout, every railway track has some hitches and ups and downs in between its two points. But the Trans-Australia Railway is the one and only straight railway in the world. This Port Australia based railway track is stretched in an area of 500 kilometers and adjoins the Ooldea and Loongana.


7. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef - Wonders Of Australia

I must say that Great Barrier Reef is one of the wildest and appealing natural beauties in the world. UNESCO Heritage has named this natural reef-protection barrier to be one of the most appealing and gorgeous natural wonders in the world. It is a hub of both large and small water species, especially over 3000 coral reefs are present at this place.


6. Olgas, impressive domes


Olgas is situated in the western side of Ayers Rock. It is a 36 formation rocky area and one of the tallest dry places in the world. Olgas consists of a flat desert which is about 1200 feet high than the Ayers Rock. The adventure lovers especially come to this desert to explore the dry beauty of nature. Here some rare forms of rocks can also be found.


5. Kakadu

Kakadu - Wonders Of Australia

Kakadu is a beautiful Australian park situated in the northern of Aboriginal rocks and southern sides of Darwin. It is a beautiful and gorgeous landscape with rich wildlife and awesome vegetation. The spectacular beauty of natural waterfalls of Kakadu will definitely help the tourists get impressed with the natural ecosystem more and more. The scientists and ecologists turn to this landscape for carrying out different ecological research projects. Its rich tropical beauty has so much for us to learn and get impressed with.


4. Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles - Australian wonder

For me, Twelve Apostles is the most fascinating and gorgeous limestone stack area. It is naturally formed by the erosion’s on the side of Great Ocean. The royal beauty of the twelve apostles makes the tourists crazy about them. It is believed that still the internal earth erosion is carried out and in a couple of decades might be a thirtieth apostle would appear on the land. However, these twelve apostles already took two centuries to get appeared fully.


3. Shark Bay

Shark Bay

As is clear from the name, Shark Bay is a land of sharks. The dramatic cliffs and natural landscape of Shark Bay is a worth seen area. You would not only have the chance to glimpse various shark species but also reptiles, fishes and rare mammalians. This land is especially selected by the ecologists for the purpose of studying the origins of living organisms. So far a lot of documentaries have been made in this gorgeous Australian land.


2. Anna Creek Cattle Station

Anna Creek Cattle Station

Anna Creek Cattle Station is one of the largest cattle stations in the world. It is situated in the southern Australia in an approximate area of 7000000 acres. Here more than 4300 forms and types of cattle are found and the management takes very good care of them. Australian people believe that Anna Creek Cattle Station is the heart of the country, helping it become financially strong as many tourists from all parts of the world love to come here every year. This ultimately increases the popularity graph of the cattle station and the government earns huge amount from the international tourists.


1. Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest - most fascinating wonders of Australia

Although there is no short of rain-forests in the world but the Australia’ Daintree Rainforest is not less than a heaven on the earth. Its spectacular beauty, crystal clear water and green land make it a fascinating place for the tourists. The weather here usually remains pleasant. The rain forest is accompanied with a Daintree National Park which is one of the ancient parks in the world having over 450 species of birds and land plants. Daintree Rainforest is at number one position in the list of Most Fascinating Wonders Of Australia.

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