Top 10 Most Googled Male Actors In 2020

Compiling the list of most popular male actors in the world is the difficult task. To make it easy the most authentic way to find out the popular male actors in the world is to find the most googled male actors from the most popular search engines in the world. There are plenty of reasons why the actors are searched by people. Being in the highlights due to some personal scandal is the biggest reason. Beside the upcoming movies, some political involvement, fan following and many more could also be the reason.  Here is the list of top 10 most googled male actors In 2020 who have made the year entertaining for us by infusing in the most interesting roles, no matter whether it’s professional or personal.


10. Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan

He was indeed one of the wonderful personalities of America. He had given many hits during his career. He got famous for his role in the movie The Green Mile as John Coffey. He got many award nominations and awards as well. Besides working in the motion pictures he played the voice roles in Kung Fu Panda, Green Lantern and Brother Bear. He had a great fan following worldwide. This famous and beloved actor died in 2012. Still he is being searched by the people.


9. Peter Andre

Peter Andre wallpapers 2020

Peter is an Australian rock star, singer, a television personality and a successful businessman. His ex-wife was glamour model Katie Price. He is a rich singer with over 1580000 sales in UK and over 1000000 sales in Australia. His latest release was a song “kid” in the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman. He is the highest ranked celebrity of United Kingdom and Australia. He has been all time favorite of people. He is being searched by number of famous search engines of the world. He has always been giving the effortless performances to please his audience.


8. Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan 2020 wallpapers

King Khan or the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan is an extremely popular, talented and mature Bollywood actor. There are countless successful movies he has given to us. Whether he is working for any movie or not he is always in the high lights. Besides social work Shahrukh is a co-owner of the cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders. There are numerous awards which he had won in his career. He is the richest actor of Bollywood film industry. His fan following is amazing since the time he started his career. People are always eager to know about his life therefore he is being searched all over the world through the most famous searched engines.


7. Sam Claflin

Sam Claflin 2020 wallpapers

Sam Claflin is the famous film and television actor of Hollywood. He is known for the roles of William in Snow white and Huntsman, Philip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean and Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games series. He made his career debut when he appeared in the most liked and famous television miniseries Any Human Heart and The Pillars of the Earth. He has performed actively from 2010-present and had gain much fame. He had achieved many awards as well. He is young and he is smart hence is a dream man of many girls. He is also among the most famous and searched personalities in 2020.


6. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar 2020 wallpapers

People call him the actual hero. He is extremely talented and well versed. He had given amazing hits in the Bollywood industry and had lots of fans all over the world. His famous reality show “Khatron k Khiladi” made him a popular stunt actor as well. He married Twinkle Khana in 2001. His latest movie Holiday was another hit. He is just not involved in the film industry but in lot of social work as well. Akshay was named the “sexiest man alive” in 2008. He is the most established and famous actor of the film industry with millions of fans all over the world. People have always loved to search the articles related to his personal life and upcoming movies as well.


5. Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson is the youngest and famous American actor with huge number of fans all around the world. In early 2000’s he started his acting career with the minor TV roles and gained popularity in between 2004-2009 by working in major roles in number of famous films as Little Manhattan and Zathura, Firehouse Dog, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant and many others. In this young age with a bright and great future ahead this actor had won many of the film fare awards. He is also one of the most wanted and searched young Hollywood actors.


4. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is an actor and famous Indian dancer who started his career in 1980 with Kaho Naa Payar Ha. He is said to be the most humble and hardworking actor. He had received many film fare awards. He is a son of famous actor Rakesh Roshan. Hrithik has million and billions of fans all over the world. He was one of the most happily married actors in the Indian film industry but he and his wife separated this year. This was a sudden shock for all of his fans. This was one of the major reasons that he was searched so drastically through the famous search engines all over the world.


3. Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is a handsome and famous Indian actor. He is a producer and television presenter as well. His father himself was an actor and screenwriter. He had worked in almost 80 Hindi films so far and he has been loved by the Indians very much. He is hot and he is gorgeous since he had joined the film industry. His fans are not only in India but all over the world searching for his latest updates. He has the scandals with many heroines in the film industry and some of the political issues as well. His popularity has made him one of the most searched actors in the world for this year.


2. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has always been one of the favorite heroes. He is not only a successful actor but a director, producer and musician as well. He had won number of film fare awards and has large number of fans. He has always been working in the movies in some unique and exciting roles because of which he has been the most awaited actor of Hollywood. Undoubtedly he is the coolest personality ever existed. This guy is not only dominating the film industry but the world of internet as well.


1. Paul Walker

Paul Walker 2020 most googled actor

Paul Walker was an American actor who started his career from the TV shows . After these hit shows he entered the film industry and gave the brilliant performance in many of the great Hollywood movies. Beside the movies he was also the face of some of the famous fragrance brand Davidoff Cool Water for Men. He founded his charity ROWW (Reach out Worldwide) to help the people in affected areas by natural disasters.

He died in the road accident on 30th November 2020. He was the most searched celebrity for 2020 because people were curious to know about his death case as well his shooting in Fast and Furious 7 which would be releasing in 2020 now.


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