Top 10 Most Hated Countries In The World

Hatred is an emotion, associated with some bad or evil events. Or we can say that there is some valid reason behind the disliking. We may hate some objects, people or places but according to researches, it has been seen that there are a lot of folks hating the whole countries. And all of them have got effective reasoning behind this loathsome. Mostly countries are hated because of non- cooperative behavior of people or lack of law and rules by the government. After conducting polls in different parts of the world, some of the common reasons were short listed and those specific countries were rendered as the most hated states of the world. Those countries are listed here given with the reasons. Friends! Let us read the list of the top 10 most hated countries in the world and without any delay let us find out some interesting facts about them.

10. Belgium


Well, the reason why most of the people hate Belgium may seems a little funny, but it is true. Most of the people hate Belgium, or avoid visiting this place is that this country is boring. The only thing people are attracted to is collection of special beers. Otherwise this country is not on the favorites’ list of a lot of people.

The Brussels (Belgium)

9. India

The biggest reason why world hates India, is its discrimination factor. Indians believe in cast, color, sex and race more than ethics and behavior. Indians give vibes to other nations as they are inferior (as reported by some foreign visitors). Moreover, the increasing rate of rape cases has also made this country unpopular especially amongst women. India also does not hold friendly relations with the neighboring countries which add hatred between the masses.

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 6. Religious Conflict

8. United Kingdom

Britain is said to be a greedy nation. It is now 800 years, Ireland is under British oppression. It is reported that in every continent, UK has oppressed more than one country. The slavery system was first introduced by British. They ruined Indian education system. They have also been involved in some major wars. All these factors make this state not a very favorite one among the world.


7. Mexico

Drug wars, illegal crime control, lack of proper rule and law and illegal migration of immigrants to American border are some of the major reasons causing hatred to others. Mexico can maintain a proper image by eradicating these problems through proper law and order system and hence remove the ‘hatred label’ easily.

The Oaxaca (Mexico)

6. Japan

Japan has got a positive influence in most of the parts of the world due to its extraordinary progress in technology. The reason this country is in this particular list is Japan’s historical conflicts with China. It is a common notion that Japan denies the history. Since the population of China forms a major part of the overall world. So, only Chinese hatred is enough to bring this state on the hit list.


5. Germany

Although it is long time gone, but still Hitler is the reason behind the utmost hatred of Germany. Not only Hitler but both the world wars (I and II) has also managed to make up this country on this list. On financial grounds, today Germany is said to be very successful which was not back in Hitler’s time.

Countries That Have Become Superpowers - Germany

4. Russia

Some of the flop experiments held by Russia made it the most hated country. Russian communism is one of the examples. They are responsible for destroying their own religion, culture and intellects causing social indifference and corruption. Plus, the countries which were in Soviet Union, like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, hate Russia as they claim that Russia has been a source of a lot of pain to them. Let me remind you, Russia was once a super power of the world; and now its presence on this list proves the fact that humbleness is very important.


3. North Korea

The reason behind North Korea on the top three of the list is that this state is imparting a negative influence on the world. The government makes its people starve while indulging itself in weapons and missiles. The major reason why people hate North Korea is that this country is threatening and frightening the world with the concept of nuclear war. This state has got an aggressive and competitive attitude towards its neighbors.


2. Israel

Israel, up till now, is not recognized by most of its own neighbor countries. The reason is the constant war with Palestine. They are held responsible for killing people in the name of Judaism. It is also been observed that Israelis treat other nations as second class humans, which overall is the cause of hatred. Often (as we can also see on TV) people are conducting some anti- Israel protests and boycotts. All these acts show the intense hatred of glob towards Israel.


1. USA

Top 10 Most Hated Countries In The World

America is one of the most developed countries of the world. Then why is it hated? The obvious reason is the brutal involvement of USA in wars and military operations in Iran, Afghanistan and recently in Libya. America is mostly hated by the people of Middle East.

Europeans have also shown their hatred in the polls and researches conducted to find out the most hated country. Moreover they consider their nation to be the most superior. No doubt USA is first on the list but still a large number of tourists visit this place every year.


102 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Hated Countries In The World

  1. This report is a sheer crap !! ADMIN is MAD !! DON”W know from where he gathered the report …This is the world’s most hatred report ..ASSSHOLE

      1. I guess after 911 we were suppose to crawl and beg for a truce and in Iraq just turn away from the genocide of the Kurds and Shitte. Amazing that Somolia is so much loved. Rwanda, Burma, and so many others! Rand paul is right; total isolation from the world and aid to only the true friends as Israel, Canada, UK, Norway and the such and fuck the rest and make them pay for it! if they do a 911 then fuck the ROE and destroy it! Let the love flow.

    1. as european i can 100% say that all europeans i know hate america the most by FAAAAAAR.
      not much hate from israel from europe

        1. Dude, Im european (french) and I don’t hate America. My BFF is American she lives in Georgia. Just because some people say they don’t like a country means that the entire community thinks the same 😉 I know what im talking about, being french myself, im used to insults and hate towards my country. “frog eaters, pussies, smelly people” etc. That’s just plane rude, wrong and so disrespectful. People who hate a country are just ignorant, and never took the time to visit another country. So yes, some europeans don’t like the US (every country has its flaws) but hey that’s not the majority 🙂

    1. Keep in mind is hated by who! If the US were to totally isolate itself and quit the UN for starters, only give aid to absolute those nations friendly to US and not Pakistan we would be better off. Let the now loved Germany worry about Putin. It seems many forget the history in the last 100 years to easily. Make the world pay for the food and medical aid we give them. Close the borders from a nation which has more immigration to its hated country than all others combined! Notice the most hated are in the list of most powerful? America is of a few nations that can self survive if we close the borders now.

      1. So self sufficient that it’s ~$14.6 trillion in debt, the most in the world… I would prefer not getting aid from the USA being in a friendly country, seeing as your take on aid is generally genocide.

    1. yes and the most arrogant nation on Earth as well. Too bad after 700 years Scotland almost got the idea. The imperialistic nation for which the sun never set is down to one time zone!! lol

      1. The US has been voted the most arrogant country in the world 90% of nations (1000 people from each life class poverty,working,2nd ect) took the test and 82% voted America bear in mind the test was done by Americans so the we’re no biased changes to the test. Therefore your point is invalid. Go fuck yourself.

  2. The United States never ever attacked or even wanted to attack iran, one of the main reasons why the united states went to war with iraq (gulf war) was to save iran from the invasion of iraq’s armed forces. America is hated because they are ignatant and opressing in a social way. Americans think they that they are always right and everybody that doesn’t agree with them is wrong eg after the attack on the twin towers goerge bush said the if your not with america then you’re against america. Admin you can’t just go righting a bunch of BS. Do some real research before you write. The only part where you were actaully correct was India and North Korea because the fact were accurate. The only way that you can work out the most hated counties is with percentages because everybody has there own opinion.

    1. ^ you said reason America went on war with iraq bla bla bla.. what the hell america has to do with other countries problems??I mean it was clearly iraq and irans internal problem ..why the hell cant you guys stay in your own country and dont giva a fuck about what others do .. america just wants its own benefits like always..and thats is what this is about in Afghanistan and all the other countries

      1. hey Unknown as a coward would do You never heard of 911 you ignorant ass. Have your nation do it to the USA and watch the fire works!!!

        1. See I will take it as your American you guys always start either shooting from your guns or shooting shit from your mouth make a real point instead of insulting people then maybe you won’t be number 1 hated country

    2. Hey…How is India correct ?? If you are pointing at the rapes :
      You really need to check ” Rape statistics ” on wikipedia :
      Rapes per 1 lakh population – 0.4 India
      Rapes per 1 lakh population – 0.3 Japan
      Rapes per 1 lakh population – 27 US
      Rapes per 1 lakh population – 63 Sweden
      Rapes per 1 lakh population – 132 SAfrica
      US population 300 million- 85k rapes
      India population 1.2 bn -25k rapes
      China population 1.4 bn- 33k rapes

      Reply only if u are not an islamic prick….coz these Mohammadans hate every other person on the planet

      1. So true. Brother from India, I am also a Muslim but I hate those Porki dogs. They always spread false stories, you and your Indian friends need to be careful. These Pakis believe all sorts of fake things such as their existence as a nation!

    1. Who said this ?
      Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country, accepted by millions of tourists, they love this nation too.
      Indians are hater’s don’t know why .

      1. Tourist love this place? One moment ur eating and the next moment ur bewing bombarded. If India hates pakistan.. Concerning its population Pakistan should be on top.

        1. India shares equal rights to be hatred by all south asian muslims with Porka. Yeah Bastered smelly Indians. Porkans also heat you. I Brazilian Fuck you to your bribe system in cricket. 1000 plus heats to you mother fuckers. All you slumdogs turn Porka into Toilet. Every Street, corner, resturants are crowded with you slumdogs. Bull shut India Should be first.

        2. Bomb are set by India and USA clearly you live in world where reality does not exist . Foreigner get raped in India they known for it. And Pakistan don’t treat to bomb country like India and USA most nation above constantly treat and wage war

        3. This stupid admin was meant to say TERRORISTS not Tourists. It’s alright the admin is from Pakistan. They are all uneducated.

      2. Stupid Porki admin you made a typo!
        You are meant to say “Pakistani is one of the LEAST beautiful country, accepted by millions of TERRORISTS”

  3. I personally choose Israel is the most hated country in the world. America is just their puppet to rule the world.

  4. America deserves to be hated!!!!!!!!!! American govt officials are blood thirsty savages who support the constant evil and apartheid of Israel, and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Nevermind America’s constant need to bomb other people and create new enemies. Shame on America.

    Signed, A (formerly proud) American

  5. ohh comon…this admin seems me a Pakistani… where is the pakistan and china. Dont forget
    bin laden was found at luxury Pakistan compound.

    1. Who is laden Basically ? If he was killed in Pakistan it means, America killed him independent ? Our lists are not biased . And CIA worked with the help of ISI because Pakistan don’t want to involve in this case because they are already facing terrorist attacks, just because of this they did not show their presence and involvement in this operation. I think this will help you lil bit to show some mature behavior .

    2. Bin laden was trained by the US mate seriously before you start cussing at me just type it in google or national info

    1. Init slavery systems have been dated back to 5000BC obviously not on a huge scale but still slavery and the Dutch created the African slave system not the English

    1. Yeah but you would probably blow up the Empire State Building and then use that as an excuse to do it 😉

  6. Ireland is not under British oppression since it became an independent country in 1922, Britain is not the UK but one part of the UK consisting of England, Scotland and Wales.

  7. Having read the comments, I would say
    1) The report sucks!
    2) The list doesn’t include Pakistan but has India for some odd reason on that list… 😛
    3) which makes sense because the admin is Pakistani – as he said Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world… LMFAO

    Dude, my village dump is prettier than Pakistan! and probably cleaner 😀

  8. Where is china? Currently its obviously threatening small countries with its aggressive border occupying attitude. This is a biased list. Don’t care

  9. I do agree with u admin !!! Mr jason go and have some fresh air ….
    Bcz i do think u need that desprtely seems like r mind got rusted !!!

  10. The USA deserve to be on the list, trying to police the world when they can’t even police themselves. They have one of the biggest prison populations due to a ridiculous war on drugs, non- existent gun regulations and drugged up kids on Ritalin.
    But the USA being the USA would rather go and fight ridiculous, illegal wars with ‘war on terror’ as an excuse, when everyone knows its because of the oil.
    It holds other countries to ransom saying “we’re all friends” when they just want them to do their dirty work. America wouldn’t survive by closing the borders and so much for international aid. How many people in the USA cannot afford healthcare??
    The ‘most powerful man in the world’ has zero power in his own country let alone anywhere else.
    Instead of getting involved in other countries affairs and telling others what tsohey should and shouldn’t do, why not have a look at yourselves and deflate that ego….

    Yeah you’re country’s ace!! When can we come??!

  11. I would put Israel first. Just one reason: normally the best way for not being hated, is to understand why people hates your country, Israel doesnt even tries to understand.

  12. Guys the only reason the USA is hated is only one reason muslums but I don’t care what the muslums think they are just a bunch of crazy terroist who believe anybody who doesn’t believe their religion should die well the truth is this world would be a lot better without them

    1. Economically wise… The gap between the rich and the poor is at an all time high so your comment is invalid mate

  13. This is the same list which is published in many forums.I am indian and i accept that indian is worst place to live and we are hated by our all neighbours including srilanka,bangla,nepal and of course pakistan and china.May be they are jealous of our developing economy!

  14. the list should be britain,Israel,america,canada,france,germany,australia,new Zealand,latvia,lithuainia,estonia,spain,portugal

  15. Such a biased ranked, clearly can understand which religion this pussy admin follows. The world’s real hated nations should be Saudi Arab,Pakistan,Iran,Chechnya(though it is not independent yet)

  16. Such a biased ranking*, clearly can understand which religion this pussy admin follows. The world’s real hated nations should be Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Iran,Chechnya(though it is not independent yet)

  17. Absolutely, israel deserves even no. 1 hated conntry in the world. Because US sometimes gives aid to the poor nations. Israel kills most poverised people.

    1. US gives money to the poor but they create more poverty then they can afford or at least prioritise to fix

  18. “The slavery system was first introduced by British” Really? What a load of B.S!! Britain as a country has only existed since the early 1700’s and the slavery system had been going for centuries before that!
    The fact is, the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians etc etc all used slavery. To say it was introduced by the British is totally inaccurate! Sh*t like this should be allowed on the net!

  19. For starters Americans stop kicking off because I’m sorry to say you are the most hated country but it’s mainly by Eastern European country’s (Iraq,afghan, ect) plus your government are all arsholes who care for nothing but money (I can’t talk members of parliament are cunts) but I think your most hated because you think nobody hates you I love your country but I’m annoyed at the fact that it says the English started slavery. It was actually the Dutch who started slavery they only had small operations and fair enough the British did it on a large scale BUT WE DIDNT START IT! Also yes we killed a few Indians but we built them 60+ hospitals schools and built over 1200 miles of train tracks for them so they can’t complain. Belgium should be far from this list I visited Belgium when I was in school and it was amazing everyone was kind they have a lot of gun ranges to try out ww2 weapons and it’s just a beautiful country end of

  20. america and israel are same and it was america itself who created 9/11 not muslims and muslims are not crazy its cristians and jewish who are responsible for all wars in world not the muslims they are honourable faithful and caring all the cristians are narrow minded and drunken animals

  21. why the people are talking about pakistan just because pakistan has largest number of troops in world security forces by UN or because pakistan navy is head of anti terror naval forces of the world or because the 50k deaths of the innocent pakistanis made the pakistan most hated !!!!!!!!

  22. Good riddance to the U.S.A., they got what they deserved. America is bloodthirsty in every way, having the death penalty, the kkk, slavery and starting an uncountable amount of wars.:-D

  23. I think writer is from pakistan or any arab country. Other than North Koria every country mentioned above are developped or developping countries. Looks like Fucked up Pakistani wrote this. Blaming other countries for own mistakes.
    Please List the JIHADI countries, Lets see who takes first position.

  24. lmfao all you talking about how this is biased but then start saying “put all those Arab countries” and “clearly know which religion this pussy follows” as if YOU AREN’T BIASED. I’m not Muslim but it’s so fucking stupid to think that everyone in that faith is a terrorist. CHRISTIANS AIDED THE HOLOCAUST AND KILLED NATIVE AMERICANS AND FORCED PEOPLE TO CONVERT DURING THE SPANISH INQUISITION AND RECONQUISTA GUESS WHO THE TERRORISTS WERE THEN..WHITE CHRISTIANS..white people ruin everything and cause most problems and btw hating white people isn’t racism it’s prejudice racism is institutionalizes to benefit one group ex apartheid. the reason why america is so hated is because of its racism and of ask the ways ex, vietnam, iraq..Americas fucking great but the racism and intolerance needs to go. if you’re a white Christian living in America congrats you have special you don’t even realise. you white Christians haven’t been discriminated against or made fun of ur religion. trust me being a black jew ( yes Jewish and black;kinda like drake) life haven’t been easy.

  25. Pakistan is not dangerous especially for tourists, They have some internal problems street crimes are at peak in some part of some cities but in recent 12 months crime rate especially in Karachi is low …But on the other hand Indian Government is still ignoring rape crime in India sue to which India is known unsafe place especially for women

  26. Fuck off you Pakistani pig admin. Fuck off to your terrorist hell you fucking scum of the Earth. We Afghans are waiting for the day to finish you Porki dogs. Fake country with inbred dog fake Muslims. We stand by our Indian brothers. You fucked up Afghanistan and everyone knows the saying. I hate Pakistan and its people. You m.fukers should be Number 1 on this list you cowards

  27. afghanibchm son of American Dnt b so rude You have to remember that Ur afghanis dogs were in pakistan For 46 years and still living aNd earning , here in pakistan we Know afghanis As “Greedy”O mother fuker U lived here and u are using this type Of language??india using u so thats why you like them Lets see mother fucker how ur afghanis ll destroy,, aNd Come Here Show me That hate i ll cut your head in the name of my nation ,,,dnt bark please If any prob come and say Face to face …i have seen so dogs barking in ma street So i said that!! Fuck u fuck u fuck U

  28. afghanibchm son of American Dnt b so rude You have to remember that Ur afghanis dogs were in pakistan For 46+ years and still living aNd earning , here in pakistan we Know afghanis As “Greedy”O mother fuker U lived here and u are using this type Of language??india using u so thats why you like them Lets see mother fucker how ur afghanis ll destroy,, aNd Come Here Show me That hate i ll cut your head in the name of my nation ,,,dnt bark please If any prob come and say Face to face …i have seen so dogs barking in ma street So i said that!! Fuck u fuck u fuck U


  30. Yes… I agree with siara…. I hate india a looooot…… Many ppl r raping small children also in india….. But wat to do…. I am born in india…. I still hate india a looooooooooooooot….. There was one thought given by sumone that proud to be an indian… Well now hear it….. I AM NOT PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN

  31. Yup… Giys… Even i hate Pakistan because… In Pakistan, only muslims shuld be there… Thats a rule ot seems and many ppl r dieing over there if they r hindu or cristian…….. They always take up sum fake stories and make it a rule….. And over there dey wont gv education for girls so that dey can remain being slaves in their home…. OMG…. Y IS’NT PAKISTAN NOT THERE IN THE LIST

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