Top 10 Most Luxurious Airlines In The World

Traveling is a delighting experience and for some one there is nothing sweeter than traveling and when the journey is through air plane then it is more fascinating and entertaining. Every one wishes to have a luxurious journey and if you don’t have than all your dreams of an entertaining journey will be vanished. Airports are crowded places as there are numerous flights and they can be a sort of big pain for the travelers. But if you have selected a right airline for your journey then it will be extremely relaxing for you. There are numerous airlines in the world that boast to have high quality services but here we provide you a list of top 10 most luxurious airlines in the world. By flying through these airlines you will experience a least stressful and lavish journey.


10. British Airways

Most Luxurious Airlines -

When we talk about style, sophistication and luxury, it is difficult to keep the British Airways away. Amenities in their exclusive air planes include wide convertible beds cum chairs, along with mood lighting, and fifteen inch entertainment system that aid in making your flight least stressful as possible. Each seat comes with enough space for storage and power outlets for your mobile devices and laptops. This airline also offers entertaining system as it is a gadget friendly one and delicious food that you can order on your own times.


9. Thai Airways

Most Luxurious Airlines - Thai Airways

This airline was established in 1960 and has made tremendous effort to become one of the Asia’s best airlines. Thai airways is known as a leader for quality services in aviation industry and offers best airline ground services. Its first class services are outstanding but most passengers found their economy seats to be comfortable as well. Thai Royal first class offers 180 degrees decubitus bed along with toiletries. This airline also offers some of the best meals to its passengers or passengers can pre order the meal cooked by famous Thai chefs.


8. Etihad Airlines

Most Luxurious Airlines -  Etihad Airlines

It is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and provides its amazing services to about ninety six destinations. It always aims to offer the utmost in Arabian hospitality and has five different seating classes that are featured with outstanding facilities. The Diamond first class suite of the Etihad Airlines is the most luxurious one, it offers an exclusive range of seats for the travelers that can be converted into a private suite. Some of the amenities include mini bar, 23 inch TV set, connectivity pots for devices, seat changeable into flat bed and changing room for all passengers. In hunger you can enjoy yourself with delicious food from trained managers to fulfill your gastronomical needs


7. Virgin Atlantic

Most Luxurious Airlines -  Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline that was established in 1984 and offers best facilities to its passengers. It is the airline that offered the facility of personal entertainment for the very first time in the experiences of airlines. It offers seats that can be converted into beds and dimmed lights in order to give its travelers a pleasant and relaxing trip. Healthy meal is also served to passengers on demand. In the airplane there is a free bar and flying club as well. You can also take massage during the flight that will definitely give you a very relaxing feeling.


6. Emirates

Most Luxurious Airlines - Emirates

It is an Airline based in Dubai, UAE. Emirates has built a name as a leader in the industry of aviation, especially in terms of service superiority, and its very fast growth, connected with persistent profitability. This airline offers outstanding amenities and a flight full of privacy. It offers you a bench with sliding door, a personal small bar, with space to change and full mirror to check yourself. Another luxury offering from this airline is its private spa suite, which offers complete range of treatments on the menu. With a solid repute for comfort and luxury, it has made quiet cabins a high preference and also offers amenities like elite class bathrooms and shower fittings.


5. Japan Airlines

Most Luxurious Airlines - Japan Airlines

Since its establishment, this airline has been a pioneer in first class comfort and is going good in this service. Japan Airlines offers one of the most lavish suites above the clouds. Its seats are designed in a sophisticated way and are foldable into a bed of six feet. It offers its passengers cushions, flat bed, pillows, leather created by Pltrona Fra and maintains the standard of 1st class. It also serves delicious and good quality food and this food is not only traditional or Japanese food but also according to religious requirements of the individuals. This airline also offers entertainment stuff like large screen, games, films and magazines etc. Nasal sprays, pain killers, and medical kits are arranged for any emergency handling. JAL are equipped with flight outside cameras to visualize outside views and airplane.


4. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Most Luxurious Airlines - Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

Passengers who experience journey through Cathay Pacific Airways Limited wish their flight to be longer. This airline was honored by Air Transport World Magazine in 2006, as “Airline of the Year”. It offers its luxuries in a very artistic way, its first class cabin will make you think about it as a suite instead of a seat, in the cabin you will have your own personal space; leather bench with a LCD touch screen that will make you able to control everything with lights and this bench turns into a complete bed, along with soft cushions giving you a very lavish experience. This airline offers five course meals of International and Asian dishes. It is fixed with adjustable TV screen, headphones, music, magazines and all entertaining system.


3. Lufthansa Airlines

Most Luxurious Airlines - Lufthansa Airlines

This airline is the flag carrier of Germany and also known as Europe’s largest airline, both in terms of fleet size and overall passengers carried. Lufthansa Airlines is deliberated as one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious airlines. It is also renowned for proposing innovative ideas to boost the level of services for its passengers. It uses two of the most preeminent jumbo jets of the world named Lufthansa Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747 to accommodate their exclusive passengers. This airline offers it passengers’ adjustable private screens between seats, outclass meal that is excellent in taste. It has sleeper seats that can be converted into six feet seven inches bed, so that the passengers can comfortably sleep and relax.


2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore and has a strong presence in South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Kangaroo Route markets. It was the launch client of Airbus A380 that is currently the largest passenger aircraft in the world. This Airbus has the ability to carry up to 555 passengers. Even without the A380 Airbus, the first class experience of this airline is simply outstanding and their Sky Suites are strongly alluring. This airline is made up of French lavish walls and doors and it also offers book the cook service that allows selection of meal in advance. It was the first luxurious airline that provided the facility of telephone call during the flight. Their leather seats are so comfortable and are able to turn into eighty inches bed. In this airline you can immerse yourself in unlimited entertainment as LCD, video, audio games and all entertaining facilities are available. Experiencing this airline will provide you feelings of smooth flying and highest standard of comfort in air.


1. Swiss International Air Lines

Most Luxurious Airlines -  Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines is Switzerland’s carrier airline that operates scheduled services in Europe and to South America, North America, Asia and Africa. Swiss Air Lines has a durable reputation for generosity and efficiency, and their reputation is still solid among the world’s best airlines. You can experience all the expected lavish services and appointments in this airline, and these luxurious services are too entertaining and impressive and therefore difficult to ignore. The Swiss business class seats were introduced with the title of bed above the clouds and are really innovative and splendid.

These seating positions are flexible and every passenger can adjust them according to his or her requirements. There are multi speed foot massager that aid in passengers in relaxing while reading or fascinating themselves on the multimedia system. This airline has boosted the technology by offering its passengers two on board camera that will make them to visualize the world in front of the airplane as well as below it. Its most distinct feature is that this airline is outfitted with video monitor that show the information about flight distance covered, remaining distance and speed of craft.

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  1. Lufthansa should not even be on this list, I’ve been on it and you get little in the way of luxury. The seats are uncomfortable and the entertainment is really bad. The battle between most luxurious is gotta be Etihad and Singapore airlines. Plus Qatar airlines is a fantastic airline that should be on here.

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