Top 10 Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020

It is a modern period in which everyone prefers to follow fashion and style. There is no doubt that fashion plays an important in modifying our lives. To be stylish and contemporary is the desire of everyone and the fashion brands enable individuals to fulfill their desire. The trendy costumes, stylish footwear, and finest beauty products have revolutionized the lives to a greater extent. These things bring an optimistic change in our lifestyle and add confidence to individual’s personalities. The fashion brands always introduce exclusive and fine products for the customers in all over the world. Their products add confidence and elegance in one’s life and make individuals more stylish and fascinating. There are a number of fashion brands that are prestigious and have their own dignity in fashion industry but here we have the list of top 10 most luxurious fashion brands of 2020 that are simply exclusive in their own way.


10. Hermes

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 -

Hermes is a French manufacturer that was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes and is specialized in luxury goods, leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumes and ready to wear. This brand has become more prestigious with the passage of time and is highly devoted for excellence in quality and therefore produces outstanding quality products.


9. Louis Vuitton

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton or LV is a French fashion house that was established by Louis Vuitton in 1854. It is specialized in designing leather goods, luxury trunks, ready to wear, accessories, watches, shoes, jewelry and books. It was consistently deliberated as the world’s most valuable luxury brand from 2006 to 2012. It operates in fifty countries and has over 460 stores in all over the world. This brand sells its products through its own locations and that enables it to control pricing and quality of product. Did you happen to read the Art and fashion news regarding Nicki? 


8. Versace

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 8. Versace

Versace is an Italian fashion house that was founded in 1978 by Italian designer Gianni Versace and holds a distinct position in the fashion industry. This brand is excelling in providing everything for children, women and men that can make them stylish and trendy. Gianni Versace has always been known for designing something distinct and innovative for rich persons and celebrities. The delicate and fine cuts with impressive prints and fascinating fabrics along with graceful assimilation of modern work make this brand extremely impressive.


7. Gucci

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 7. Gucci

It is an Italian fashion house and leather goods brand that was established by Guccio Gucci in 1921.Gucci is also known as the Italian’s biggest selling brand and it operates through more than 278 stores in all over the world. It is highly fascinating fashion brand that is extremely famous for its exclusive dresses, perfumes and stunning handbags. It is a luxurious and prestigious brand that has its own charm and elegance. It is one of the world’s renowned luxury brands, that is widely recognized in all over the world due to its fashion modernization and flawless Italian craftsmanship. Every Gucci piece is unique in its design and style. You can always come to ready more about fashion at lifestyle at Creative Global Ideas.


6. Chanel

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 6. Chanel

Chanel is a French fashion house that is so reputable and needs no introduction. It was founded by Coco Chanel in 1990 and is highly excelled in fashion accessories, luxury goods, haute couture and ready to wear. This brand shows the elegance and charm in its designs and jewelry and there is no comparison of it. The products of this brand have been epitomized by actresses and fashion models including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Tautou and Carole Bouquet. Chanel has inspired million of individuals and is playing a vital role in the fashion industry from number of years. Coco Chanel revolutionized the way of women dressing and was widely acknowledged for her devotion, determination and energy that she applied to her professional and social life. The incompatible designs and styles of this brand fascinate the customers and they seem to be highly satisfied by its products as they are best and reliable.


5. Prada

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 5. Prada

It is an Italian luxury fashion house that is specialized in providing ready to wear fashion and leather accessories, luggage, shoes, fragrances, watches, handbags etc. This brand was founded by Mario Prada in 1913 and has its own repute and name in the fashion industry. Since its establishment, it is highly excel in the production of impressive designs of leather accessories and clothes. It is known as one of the influential fashion houses of the fashion industry and no one can deny this fact. Every brand has its own identity and the identity of Prada is its dignity and reputation.


4. Dior

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 4. Dior

Dior is a French luxury goods company that was founded by designer Christian Dior in 1946. The company is specialized in designing and retailing fashion accessories, ready to wear, leather products, jewelry, footwear, perfumes, skincare and cosmetic products. It also establishes its tradition as a founder of widely recognized acknowledged haute couture. It is an impressive brand and competes with many reputable brands. It is excel in designing contemporary designs of unique style and is best in its own way. Its designs give women a sophisticated and stylish look.


3. Armani

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 3. Armani

Armani is an Italian fashion house that was established by Giorgio Armani and is specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing haute couture, ready to wear, accessories, leather products, watches, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry and home interiors. It is not only one of the world’s most expensive brands but also a prestigious one. Its products are available on selected out class department store and are best in terms of quality and design. The association of Giorgio Armani made this brand more reputed because of his impressive personality and according to him; elegance should not be noticed it should be remembered.


2. Burberry

Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020 - 2. Burberry

It is a British luxury fashion company that is specialized in providing fashion accessories, outerwear, sunglasses, fragrances and cosmetics. Its distinct tartan sequence has become one of its highly copied trademarks. Burberry is extremely popular for its trench coat and has stores and franchises in all over the world. Digital gratification positioning and the escalation across contemporary medium of the trench coat, trademark and reputed icon, make the brand prestigious, more fascinating and more suitable world widely, across generations and genders. The core values of this brand are protect, explore, and inspire that are simply outclass. So, explore your beauty by getting inspired with the luxurious items of this brand.


1. Dolce & Gabbana

Top Most Luxurious Fashion Brands In 2020

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxurious fashion house that was established by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985. It is titled as the most luxurious fashion brand of 2020. This brand has its own prestige and fame in the industry and has been widely known by individuals since a long time.

Dolce and Gabbana are leading personalities in the fashion industry that have designed many impressive and innovative articles that have given the women a stunning and contemporary look. This brand is extremely famous for its outclass handbags, luxurious perfumes, attractive eyewear, signature costumes, and also for casual and party wear.Its contemporary, stylish and distinct designs are widely recognized and are the choice of selection of best dressed celebrities’ world widely. This brand is highly devoted towards its work and is specialized in designing fine quality products. The devotion, style and versatility have made this brand simply outstanding and therefore its items are sold in more than eighty countries in all over the world.

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