Top 10 Most Notorious American Bike Gangs

We all have a misconception about bikers as the rowdy ones getting into brawls and broils. That is not true because there are bike riders following the rules and not creating destruction to their companion inhabitants. But in the bike gang zone there are a group known as “1%ers” as the rest 99% are the ones abiding by the laws and acting as respectable citizens. They are those “One percenter’s” who doesn’t follow the norms and remain active in unlawful acts. A number of FBIs investigations have followed them but they are too large in number to be caught. Here are the Top 10 Most Notorious American Bike Gangs.


10. Vagos

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs -

Started in the 1960’s the Vagos Motorcycle Club, also known as the Green Nation is recognized by their green jackets with a patch of Norse god Loki on a motorcycle. This motorcycle gang is convicted of using and disseminating methamphetamine and Marijuana. They have been involved in several criminal activities like scam, killing, mugging, witness extortion and defilement of weapons. The Vagos have often being investigated by the FBI and ATF for these illicit acts and one of the investigations in March 2006 led to the custodies of 25 members of the gang.


9. Free Souls

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Free Souls

Formed in Oregon this gang has over 100 members and has their chapters all over the state of Oregon including Vancouver. The club’s emblem is an antique Egyptian mark of eternal life represented in blue and white. In 2007 police raided the houses of the bike gangs and ten members were arrested at the spot.


8. Bandidos

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Bandidos

With the motto “We are the people our parents warned us about” this notorious motorcycle club was formed in Texas by Don Chambers. They are considered as an “outlaw motorcycle gang” by the FBI’s and CIS. This club is known to have 2,400 members in their club and is located in 22 countries. They also have a support club which is their support in every legal or illegal activity who wear the reverse colors of the Bandidos groups which is red border with golden background.


7. Highwaymen

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs -  Highwaymen

The Highwaymen Motorcycle club being the largest club in Detroit and with a vicious criminal record this motorcycle club is not approved in the Detroit Federation of Motorcycle Club. They were formed in 1954 in the city of Detroit, and have now spread all over the state of Michigan. They have been involved in serious investigations by the police and several members of the gang have been punished and sent to jail. With the motto “Highwaymen Forever, forever Highwaymen” and a sign of a skeleton on their jackets they are the most tarnished bike gangs of America.


6. Warlocks

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Warlocks

The end of the Vietnam War was the beginning of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club as it gained a huge number of bike members which were mainly white males. Formed in Philadelphia in 1967 this club has spread all over the country including overseas Germany and England. The Warlocks are the most wanted in the police community and they believe that this bike gang and has sold $900 of methamphetamine.


5. Outlaws

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Outlaws

Formed in 1935 in the state of Illinois of United States, the main rivals of this motorcycle club is the Hell’s Angels. Their enmity is obvious by their motto which is ADIOS, an acronym for Angels Die in Outlaw State. All the members of the Outlaw club own an American style motorcycle of a specific size and membership is allowed to only those who own such bikes. The Outlaw members have been part of several criminal activities and the leader of the Outlaw gang, Taco Bowman is in prison since 1999 for murders.


4. Sons of Silence

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs -  Sons of Silence

The Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club (SOSMC) has chapters in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, South Dakota, Utah etc. their first chapter started in Iowa started in 1968. Their logo is an eagle with their motto printed “until death separates us” on all the members jackets. In 1999 an undercover operation of the FBI resulted in the arrest of several gang members of the Sons of Silence and found 20 pounds of methamphetamine, guns, and grenades. Two of the officers were a part of this group to infiltrate the gang and were a success.


3. Pagans

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Pagans

With a confined territory till the Eastern Coast of the US, Pagans gained fame due to their disreputable activities in 1965 when they got into a brawl with the American Mafia. They are found in Maryland and are active in 13 states of the US including New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Kentucky etc. In order to be a part of their gang they state that you have to commit a crime, each gang in all the states has 300-400 members and all have been connected and accused of transporting drugs, involvement in thefts and murders. The members of the club are distinguished with the tattoo marks ARGO (Ar Go Fuck Yourself) and NUNYA (Nun’Ya’Fuckin’Business).


2. Mongols

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Mongols

Their headquarters are based in Southern California and are involved in heavy crimes. An operation was run against this motorcycle gang, Operation Black Rain which took place in 2008. They are known as the Mongol Nation or Mongol Brotherhood and have that printed on the back of their jackets along with a guy sitting on a bike. After the operation against the Mongol Nation went successful the law of the United States banned the show of the logo and sign on their jackets or shirts.


1. Hells Angels

Most Notorious American Bike Gangs - Hells Angels

Being on the top list of the bad reputed and notorious bike gangs tells us how famous they are in the US. Their history and past is embedded on every America citizens mind. The members of the group drive a Harley Davidson motorcycle and have nicknames like “81” and “Red and White”. Their sign is the death’s head and their name is inspired by the American fighting troops during the world wars.

The Hells Angels gained a name all over because of the riots they created and few brawls they were involved in which resulted in murder of innocent people. The Hells Angels have their own website on which they have stated the requirements to become a member of the Hells Angels gang. He should have his own bike at least of 750cc, an original driver’s license and he shouldn’t have ever applied to become a part of the police force.

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