Top 10 Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020

Raise your hands if you are still glued to TV for cartoons, despite the fact that you are way past the age of being called kids? Well mine is raised..!! No drama or film can provide the entertainment like cartoons. It is probably the purest form of entertainment where you feel truly happy. Get squished or flattened by a trolley, bump your head on a tree get shot by a gun, but the worst you can have is black smog over your face. Perhaps the fact that no one dies in cartoons make them so popular not just among children but also among adults. Though the classics have been altered and cartoons have modernized compare to what we use to see in our childhood, cartoons are still cartoons. We cannot help but stop surfing through channels when we land on cartoon network or Disney channel. These days, anime are quite favored but nothing can decrease the amusement and excitement of watching cartoons. So if you know at least five out of this list of Top 10 most popular best cartoons of 2020, you are a kid..!!




10. The Simpsons

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 -

This is certainly one of those series which never gets old. This cartoon is a shining example of how modernization and technology is taking over. Though this series is not exactly for kids (hence the reason it is not aired on cartoon network), it still is one of the most watched animated series. 26th season of The Simpsons just concluded this year.


9. Gravity Falls

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Gravity Falls

Gravity falls is another cartoon series being aired on Disney channel and also on Disney xd. It is a story of twin brother and sister who go to live with their uncle (Grunkle Stan) on a mysterious place called gravity falls. You just cannot have enough of Mabel’s adorable foolishness or Dipper’s miserable tries to make a girl older than his age fall in love with him. The graphics are good. And the contrast compliments the story perfectly. It is quite popular among kids these days. Two seasons of the show have come out till now. The show also has some awards including best Main title theme music award in its bag.


8. Oggy and the Cockroaches

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Oggy and the Cockroaches

The original series of Oggy and the Cockroaches started in 1998 but it has revived itself. It is quite common these days among children. The show is about a cat. It is blue in color. Cat is rather lazy and would really love to spend its day eating and sleeping if it wasn’t for three cockroaches. The show originated in France. Presently due to the controversy related to its content, the show has been cut off for some time. But never the less it is a show that gives giggles and laughter to kids and well nothing is bad that does that..! This hit show also has a movie.


7. Amazing World of Gumball

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Amazing World of Gumball

People do have weird imagination. This is a cartoon whose main characters are a gumball, a goldfish and a cat. The series started in 2020 and is presently running. Critics have defined this series as a clever spin on the daily household problems. This makes a perfect series for both parents and children. Children can get lost in the silliness with cheers and laughter while parents can see the satirical twists on the actual house issues. The series has also won the award for best Television Production.


6. Adventure Time

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Adventure Time

The first thing to note is the weird shapes and sizes of the characters. This captures the true essence of a fantasy cartoon series. The original title of the series was Adventure Time with Finn and Jake but the smaller one is better. A movie is still in the making. It has various merchandize available such as video games.


5. Ultimate Spider Man

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Ultimate Spider Man

Spiderman love just doesn’t fade away. As much as the movies were loved, the cartoons got great response. The series is aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Even though it is loved by kids, the series got a mixed response from the critics. According to the critics the series is not up to the mark and does not cater the true needs of a spider man fan. We agree that it could have been much better, but the series is still popular and entertaining.


4. Avengers

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Avengers

Assemble After the marvel movie, there is no turning back from the Avenger’s era. Avengers assemble is an American cartoon television series. Its third installment will come in 2020. The season three is about return of Ultron to seek revenge from Avengers for his defeat. This season will feature many new villains. The original channel for the series is Disney XD.


3. Teen Titans Go

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Teen Titans Go

‘Teen titans’ has been a well praised series by the kids who love action. This time around in Teen Titans Go, due to the different graphics the show is not just about action. The funny sizes and faces of the characters are indeed an attraction for children. The original voice stars are back. The series met with mixed responses on its release. Unlike the scary episode in the previous installments, this time when Raven’s dad comes to visit it is a whole lot more comical. This is certainly a great appeal for young kids, but teen agers might complain about the lost of severity and serious action. But oh well there are many other series to fill in that void.


2.Ben 10 Omniverse

Most Popular Best Cartoons 2020 - Ben 10 Omniverse

Guess what? Ben 10 fever is here to stay and stay for long. This show provokes both love and hatred for aliens. The plot revolves around a teenage boy who happens to have a very powerful watch. It allows him to convert into numerous aliens. Merchandize such as bags, bottles and watches of this show are available. There is an official toy line for this series too. Video games with the same name are also present. The show has been produced by Cartoon Network. Though the series ended last year but it is still popular and repeated episodes are being watched by children. The next installment is soon to come.


1. Doraemon

Most Popular Best Cartoon 2020 - Doraemon

Until and unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, there is no way that you haven’t heard or watched this cartoon. So much as it absorbs your attention, it happens to get really frustrating because kids just cannot get enough of it.

Owing to this exceptional interest in this cartoon, many parents and adults have been spotted talking about this. The cute robot from the future, Sigh…!! You cannot help but wonder how with such an amazing gift, Nobita ends up making a mess of his everyday life. Well this is one spectacular lesson taught by the show. Unchecked use of power doesn’t bring you happiness.

This Japanese cartoon took the television by storm. The popularity of the show can be seen by numerous merchandises available in the market. Hate it or love it, if you have kids in the house you are stuck with this series. We hope Nobita soon gets his love of life.



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