Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers In 2020

Songs! Music! Beats! Record numbers! Classic hits! Yes Friends, when it comes to relaxation and enjoyment, we resort to MUSIC. Music is food for our soul. Almost every person enjoys music and considers it a favorite pass time. With music comes competitions and ratings. Some compete for best albums, while others compete for popularity. Some focus on money, while others focus on producing masterpieces. This article focuses on the female singers who earned fame and popularity over the years. So let us start talking about the Top 10 most popular female singers in 2020 without wasting any more time. Fasten your seat belts folks, because you are up for a heck of a ride!



10. Cheryl Cole

Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers In 2020

Cheryl Cole- 31 years old- is an English singer who holds the quality of launching various hit singles. Her list of expertise does not end with singing, but she is also a dancer, television personality, song-writer, and a recording artist. Her appearance in reality show and famous singles made her a popular personality. Her famous songs are “Crazy, Stupid Love”, “Call my Name”, “Promise this”, and “Girls Aloud”.


9. Pink

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Pink

35 years old Pink has full name of Alecia Beth Moore. The stage name- Pink- depicts style and iconic figure. Pink gained fame after launching solo-album “Can’t take me Home” as the debut album. The album made her to be recognized as an R&B Artist. She is originally an American singer with a pop-rock style of singing. Pink is also famous for her acting and song writing skills. Her hit songs include “Get the party started”, Don’t Let me Go”, and “Like a Pill”.


8. Miley Cyrus

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Miley Cyrus

With the gossip of recent affair of Miley Cyrus with Patrick Schwarzenegger, the popularity of this 22 years old singer cum actress becomes quite evident. She is among the young and new talents which have made their names within no time. She became famous for her smash club hits “Wrecking Ball” and “We Don’t Stop”. Another factor in her popularity is her continuous controversial personality which invites wide criticism and keeps her in discussion of common masses. Her father- being a singer- might have transferred the genes of beautiful voice!


7. Katy Perry

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Katy Perry

Beauty combined with voice becomes a perfect combination. Katy Perry falls in this category. The original name of Kahtheryn Elizabeth Hudson- when entered music industry- did wonders. Her fame and popularity can be attributed towards different style of singing as opposed to other female singers who usually focus on love, money and sex themes for their popularity. Her songs revolve around educative and social themes. Her hit songs include “Roar”, “Firework”, and “Teenage Dream”.


6. Beyoncé

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Beyoncé

Married to a successful rapper Jay-Z, people question if Beyoncé’s popularity is due to her husband. Not at All! She is famous for her own work. In her early years, she was famous for a girl’s group “Destin’s Child”. Then her fame doubled after her solo hit “Dangerously in Love”. Her popularity can be judged by the fact that she has sold millions of album copies until now and has won 5 Grammy awards. Her top hits are “Crazy in Love”, and “Drunk in Love”.


5. Lady Gaga

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was all over the screen this year in Oscar 2020. Her “Sound of Music” medley takes her one step above of the popularity she already had because of “Bad Romance”. The best thing about Lady Gaga is her stage performance and her outspoken personality. The synchronized dance steps along with her songs make her a top notch singer. It won’t be fair, describing her singing talents in words. She is a perfect singer. Enough said!


4. Adele

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020

One of the most awaited albums of 2020 includes the third studio album of Adele. There are rumors that her album may not be able to be released this year. But let us hope that they are only rumors. Her album would be featuring Harry Styles and Lady Gaga. The chart of her popularity is dependent on this album. Adele has won some notable awards including Grammys. She is also a philanthropist which adds more beauty to her personality.


3. Shakira

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Shakira

Married to Gerard Pique, a popular Spanish football player is known to world as a popular singer and as a popular couple. Last week, she gave birth to a baby boy Sasha Piqué Mebarak, which adds to her popularity. Shakira’s must hear songs this year includes “Dare (La La La)” and “Hips Don’t lie”. Shakira is not only a melodious singer but also very beautiful by looks. She knows how to be famous and how to carry her personality. Her balanced personality is what makes her different.


2. Rihanna

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - Rihanna

Rihanna’s pink gown on Grammys 2020’s red carpet was one of the most discussed issues this year. But the critics went silent when she won the Grammys for best Rap/Sung of the song “The Monster” with Eminem. She is the first black woman to be the spokesperson of the brand “Dior”. Being a black and then being on front page of every fashion site is an achievement of its own kind. Both these events managed to gain her popularity this year. No doubt, her singing skills are on the top reasons of making her famous. Her new album “R8”to be launched in 2020 is going to be a block buster, as always.


1. Jennifer Lopez

Most Popular Female Singers In 2020 - 1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer gained much popularity this year after her association with football world cup. She sang the official song “We are One” in one of the most awaited events along with Pitbull and Claudia. The song was appreciated much throughout the world. Other than this, she launched her studio album “A.K.A” recently.

This also gained much popularity. She is a very talented actress, song writer, fashion designer, producer, dancer and author. She has a vast experience in the field of entertainment and whatever she does is of top notch. Jennifer is attractive, classy and her singing style makes her unique among all others. She surely gives tough competition to other fellow singers.



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