Top 10 Most Popular Festivals Of Canada

If you are a festival goer and a fun lover then Canada is the place best for you and your family to visit and I am sure you are going to love these festivals. No matter if you are young or old, a music lover or a sportsman, whether it’s a hot summer day or mild winter day, these multi-cultured and diverse festivals will attract you from all over the world. All across the breadth and length of the country, there are hundreds of festivals ranging from the well-known Quebec winter festival to the lesser known Manitoba Dauphin’s country-fest. From a large collection of these festivals, Here we have the list of Top 10 Most Popular Festivals Of Canada, these festivals are considered as the best festivals because of their popularity and story that gather a large amount of tourists and festival lovers and these merrymaking festivals are proudly promoting traits and talent to the country people.


10. Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival 2020

The specialty of Canada is their diverse variety of festivals for everyone and for every occasion. For over more than 35 years Canada is celebrating this event in March at Vancouver by showcasing 7 different kinds of wines and many different companies come to attend this jubilee. This festival is loved by many wine lovers and the amount of visitors of this event is increasing every year.


9. St Patrick Day Parade

Most Popular Festivals Of Canada

This event was named after St Patrick, who is one of the Christians’ well-known Saint of Ireland. This event started on 17th match 1824 at Montreal to welcome the spring season. It is considered as one of the longest running parade without interruption and is recognized as the best festival of St Patrick day Parade in North America. In this festival, as the 40 marching bands sway down the Montreal; thousands of culture groups, tens of hundreds of communities and almost 600,000 people come to enjoy.


8. Calgary Exhibition And Stampede

Calgary Exhibition And Stampede 2020

This event is renowned as World top 10 rodeos and the world largest outdoor show in which 2 million people come to visit and many of them get the price money from different competitions arranged by the organizers. You should mark this 10 day event in your calendar and enjoy Calgary and stampede events, animal and agriculture display, two and a half mile long parade, steer wrestling, many concerts and Trans-Alta Grandstand show.


7. World Ski And Snowboard/Skateboard Festivals

World Ski And Snowboard-Skateboard Festivals

Woo-hoo! It is surely entertaining when winter sports, music, games, free concerts, dances, photography showcase and filmmaker meetings combine all in just one festival. This 10 day festival arranges Ski World and skateboard in British Columbia, Whistler and Blackcomb. Many gamers, athletes come from Canada, USA and from different parts of the world to become popular. It is for sure that you have to do pre-booking to be the part of this gala in mid-April.


6. Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto International Film Festival was first held at 1976 by Windsor Arms hotel where 30 different countries participated and over 140 films were shown to the visitors. If you are a film loving person than this is not an event to be missed. This event runs for 10 days in Toronto where 300-400 films are displayed. This event not only attracts visitors, tourists but also many film makers, directors and actors from Canada.


5. Montreal International Jazz Festival/Festival International De Jazz De Montreal

Montreal International Jazz Festival-Festival International De Jazz De Montreal

This festival is the world most renowned festival that includes jazz music from all around the world. Many famous jazz artists like Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald and, Miles Davis have performed at this “Jazz Fest”. This event is held at the start of July every year in Montreal. Over 120,000 people come to enjoy the Jazz performed by almost 2000 famous Jazz musicians. This event started at 1980 in which Alain deGrosbois showed his art of music.


4. Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival 2020

This 15 day event, celebrated at the end of January, describes itself as a multi-venue and multi-disciplinary festival and is known as the world largest winter carnival. Quebec Winter Carnival attracts thousands people of all ages to enjoy different shows and games like skating, sleigh rides, ice sculptures, 2 night parades, snow baths, 1 day parade, 400 feet long ice slide, beer festival, outdoor stage with dances and musical concerts on every weekend. Many different types of traditional foods and drinks are served there. I am sure that if you join this gala you will spend a wonderful and unforgettable time with your friends and family.


3. OPG Winter Festival Of Lights

OPG Winter Festival Of Lights

This event is known as Canada’s best winter, Canada’s 10 most festive cities by Readers digest Canada and the most Extravagant Christmas Lights Display. This event is celebrated at the weekends of November, December and January and sparkles of light hitting the sky magnetize almost 1.5 million people from all over the world. Its enchanting fireworks and illuminations are worth seeing.


2. Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

This event is also known as National Aboriginal day and is celebrated in the remembrance and honor of Canada’s Inuit, Indians and Metis. This day was declared by Governor General Romeo LeBlanc on 21st of June for almost 15 years ago. This event has many interesting things like 120 performers and 50 vendors that show their talent of juggling, Northern Music, face painting, traditional sewing, dancing and significantly throat singing. This event was first held at Yellowknife for only 6 hours and now it lasts for 5 days and attracts 15,000 visitors. The most liked activity by youth in this festival is shaving creams fight and golf tournament.


1. Just For Laughs

Just For Laughs - popular festivals of canada

For theatre and comedy fans, Just for Laughs is the most adorning jubilee over more than 30 years. Started in 1983, this festival consists of two parts.First half of the month is dedicated to the French speaking comedians and the second half is devoted to the English speaking performers.

This jubilee is known as the world largest comedy event including comedy shows, club shows, theatre, performances, air-shows, gigs, pranks, industry marketplace and, last but not the least television specials.It is celebrated in July every year. Many famous comedians (e.g. Jason Stewart and Bill Cosby) participate in this fun event to entertain their spectators.

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