Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials 2020-2015

In a country where there is either shortage of fuel, it’s banned due to unrest in country or petrol pumps are on strike, probably the most convenient and best source of entertainment is television. And when it is said entertainment, certainly the news channels are casted out of it. Pakistan’s television industry is a very proficient, renowned and developed. Pakistani television industry has a glowing past with some of the most exotic yet close to real life drama serials. The work of this industry beautifully depicts the true colors of a Pakistani life with just the right amount of drama to grasp the attention of the viewers. Serials such as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Dhoop Kinare, Tanhayian mark a golden era of this industry. Same as the past Pakistani television has an equally promising present and future with some outstanding serial of recent past such has Humsafar, Dastan and many such. Presently Pakistani television is giving a hardcore competition to its counterpart in neighboring countries. A lot of glamour has been incorporated for the suitable modernization. So here we have the list of Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials 2020-2015 .



10. Bhool ( HUM TV )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials -

Directed by Asad Malik and written by Syed Wasi Shah, this story has a balanced mixture of love, hatred, politics and family drama. It shows how political affiliations and differences go on to affect personal lives.


9. Babul ki Duaen ( ARY )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Babul ki Duaen

Pakistan is a country where family life is given immense importance. The love between siblings and especially sisterly love is one of the defining features of Pakistani families. This soap shows the life of a man with five daughters. The story revolves around the lives of these girls when they depart their father’s paradise and go into different families after marriage.


8. Mere Meharban ( HUM TV )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Mere Meharban

How the difference of economic statuses among families can cause grievances and how rich people look down upon poor families without considering their truthfulness and love is the main story line of this serial. It shows that being poor doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your self-respect. This plot appeals to the middle class thus its popularity.


7. Izteraab ( HUM TV )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Izteraab

Saba Qamar is one of the finest actresses of the country with many hit serials up in her bag (Guess there is something in the name Saba because we have seen Saba Hameed as the top notch in the game too). Second marriages are one of the most common affairs discussed in our serials but to relate a new story and bring stepmother as a positive addition to the family is a certainly a new thing. The serial leaves viewers to decide who the hero is and who the villain is.


6. Mausam (HUM TV)

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Mausam

This romantic drama serial has quite a common plot but still the execution and acting is worth watching. It shows how love can turn into hatred and create problems among extremely close people. Bad times often unveil the true face of people. A complicated love triangle, hatred and jealousy are the part of Mausam’s plot. The title of the serial means weather which shows how time changes.


5. Laa ( HUM TV )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Laa

Written by Sermad Sehbai, this is a romantic and spiritual drama serial. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sadia Khan are in the lead. Both actors are good looking (enough to make a drama work for quite a number of audiences) and have done some splendid work in the past. The drama addresses the social dilemma of men considering women as part of bets and objects to show their success. But later the plot unfolds and brings a good turn.


4. Ahista Ahista ( HUM TV )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Ahista Ahista

Adnan Siddique marks the epitome of acting skills and he is improving with age. And to match the gravity in his acting we have a bubbly and refreshing performance of Sarwat Gillani. The drama has been produced by Momina Duraid who has won innumerable awards in the past. New Pakistani television sweet heart Mawra Hocane is also part of the cast. The serial portrays the common problem in the country i.e. marrying abroad without the consent of the family. The serial maintains the interest by bringing twists and turns in plot.


3. Bulbulay ( ARY )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Bulbulay

Bulbulay is probably nation’s favorite situational comedies of this time. The type of humor used in this serial is one of its kinds. Hina Dilpazeer is certainly the kind of actress for whom we can gladly say ‘Agayan tey chah gyan ae tha kar ke’ (meaning: You came in with a bang’). The sit-com is far from reality but seriously what’s the fun in reality. ‘Momo’ is the character who keeps on forgetting words but we all will remember her forever.


2. Bashar Momin ( GEO TV )

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Bashar Momin

This serial was popular even before it started on Geo TV. The reason of its popularity was the immense publicity done through the channel as well as print media. Bashar Momin is by far the most expensive Pakistani Drama or so as claimed by its producers. The genre of the drama is romance, hatred and thriller combined. Faisal Qureshi, who is a tested and guaranteed formula for success, gives in a power packed performance as the lead. Ushna Shah and Sami Khan are also doing their parts brilliantly. The drama has been produced under the banner of ‘A&B productions’.


1. Pyaray Afzal (HUM TV)

Most Popular Pakistani Drama Serials - Pyaray Afzal

Ingredients: Good looking actors with sharply polished acting skills, some awe-inspiring dialogues and a plot with an exceptional romance. Well if you have these then voila you have an outstandingly popular drama serial on Pakistani television. These are the exact things present in ‘Pyaray Afzal’. As if the dialogue delivery and good looks of Hamza Ali Abbassi weren’t enough, they added the impressive writing of Khalil ur Rehman and legendry actors like Saba Hameed and Firdous Jamal.

Nowadays you might not have to look at the TRP, the Facebook memes will tell you exactly how popular a thing is. Numerous Facebook memes, a marked popularity among housewives and young women and its TRP ratings all imply that ‘Pyaray Afzal’ is one of the finest in these times.




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