Top 10 Most Populated American Cities In 2020

The United States of America is a federal republic that comprises of fifty states and a federal district. It is a developed country and has the largest national economy in the world, with an estimated GDP of $16.7 trillion in 2020. It is great country that allows immigrants to come from all around the globe. America has also great cities that extend the whole country from the East Coast to the West. Some of these cities have great economic activities that surpass the outputs of whole countries and their population figure is also notable. Here we have the list of Top 10 Most Populated American Cities In 2020, this list is based on the latest United States Census Bureau’s estimation. So, check the figures and know about the highly populated cities in United States.


10. San Jose, California – 982,765

Most Populated American Cities -

It is the largest city in Silicon Valley and the third largest city in California. By the 1990s, due to its location within the flourishing local technology industry it earned the nickname “Capital of Silicon Valley”. This city is now considered as a global city and is renowned because of its high cost of living and for its prosperity.


9. Dallas, Texas – 1,241,162

Most Populated American Cities - 9. Dallas, Texas – 1,241,162

Dallas is a very prominent city because of its historical importance as it is a center for the cotton and oil industries and also because of its position along various railroad lines.

It is often referred to as the heart of “Silicon Prairie” due to huge concentration of telecommunication industries in the region. The economy of this country is mainly based on telecommunications, banking, commerce, energy, computer technology, transportation, medical research and healthcare.


8. San Diego, California – 1,338,348

Most Populated American Cities - 8. San Diego, California

San Diego is the second largest city in California and is known as one of the rapid growing cities in the nation. It is deliberated as the birthplace of California and is adjacent to Mexico. This city is renowned for its natural deep water harbor, mild year round climate, comprehensive beaches, long association with United Sates Navy, and recent appearance as a biotechnology and healthcare development center. It is also the home to submarine yards and major shipbuilding in the West Coast.


7. San Antonio, Texas –1,382,951

Most Populated American Cities - 7. San Antonio, Texas

It is the most appealing city in the U.SStateTexas, its famous tourist attractions are the Six Flags, the Alamo, Sea World, River Walk and Morgan’s Wonderland. It is a site of strong military presence and is a home to Lackland Air Force Base, Fort Sam Houston, and Randolph Air Force Base. The economy of this city is focused mainly within health care, military, financial services, government civil service, gas and oil and tourism sectors.


 6. Phoenix, Arizona –1,488,750

Most Populated American Cities -  6. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the capital and the largest city of Arizona and its residents are known as Phoenicians. This city is the home to various telecommunication companies, high technology firms and numerous professional sports franchises. Due to its flawless beauty and climate, it has an excess of recreational activities and outdoor attractions and therefore recreation and tourism play an important role in building the economy of this city.


5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –1,547,607

Most Populated American Cities - 5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania and its economic sectors include oil refining, manufacturing, information technology, health care, biotechnology, tourism, food processing and financial services. The famous nicknames of this city are The City of Brotherly Love and Philly. It is a home to the Philadelphia stock exchange and various other companies and is also renowned for its culture and arts. It has more outdoor scenery and sculptures as compared to other cities of America. Italians, Germans, Irish, English, and Greeks are the largest cultural European groups in the city.


4. Houston, Texas – 2,160,821

Most Populated American Cities - 4. Houston, Texas

It is the largest city in Texas and its economy has wide industrial base in manufacturing, energy, transportation and aeronautics, the mission Control Center of NASA is also located in this city. The population of this city belongs to numerous cultural and religious backgrounds and is a large and flourishing international community. Being home to various cultural exhibits and institutes, it appeals a number of visitors to the Museum District annually. It is a multicultural city and more than ninety languages are spoken here.


3. Chicago, Illinois – 2,714,856

Most Populated American Cities - 3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a populated city of the U.SStateIllinois and is known as an international hub for commerce, finance, industry, telecommunications, technology and transportation. It has the largest number of United States highways, and railroad transportation entering its region, therefore it has quite busiest transport sector and its O’Hare International Airport is renowned as the world’s second busiest airport in terns of traffic movements. The best known nicknames of this city include the “SecondCity” and “WindCity” that reflect the opinions and impressions regarding historical and contemporary Chicago. Some of the tallest towers of United States are located in this city including Willis Tower which is the second tallest building after World Trade Center in the Western Hemisphere.


2. Los Angeles, California – 3,857,799

Most Populated American Cities - Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles also named as the City of Los Angeles is a global city, with strengths in international trade, business, culture, entertainment, media, science, fashion, technology, sports, medicine, education and research. It is a home to notable institutes that cover a wide range of cultural and professional fields. People from more than 140 countries live in this city and speak 224 different identified language, the inhabitants of this city are mentioned as Angelenos. The most important thing about this city is that it includes Hollywood and leads the world in the establishment of numerous television productions, recorded music and video games. A wide range of television and movie studios are located in Los Angeles making it the entertainment capital, due to its popularity it exerts a big deal of cultural impact on the individuals of the world.


1. New York City, New York – 8,336,697

Most Populated American Cities - 1. New York City, New York

The most populated American City is New York , it is termed as the City of New York or New York City in order to discriminate it from the New York State. It has been depicted as the world’s cultural capital and also holds the honor of being the world’s largest city in terms of area. This city is divided into five boroughs, namely Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. It is renowned as an important mean for international diplomacy and is also the home of Headquarters of United Nations. It is a global power city that exhibits a momentous impact upon finance, media, commerce, fashion, art, education, technology and entertainment.

It is the world’s most linguistically diverse city as almost 800 languages are spoken here. The citizens of this city are known for their flexibility as they have faced numerous hurricane disasters and terrorist attacks. Parking is a huge problem in the center of the city but public transport is readily available. This city contains numerous beautiful tourist attractions and various artistic museums and theaters that truly represent the talent and culture of this city.

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