Top 10 Most Populated Cities In 2020

With lower death rate and higher birth rates, the population of the world is continuously increasing. The revolution made by science has no doubt done wonders. But let’s agree with the fact that it holds the responsibility of the readily increasing population. On one hand this increased population may be a source of success and prosperity. But on the other hand, the increasing population is causing destruction, ultimately. Well this would be a very long discussion as huge population has both pros and cons and depends on a lot of factors. Here is a list of top 10 most populated cities in 2020. Through the list you can easily analyze that some of the cities are highly developed. While some are lagging behind and the main reason for this is ‘big population’.



10. Dhaka


Population: 12,043,977

Total area: 1,463.6 km2

Population density: 8,229/km2

The capital of Bangladesh- Dhaka is the largest city by population in Bangladesh as well. It is not only a cultural hub, but also an economic hub of the country. It homes Mughal Empire till Colonial time’s heritage along with mighty cultural buildings. Dhaka also enjoys its importance because it was also the center of Bangladesh Independence movements. The city houses maximum Bangladesh population as cited in the statistics above.


9. Moscow

Most Populated Cities In 2020 -

Country: Russia

Population: 12,197,596

Total area: 2,510.12 km2

Population density: 4,859/km2

Moscow is the capital city of Russia. Moscow clearly represents the Yesterday’s Russia as well as the Today’s Russia. It is also among the top most expensive cities of the world. It is a global business center along with preserving the culture and architecture of Russia. Moscow is also a home to various great writers and poets. The population of Moscow clearly shows that it houses talent and innovation.


8. Mumbai

Country: India

Population: 12,655,220

Total area: 603.4 km2

Population density: 20,680/km2

Mumbai is the capital of Indian state. It is a metropolitan area in India with a high GDP. Mumbai contains seven islands which homes fishing colonies. Most fishermen are inhabitant in Mumbai. Not only is Mumbai the most populous city of India, but it also houses most billionaires and millionaires as compared to other Indian states.


7. Guangzhou

Country: China

Population: 12,700,800

Total area: 3,843.43 km2

Population density: 3,305/km2

Guangzhou is the capital of South China. It is also the largest city when only the population of South China is considered. It has an important trading port of China. It is an essential transportation hub and comes among the five Central National cities. As far as whole China is considered, Guangzhou ranks as the third largest Chinese city. No wonder why China always bags the most populous area!


6. Lagos


Population: 13,400,000

Total area: 999.58 km2

Population density: 13,405/km2

The population of Lagos is increasing exponentially and is the second largest growing city in Africa. Lagos is actually an island. Country’s major financial activities are carried out here. Lagos is popular for its music and different inventions in music like hip hop, Fuji, juju etc. Football is the prominent sport of Lagos


5. Istanbul

Most Populated Cities In 2020 - Istanbul

Country: Turkey

Population: 14,377,019

Total area: 5,461 km2

Population density: 6,467/km2

Istanbul is the most populous city of Turkey- the major reason being the largest area it covers. It constitutes economic, historic, and cultural hubs of the country. Turkey is also ranked among the most beautiful countries of the world and also strives to attract the maximum attention of the tourists from all around the globe.


4. Tianjin

Country: China

Population: 14,722,100

Total area: 4,037 km2

Population density: 2,314/km2

China has dominated the list and here is another city of China which is highly populated. Tianjin is located in the North of China. Tianjin has a main urban area and a new urban area hence termed as a dual core city. Tianjin has some major sea ports and adds a lot to the country’s economy. The ancient architecture of Tianjin is a big tourists’ attraction.


3. Beijing

Country: China

Population: 21,516,000

Total area: 16,410.54 km2

Population density: 1,311/km2

Beijing is the capital of China. Hence it is the educational, cultural, political and financial center of the country. The Beijing Airport is the second busiest airport of the world containing a large number of passenger traffic. The famous Great Wall of China is also located in Beijing. Beijing is rich in heritage and culture. It is also sometimes called as Peking. Beijing is also a must visited city of the country.


2. Karachi

Most Populated Cities In 2020 - Karachi

Country: Pakistan

Population: 23,500,000

Total area: 3,527 km2

Population density: 6,663/km2

Karachi is the metropolitan city of Pakistan. It is also known as City of Lights. Karachi is a lively city with a lot of industries and educational institutes. Karachi holds a due importance in European countries and Gulf States due to the Karachi port and Bin Qasim port. Karachi is a big spacious city accommodating the vast population. Karachi’s other names include ‘Bride of Cities’ and ‘City of Quaid’ as the founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam’s tomb lie in Karachi.


1. Shanghai


Country: China

Population: 24,150,000

Total area: 6,340.5 km2

Population density: 3,809/km2

Shanghai is the most populated city of the world. The population is used very constructively. Shanghai is the financial center of China. It is also the transport hub of the world and contains some of the busiest ports. Shanghai plays a very important role in the success and prosperity of China. Other than all the trade, Shanghai generates a vivid economy through the tourists’ attractions. City God Temple, The Bund, China Art Museum, Shanghai Museum and Yu Garden are some of the must visit places.



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