Top 10 Most Terrifying Robots Ever Built

Growing up, the technology most of us witnessed was big boxy computers and 8-bit graphics. None of us had a clue that we would one day witness technology in some of the most charming and intelligent way. Today we see technology injected in our daily lives in the forms of smartphones and gadgets like Tablet PCs, Smartest Cameras and watch phones. And the best and most interesting of all the technological development are the robots. Engineers and technicians around the world have been developing various robotics, each having a specific set of specialties and features. Mentioned below is a list of top 10 most terrifying robots ever built.


10. Bina48


Bina48 was created by Martine Rothblatt in 2010. He modeled Bina48 after her wife and the robot had facial similarities to his wife. It took him over hundreds of hours to compile and assemble her beliefs, feelings and memories and create a robot that could mimic his wife by expressing 64 various facial expressions. Bina48 has the ability to have conversations similar to a normal person discussing technology, religion or even politics. Bina48 has a face, neck and shoulder designed like a human being.




9. RoboFly Catcher

RoboFly Catcher

James Auger, from UK, created a special robot to eliminate pests. That sounds pretty much convenient. But the scary part is, this robot gets its fuel from the pests it catches. It is named RoboFly Catcher as it has been very effective against flies. But its fueling system is an issue as it may also catch a human body part and feed on its remains. The RoboFly Catcher can go on by just consuming any living creature coming in its way.


8. La Machine Spider Robots

La Machine Spider Robots

Spider robots were built in 2008 by La Machine, a French art collective. The original idea behind building these robots was to enhance the cultural scene of Liverpool but these robots started to scare people and cause unsettling amongst them. What made them so disturbing? Well, these spider robots weighed 37 tons and were 40 feet tall, nothing less than a giant. They were constructed using steel and wood and their systematics had the ability to move their legs, eyes and abdomens. These spider robots also had the ability to release water, wind, flames and smoke which scared the hell out of the people around them. Moreover, the cost of transporting these robots to England was a high 1.8m Pounds, which caused panic among the taxpayers.


7. NAO


What can be one of the most terrifying things about robots? What if they replace humans? NAO is such a tremendously designed robot that voice recognition system to respond according to the voice commands, run applications and also dance on famous hit songs. It is a 3-foot tall robot costing $8,000 and may soon be replacing human teachers in schools.


6. Animatronic


Jordan Wolfson, from New York created Animatronic. It has no specific title as such and is called as Animatronic. Animatronic is capable of dancing, lip-syncing and even speaking. The terrifying feature of Animatronic is weird dance moves and a scary face with which the robot gazes upon the visitors and makes them feel awkward. The basic purpose of why Animatronics was built was to make a point that grinding dance moves are sexy. Yet Animatronic makes is pretty creepy.




Created by the Japanese, ASIMO is another masterpiece of the robotic industry. What makes it terrifying is its feature of perfectly mimicking a human. It is the first robot to achieve the skill of running properly. Moreover, it is capable of mimicking humans quite impressively such as moving objects, walking up and down stairs or any other body languages. Its features also include minor speaking, identifying gestures, focusing on the origin of noises and navigation. ASIMO clearly demonstrates that it won’t take long for robots to take over us.


4. CB2


CB2 is a creation of Ishiguro, a Japanese Professor. This is one terrifying and unsettling robot which is 4-feet tall and is capable of acting like a 2-year old toddler. It even has a child’s voice which it uses to ask for attention and love. The scariest feature of the robot CB2 is that it will follow you across a room if you do not respond to it. Nobody would like to have a plastic coated, robot with bug eyes to move around them and freak them out with its childish voice.


3. Robokiyu


Robokiyu is one of the scariest and most terrifying robots ever built. The reason lies in the aim of building anything like it. It was originally designed to come in handy in case of natural disasters for removing heavy debris. But its creators introduced it into a different and terrifying use. Robokiyu’s main function is now to remove and dispose of the dead bodies lying around with no claims. It drags the bodies of the dead people off the roads or streets and consumes them. The scariest factor here is that it has no ability to confirm whether a person lying on the street is actually dead or is just unconscious. It might eat up a fainted person too.


2. T52 Enryu

T52 Enryu

Another Japanese creation to meet the needs of situations of natural disasters such as tsunami or earthquakes is the T52 Enryu. The basic goal of this giant robot is to assist rescue workers and security forces in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, road accidents or fire incidents. It is operated via a remote and the troublesome part is that if the operator makes an error or the controller fails to work properly, it may cause a lot of destruction instead.


1. Titanoboa


Although Japanese have made lots of terrifying and weird robots, yet the most terrifying to be ever built is the Titanoboa. A group of artists from Vancouver built the Titanoboa robot to create awareness about the history of the Boa snake. This Boa robot is a 50-feet long giant that looks and functions exactly like a boa snake. It comprises of automated jaws and eyes, micro- controllers and 5 various motion ranges.



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