Top 10 Most Traffic Congested Cities In The World 2020

With the passage of time the world is expanding in terms of population and with the increase in population the transport system is also expanding. In past it was the melody of music that ruled the universe but now it is the blasting sounds of vehicles that are heard everywhere. The expanded roads, underpasses, over bridges all become helpless in front of tremendous traffic in numerous cities of the world. Traffic jam is becoming common in daily routine, individuals sit idle in the car as they get stuck in the traffic and wait for its clearance. Time is money, it is extremely precious but the pathetic traffic jams make people unable to reach at their desired places in time. Traffic congestion is a serious issue as people get frustrated and irritated and their every work goes late. Here we have the list of top 10 most traffic congested cities in the world 2020, where people face numerous problems and it is really frustrating to ride a car on the roads of such cities.


10. San Francisco, USA

It is a prominent financial hub and cultural center of the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. San Francisco is the most densely established huge city in the California State and the second most densely populated city in the US. The increased population resulted in 25% increase in traffic jam as compared to previous year. San Francisco-Oakland area is the most congested area of San Francisco where travelers usually face wastage of average 49 hours in a year due to traffic congestion.


9. Manchester, UK

Most Traffic Congested Cities In The World -

Manchester is the sixth largest city in the United Kingdom and is noted as the second most populous urban area of United Kingdom. This city is renowned for its culture, media links, architecture, scientific and engineering output, transport connections and sports club therefore it attracts a numbers of visitors from all over the world making it the third most visited city of UK after London and Edinburgh. Its roads are so crowded making Manchester a worst place to drive in Britain as commuters easily stuck in traffic and spend hours in motionless traffic.


8. Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is the largest city of the Netherlands and is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world. It is also usually described as the “Gateway to Europe” due to its strategic location. Its Overschie district which borders the city ring road is entitled as one of the most congested area that carries more than 150,000 vehicles every day. This city is known as the busy shipping center and its highway traffic is among the worst traffics on the earth.


7. Honolulu, US

Honolulu is a famous tourist destination, it is the state capital and the most populous city of the state Hawaii of United States. It is a major center for international business, military defenses, Pacific culture, traditions and cuisine but it troubles its travelers by heavy traffic congestion. The commuters have to waste an average of 50 hours in a year during top travel times. Here people prefer to use public transport rather than private cars.


6. Paris, France

Paris is a beautiful city that is also referred as the “international capital of style”. This beautiful city is the most crowded city and capital of France which is renowned for its beauty and iconic tourist destinations. It is the city of light and love where the individuals can enjoy a lot. It is one of the major cities of the world but its traffic jam is really pathetic where the commuters waste almost 70 hours in a year. People avoid going into areas where traffic congestion is common during rush hours. The scenery of Paris is outstanding but its traffic is truly frustrating, the Government is trying its best to resolve traffic issues and therefore has obstructed vehicles in some areas for the ease of pedestrians and cyclist.


5. London, UK

London, UK - traffic congested city

London, the capital city of England and UK is notorious for its traffic congestion. It is the most populous region, metropolitan area and urban zone in the United Kingdom. London is a prominent global city with powers in commerce, arts, education, fashion, finance, media, transport and tourism and these all contribute to its prominence. It is a renowned business center that brings disaster to the lives of residents because of the heaving traffic congestion caused by business vehicles and shipments. There is not only the wastage of time of the drivers but also the money due to tremendous fuel consumption. The M25 motorway is the country’s busiest stretch and the average speed of the vehicle in the rush hour is 17.1 km/h. The Government of London implemented Congestion Zone tax to improve traffic and reduce transport in London.


4. Milan, Italy

Milan is a leading global city and the main commercial, industrial and financial center of Italy. It is a major world fashion and design capital and is also titled as the most populated city of the continent where even walking on the roads is extremely difficult due to large number of parked cars all over. The Milan road system is defined by a high rate of traffic congestion, due to large number of drivers in the metropolitan area and high level of cars per capita. The traffic jams in this city are also responsible for high pollution and therefore the Government introduced Ecopass which is a traffic pollution charge for transport that enter the city, however this charge was replaced by congestion charge Area C in 2012.


3. Los Angeles, US

Los Angeles is the most populous city of the state California and the second most  populous city in the United States . It is the main destination for Hollywood but it is the worst place in the United States in terms of traffic congestion, the increasing economy is the main reason behind its traffic congestion. The commuters of this city have experienced 72 hours of traffic delay in previous years and therefore have spend extra time and money as compared to other cities. The Long beach- Santa Ana area of this city is recognized as the most congested area. In order to cover a distance of thirty minutes, the drivers commonly need three hours that is really annoying. However appropriate measures are taking to solve the present issues.


2. Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is the second most populated city in Belgium with a population of 512,000 and is very notorious in terms of traffic congestion. The commuters wasted 77 hours last year in traffic congestion in this city. The huge population of this city makes the people difficult to move and the extreme traffic congestion results in wastage of precious time and money. Even it is very dangerous for pedestrians to cross streets now days. The Government is very confident in solving the issue of traffic as new roads are going to be constructed and public transports like buses and railways have been introduced in a larger scale.


1. Brussels, Belgium

Most Traffic Congested Citiy In The World - Brussels - Belgium

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium that is renowned for its highest density of motor vehicles. According to US traffic information platform INRIX, Brussels has the most congested traffic in North America and Europe. Commuters on average spend 85 hours a years by getting stuck in traffic. This most traffic congested city in the world makes the travelers to wait a lot and the rare usage of public transport makes the condition worse day by day.

One of the major causes of traffic congestion is as the main universities and industries are located in this city and it is also noted that the traffic signals are poor and weak causing large number of accidents. Efforts are going to made to move big companies in order to resolve some traffic issues. But it seems quite disgraceful that being an advanced and contemporary city like Brussels, the Government is acting in a tortoise pace to recover the condition.

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