Top 10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor 2020

With Christmas just days to go, everyone is almost done with the gifts for their loved ones, families and children, but wrapping it up neatly and exquisitely is as important as the gift itself. If you are sending it to someone out of city or even if you are going to give it to someone yourself, it has to be something unique and creative, so the person receiving it gets the impression that he or she is indeed special. No one likes to have a clumsy wrapped gift. So here are the Top 10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor 2020


10. Ribbons

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor -

While wrapping a gift, ribbon always comes in the mind. But it is up to you how to make it look different and unique. You can always tie a ribbon into a bigger flower all over the box, or add some   Christmas ornaments in between. Ribbons are available in many different materials now like organza, velvet and shiny material or you can always spray paint it of your favorite color if the wrapping needs some shiny stuff.


9. Dry Arrangements

Top 10 Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor

If you have ended up buying a plain wrapping sheet, because you liked its print, perfect for a close relative or your mom then you can use some decor of your own to make it look special. Pay a little visit to your garden and pluck some colorful fresh color flowers of your choice. Dry them or you can use them as it is. Tie them into a ribbon and attach it to one side of your present.


8. Newspaper Wrapping

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor - Newspaper Wrapping

If you have a lot of gifts to pack, and all are for your family members, grab some old newspapers and wrap your gifts finishing them with sparkly ribbons. You can attach the letters of the names of your family members in red bold letters, so that they can know about their gifts.


7. Christmas Decorations

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor - Christmas Decorations

We all are left with some Christmas decorations which either goes in the attic or just hangs around somewhere, where it is not required. You can utilize it to make your wrapping more unique and impeccable. If you are wrapping it in a box you can always attach it tone side of the box or place it in the middle of the bow. It will look like a beautiful Christmas present, and your loved one can use it for his tree decoration after opening his gift


6. Cartoon Character

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor - Cartoon Character

Wrapping a gift for a child gets confusing as a child really looks up to the wrapping sheet. A kid will actually acknowledge the perfect wrapped up gift he gets. If you are wrapping a gift for a kid then you ought to know about his cartoon obsessions. Instead of getting a gift wrap you can take a plain shiny wrapping piece, and get his favorite animated stickers and paste it all around, thus making a poster of his favorite. You can even paste the quotes of his cartoon character.


5. Baking Obsession

Christmas cake decorating ideas from Baking (left) and  Il Goloso Mondo di Minu (right)

You have been planning a gift for your best friend who has had a recently baking obsession. You have the perfect gift, all you need is a flawless packing. You can wrap it up in any of your favorite wrapping sheet and put a velvet ribbon on it, on top of the velvet ribbon using dough, if you are handy with it, make small cupcakes or tiny bakery items which she makes all day. If you can’t make dough cupcakes, there are always available in the market in different shapes.


4. Conifers

Your grandma has always been creative and loving in giving you gifts especially with the wrapping part, so this Christmas surprise her with some of your own creations. If your grandma is a nature lover, you can get some conifers; highlight them with some silver spray and tie them on the top. Or if conifers are not enough make a bouquet of conifers along with some twigs and leaves and tie them on the top with a ribbon. Your grandma can always put that bouquet in her vase as a memory of you.


3. Scarf

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor -  ConifersScarf

You are giving something special to your daughter or a friend, and you have bought a silk scarf for her as well, the one she has always wanted.  Wrapping up a scarf can be tough and packing it in a box can be quite monotonous. Instead of wrapping it separately, wrap it over as a bow, over your gift. The colorful scarf will give a very chic look as a wrapping sheet, and it will be a surprise for her, in one box. You can attach a card on it as well expressing your feelings.


2. Confetti

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor -  Confetti

It is always important to pack and prepare your gifts beforehand, so when the snow happens to fall you have your gifts all ready to deliver. But if you are left with no option to make your gift look exceptional, you can burst confetti on top of your wrapping sheet, and don’t forget to apply some UHU before. The gift will look marvelous and shiny, with everything in it. You can use the confetti material on all four sides of the box as well to give it an incredible look.


1. Pictures

Most Unique Christmas Gifts Decor -  Pictures

You are tired of looking at the same gift wrappers again and again with the same abstract prints. Try to be creative this Christmas and do some of the artistic work yourself. If you are giving a present to a sister or a close friend, you can always make an assortment of pictures, get it printed and use it as a wrapping sheet. She will spend some time just looking at the wrapping sheet. It will be really thoughtful plus a reminder of how you wanted to say thank you for all the special moments spent together. Another possibility is to use the pictures of the person you are giving the gift to, instead of a card to point out.

You can put the gifts of your family on the table and let them choose their own gift according to their pictures. It would be a delightful surprise.

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