Top 10 Natural Ways To Cure Headache

Health is wealth, is a very renowned saying but some sufferings and pains are extremely pathetic than others and one such condition is known as headache. It is very difficult to deal with throbbing and pulsating head as these annoying pains disturb your all routine and don’t allow you to concentrate on any anything. The sufferers of headaches and migraine feel that their heads are pressed by iron roads and the excruciating pains make them helpless. There are various sorts of headaches with different intensity and strength, some are long acting some are short but they need to be resolved. There are different medicines available for relieving headache but when there are natural means, then why to depend on medication. Here is the list of top 10 natural ways to cure headache, read the list and use these tips for relieving headache and I am damn sure that they are very effective.


10. Sleep

Sleep is one of the greatest blessings of God whose importance can not be denied by any one and it is one of the easiest ways to resolve headache, as in this condition you are in a keep and calm mood not doing any work. Individual’s mind gets irritated and frustrated due to lack of sleep and rest and sleep deprivation also leads to headache named as tension headache or some other sort of headache. A quiet little nap in your comfortable bedroom is best for tension or stress induced headaches. This idea sounds so much simple and if you pay special attention to your sleeping habits then the chances and intensity of migraine headaches can be easily reduced as good sleep habits can less the severity and also the number of headaches. To lie down and try to sleep with your throbbing head consistently is very hard, but keep in mind the simplest way to resolve it is sleep. So lie down and try to relax yourself by remembering some good moments of your life. Give it a chance and you will definitely find it very effective and you would not even remember about your headache when you will wake up.


9. Hot Shower

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  - Hot Shower

Suffering from headache is very pathetic condition but taking hot shower is one of the natural ways to cure headache. Different people suggest of taking a hot shower to resolve headache and its extremely effective tip as all sorts of headaches can be assuaged by taking a hot shower or bath. On returning home, after a hectic routine when individuals are tired and even don’t have power to take off their shoes due to pathetic headache then they should stand in the shower and allow the hot water to hit their head and flow down on their neck and back for various minutes. This activity will relax the muscles of head and neck and will also allow better flow of blood. The warm temperature of the water will soothe your senses by taking away all the pain. After this bath you will feel fresh, reinvigorate, and free from the troublesome headache.


8. Hot Cup of Tea     

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  - Hot Cup of Tea

A cup of hot tea is an amazing and delicious remedy of an annoying headache. By adding some special ingredients like lavender and ginger to the tea can enhance its effectiveness multifariously, but having tea alone is also very worthy in relieving the agonizing headache to a greater extent. So, at the time of headache put your kettle on and deal with your headache with a nice cup of hot tea. Researches have shown that the caffeine in coffee and tea can alleviate aches and pains as expeditiously as painkillers. Caffeine in tea reduces the swelling of blood vessels and therefore helps in relieving pain of headache, it is also used as an ingredient in some high potency painkillers. According to some individuals coffee also work as well but be aware of the amount of caffeine you are taking as it might aggravate the pain and can create more panic for you.


7. Stretches

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  -  Stretches

Stretches is a sort of physical exercise in which specific tendon or muscle is intentionally stretched or flexed in order to improve the elasticity and to attain the comfortable muscle tone. Yoga enthusiasts and fitness freaks are completely aware of stretches, it is also used for therapeutic purposes to relieve cramps. Headaches are sometimes caused due to muscle stiffness and numerous exercises are effective in it. The pain from headache can range from annoying to agonizing and stretching is a great way to get rid of it. There are different types of stretches, starting from neck rotations to whole body stretches and all are very beneficial. All of the stretches can be performed in either standing or sitting position and also do not consume tremendous time. Once you would start doing stretches then it will not only resolve your headache but also will prevent you to get headache but you should make sure that you are doing stretches in right posture, so consult an instructor or book for complete procedure.


6. Drink Plenty of Water

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  -  Drink Plenty of Water

No one in this world can live without water, it is one of the greatest blessings and is effective remedy in treating headache. This tip is simpler even than sleeping. Often, headaches are caused due to dehydration, so if you find it is responsible for your headache then drink plenty of water and it costs nothing. After drinking some amount of water, you will yourself feel some difference in your state of mind., the pulsating head will be muffled and will make you able to concentrate on different things. If you take a nap after drinking plenty of water then it would show the best results. So, if you have headache then you should drink water and even if you are not hydrated, then you should drink sufficient water as water is very essential in excreting something that is stressing for the body. You should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily, as staying hydrated can help in preventing headache and just drinking a glass of water will help you on leaving the painkillers and relieving the headache.


5. Food Remedies

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  - Food Remedies

Proper and healthy food is very important for a healthy life, the lack of food not only leads to nutritional deficiencies but also cause disturbing headaches. So, if you want to keep away yourself from throbbing head and agonizing headache then you should have a nutritious diet. There are certain sorts of food that are helpful in alleviating headache like baked potatoes that are very important in relieving burning headaches, specifically caused by hangovers and are a rich source of potassium. What you eat can affect your mind by inducing or reducing headaches. Watermelons are rich in water and therefore are very effective in resolving headache. Almonds are a store house of magnesium and relieve headache by relaxing our blood vessels. Sesame, some spices like cayenne pepper, and plain, fat-free yoghurt are also very helpful in curing headache. According to experts a diet that is rich in both calcium and magnesium aids in maximum headache relief.


4. Cold Compress

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  - Cold Compress

It is an effective and one of the old age formulas to cure headache and it also works during flu and fever. Different products are used for cold compress like ice pack, cold pack, cooling pads, cold compression wraps, frozen gel packs inserted into headbands and fluids like ethyl chloride that are cooled by evaporation. You can also make it at home by taking a wet towel or cloth and keep it within a plastic bag and put this plastic bag in the freezer until it is ice cold, then apply it on the your forehead by gently pressing on the points where you feel the pain. This cold therapy works by anesthetizing the painful tissues, decreasing inflammation and minimizing muscle spasms, it is also very effective in easing muscle tension.


3. A Soothing Massage

Head massage

Another natural way to cure headache is a soothing massage, and for this you do not need to go to the spa and spend thousands of rupees. A simple massage with fine fingers at the temples and forehead will do the same effects and you can definitely do it at home. A scalp massage with hot almond oil or coconut oil is a perfect relaxing therapy for headache. With the help of massage therapy you can ease tension and headache yourself, for this place your thumbs on the cheekbones near to your eyes, and with the help of fingertips apply pressure and rub the temples. You should apply a firm pressure and a tiny circular motion and then gradually move your fingers upwards until they meet in the center of your forehead. Apply massage also below your eyebrows and you will feel very comfortable, so it is your two hands and ten fingers that can do such for you.


2. Aromatherapy

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  -  Aromatherapy

It is technique in which volatile plant materials, known as essential oils and various other aromatic compounds are used to alter a person’s mood, mind, cognitive health or function and it is one of the best ways to cope with throbbing head. Essential oils of helichrysum, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender are very effective in relieving minor headaches and seem to be very useful in agonizing migraine attacks. It was one of the most famous methods to treat pain and spasm, until the 1940’s but after that the invention of various new means and medicines and their wide use by smart marketing and advertisements edged out this natural remedy.

The effectiveness of this natural remedy is not lost, a mixture of ginger and lavender essential oils is capable of curing the critical migraines because of their sedative and anti inflammatory properties. A herbal balm on your nose, temples and forehead has also miraculous effects. Massaging drops of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil around the temples provide relief from less acute headaches within minutes. So, relief your headache even if this is because of cold by this natural remedy.


1. Meditation

Natural Ways To Cure Headache  - Meditation

Meditation is a sort of practice in which people train their mind or generate a mode of consciousness, either to recognize some credit or as an end in itself. It is believed by many individuals that meditation is a perfect way to cure any kind of pain and illness, whether emotional or physical. According to them a sick or dull man can revolutionize himself into a complete healthy being, just by fixating all his energies that he is healthy or he will recover his health. It seems to be superstitious but our thoughts, determination, concentration, energy and perseverance are the things that we underestimate but we don’t know that these all things are our power.

When we mediate, we intent to focus our whole energy on a single point, and it is then our belief come true. According to studies, it is evident that regular meditation improves the activity of brain and creates optimistic emotions and positive energy. In case of headache the soothing and relaxing effect caused by mediation also relieves the headache and will ensure there is no more pain. So, if you want to stay healthy and happy and want to say bye to stress and headache then adapt meditation in your life and say bye to agonizing headache.

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