Top 10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Creases or wrinkles you can say ofcourse look cute on elephants, dogs and your chubbiest baby’s legs and arms but except them it does not look nice on anything. The suddenly appearing wrinkles on your face are even worse than a nightmare. Today wrinkles are not the problem of old age only, you may find number of men and women facing this problem at the very early age. There are number of careless reasons due which people lose their beauty due to wrinkles. It’s not only apparent on face but on your hands, feet and neck as well. Your skin loses its natural moisture and elasticity because of which you look dull and old. Old age, stress, use of steroids, smoking, restlessness, sun exposure, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle may be few of many reasons of wrinkles. Here we are helping you with some of the most effective and Top 10 natural ways to get rid of wrinkles so you may have more glowing and younger looking skin.


10. Sufficient Sleep

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Sleeping sufficient and sleeping right is the solution to many of the problems especially the skin issues. When you sleep your body produces the growth hormones that develops new cells and tissues and repair the damaged ones. When you don’t sleep well your body produces the stress hormone known as cortisol that’s a big reason of developing wrinkles and reducing your growth as well. So if you want to get rid of previous wrinkles and avoid the upcoming ones don’t neglect this important need of your body.


9. Avoid Smoking

how to remove wrinkles - Avoid Smoking

As sufficient sleeping is the solution to many problems, quitting smoking also lead you towards better living and healthier lifestyle. We know that how hazardous smoking is for us. Along with other health problems wrinkles are also the cause of smoking. Smoking releases such enzymes that breakdown the collagen of your skin and lessen the elastin that’s an important component of the healthy and glowing skin. So if you want the healthy wrinkle free skin than you have to quit this habit. I know it’s hard to do but is not so hard when you are really conscious about your younger looks.


8. Massaging And Facial Exercise

how to remove wrinkles - Massaging And Facial Exercise

Massaging and other facial exercises are the effective ways to reduce your wrinkles fast especially when you are above 30. Quick and fast massaging with your own hands can let you have the stiff and firmer skin. Use your middle and index finger and rub them together in circular motion on your face. Focus on the lymph node areas. There are number of facial exercise videos available on internet that can help you get rid of the facial wrinkles and turkey neck. The basic skin care along with the massaging and exercise is very important.


7. Sleep On Your Back

how to remove wrinkles - Sleep On Your Back

You would be surprised to hear that even sleeping in the wrong position can cause wrinkles on your face especially on cheeks and chin. While sleeping your body is developing wrinkles, they are appearing on your face destroying your beauty. Isn’t it just like a night mare? But this is what your body is facing in reality while you are sleeping on your side. If you sleep with a face down you may have the furrowed brow. So don’t adopt such postures that may be dangerous for your skin wasting all the benefit you are getting through the sufficient sleeping habit in order to avoid wrinkles.


6. Use Non Toxic Moisturizers

how to remove wrinkles - Use Non Toxic Moisturizers

The women bathroom is always full of the expensive moisturizers bottles. There are so many skin care products available today that it’s hard to count them even. But believe me the most expensive one would never have been better than the natural products I am advising you here. The artificial products can never make such a change that natural products brings in you. Coconut oil is undoubtedly the world’s best natural moisturizer. It’s not only the moisturizer but an amazing spot free and wrinkle free remedy. It has vitamin C and E that is the basic need for wrinkle free skin. Argan oil another best wrinkle free remedy. It has almost same features as coconut oil but its little drier. So if you have slightly dark complexion and oily skin this one is the best for you.


5. Apply Vitamin C On Your Face

how to remove wrinkles - Apply Vitamin C On Your Face

Applying vitamin C on your face regularly is the best way to get rid of the wrinkles. Vitamin C is as effective as retinol and retinoid. It will help you to have the wrinkle free skin within 3 months. Vitamin C helps producing the collagen that smooth’s out the skin. You can increase the intake of food and juices full of Vitamin C such as lemon juice, orange juice, papaya, strawberries, cabbage and salad full of tomatoes. You may rub the juices directly to your skin. Rose water, Sea Buckthorn Seed oil and Pine Apple flesh are also excellent remedies. This is an old fashioned way but involving your skin in Vitamins would be really helping.


4. Avoid Sun

how to remove wrinkles - Avoid Sun

Sun is the most common reason of wrinkles in both men and women. This fact has been proved by the decades of studies and scientific experiments that sun rays destroy the collagen. The best thing you can do it not to go out when sun is shining at its best well that’s not possible all the time. Now a day many sunscreens are available in the market to protect your skin from the dangerous UV radiations. You must apply them on your face and neck when going out in sun. It is advised that you must buy a good SPF 15 sunscreen because the artificial and bad quality may increase the wrinkle problem. Use hats and umbrellas while going out. To avoid eye wrinkles wear sunglasses. So protect yourself from the sun and prevent wrinkles.


3. Homemade Masks

how to remove wrinkles  -  Homemade Masks

Here are some of the most effective and affordable homemade masks to make your skin wrinkle free.

Orange juice mask: take one table spoon yogurt, one table spoon honey and half table spoon orange juice mix it thoroughly and apply the mixture on your face and neck. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

Lemon juice mask: take a table spoon of sugar and mix it with two table spoons of lemon juice. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

Papaya mask: take two parts mashed papaya and add one part cooked meal oats in it. Mix it thoroughly and apply it on your face and neck for 20 minutes then wash it off.

Beside this tomato, cabbage, bananas, honey and strawberries also make good facial masks.


2. Stay Highly Hydrated

Top 10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Whenever you will have any skin issue and will go for the doctor or dermatologist advice he will surely suggest you some medicine but better from all the medicines is increasing the intake of water. If you have a habit of drinking almost three liters of water a day I bet you will never have had any skin problem whether its acne, pimples, dark circles or wrinkles. If you find it hard to drink this much quantity of water you can have coconut water, lemonade and green tea instead. Water not only moisturize you dry and dull skin but also in an excellent natural DEtoxicant. So when your body will get rid of all the toxins you wrinkles will start disappearing.


1. High Gelatin Intake

Here I am advising the best and my favorite wrinkle fighting trick ever, surely it would be one of yours after reading this article. The main reason of wrinkles on your face, neck and hands is when your body lack collagen or it is being destroyed due to some reasons may be one of those mentioned above. Gelatin is one of the fastest ways to produce collagen.

Gelatin can be found in the cooked red meat especially in pigs and cows. So is it a tasty and magic fix of wrinkles.Now a day gelatin supplements are easily available in the market but as we are discussing here the natural ways to remove wrinkles so I thought not to give it much importance. But you can use them as well.Add them to your morning juice or take them in the tablet form. Fruits, homemade broth and chocolate gelatin bars are the easiest ways to get the wrinkle free and fresh skin.

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