Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2020

When it comes for us to name a country to be either poor or rich, we usually see how much strong or weak it is from financial and economical point of view and what its per capita income is. Definitely there are a lot of countries in the world whose per capita income is even $1 per month, believe it or not but the number of such countries is more than 200. Unfortunately the scientific and technological advancements could not help such nations to much extent for making themselves better.These nations are said to be poor due to various reasons such as interior country conflicts, external wars, low level globalization involvement and bottom-lined economical situations. So here are the Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2020 which really need external help to get better life qualities.


10. Togolese Republic

 Togolese Republic - poorest countries in the world 2020

It is a truly backward country, situated in the west of Africa. Here the people’s occupation is agriculture or farming. The per capita income of Togolese is about $800 which is too low for the people to live and survive well.


9. Congo Africa

Congo Africa is situated in the central Africa, yet another poorest country out there. The concept of being rich has never been originated in this land since the day it came into being. The estimated per capita income of Congo is $760 and the people usually depend upon external helps for survival.


8. Zimbabwe

Despite of the fact that Zimbabwe has had been a prominent country in different national and international games especially cricket, it still looks for better life standards. More than 70 percent people of Zimbabwe live in small and miserable villages. They have no education and no jobs. Per capita amount of Zimbabwe is approximately $700.


7. Malawi

Malawi is a small country with respect to its area. It is situated close to Africa and need better healthcare and education facilities. The people of Malawi usually die of poor health systems and bad hygienic environment. It is strongly needed that they are provided with the solutions of their economical and financial problems on an immediate basis. The estimated per capita of Malawi is $650.


6. Niger

Niger - poorest countries in the world 2020 list

Although Niger is not a too poor nation but it’s per capita is still not that satisfactory as it should be. Here about 60 percent people live in villages and 40 percent in cities. Most of the population of Niger is into agriculture and business in the cities, while those who live in villages have poor medical and educational facilities. The approximate per capita of Niger is $600.


5. Afghanistan:

Since the day Afghanistan came under American’s war threat, it became a poor nation. Almost all the people living in Afghanistan are jobless, except a few who are doing jobs at some America based company offices. Afghanistan is very behind in the race of progress and prosperity with per capita amount of about $550.


4. Madagascar

Madagascar - top 10 poorest countries 2020

Just like Afghanistan, Madagascar has always been under threat of Russian attacks and wars. This is might be the reason for its lack of opportunities and better lifestyle. The people here are usually jobless and seek external NGOs’ helps for their livelihood. Its per capita is estimated to be $500. The USA Army Troops, however, try to help improve the lifestyle of the people of this country.


3. Sierra Leone

The government of Sierra Leone is well facilitated and rich but there are no opportunities or financial support for the public. Unfortunately, the education system of Sierra Leone is really very poor and it is said to be the major cause of putting this nation behind the race of development. Its per capita is approximately $400.


2. Eritrea

Eritrea is a nation with numerous natural resources and blessings. Various precious resources like oil, coal, gas, uranium, gold and silver are available under the earth of this country. What a surprising fact that still it is a poor nation. The reason for it is said to be the poor government management and the habit of people of lying lazy and depending upon external helps for survival. I must say that if these people start working by their own and dig-up those natural resources, then Eritrea can become an economically and financially strong nation. Unfortunately it does not seem to be happen in the near future and this country’s per capita is really very down with about $200.


1. Burundi

the world's most poorest country in 2020 - Burundi

This is a nation at the top of the list for being the poorest country in 2020 . It is situated in the eastern Africa. The estimated per capita of Burundi is about $150 which is absolutely next to nothing. The people of this country suffer from the disease like cancer, infection, malnutrition and lungs problems. It seems that the government is not taking serious measures to improve the healthcare sector of this country.It always keeps on taking thousands of dollars annually from the other developed countries like America, United Kingdom, Canada and China but does not take serious measures to improve the lifestyle of the people.

During January, Burundi was funded with an amount of 13 million by USA. This fund was given for the purpose of investing in education and health facilities. It is estimated that the government is going to spend a little of this amount (approximately 4 million) in fulfilling the food requirements of the people suffering from malnutrition.

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  1. Whoever made this needs to get a few of the facts and clear out a few things. Such as Malawi being a country close to Africa, it is a country on Africa’s mainland. And no such country called Congo Africa, you’re probably looking for Congo Brazzaville or Democratic Republic of Congo which are both found in Central Africa by the way.

  2. How did Somalia not make its way in this list and other ones I’ve come across????? It’s arguably one of the most dangerous countries with such a flawed and unstable government with GDP of just $600.

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