Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2020

With all the natural resources being exploited, poverty is at an all-time high. The estimate of poverty is usually measured by the annual GDP of the respective country. The developed countries are improving by leaps and bounds, while the under developed and the developing countries are continuously facing issues like war, sanitation issue, water mismanagement, food and health issues, and industrial lag. It, therefore, becomes necessary to analyze the countries facing such issues and falling below the poverty line. Only then can we work for the betterment of these nations. Here is a list of top 10 poorest countries in the world 2020. Let us have a look at these countries and find out what they can do for their betterment.


10. Togo

The economic conditions in Togo are not as simple as the name of the country sounds. The political unrest has caused a lot of destruction, economically, in the country. Some reform programs were underway and were obstructed by IMF plan. IMF has made the foreign and all the reform programs to a halt, jeopardizing the economic conditions to a larger extent.


9. Malawi

Poorest Countries  2020

The major recession in 2012-2013 in Malawi caused a big economic gap in the country. In addition to the recession, lack of basic health facilities and corruption are also major reasons for making Malawi a poor country. Financial aid is also not appreciable. Per capita GDP is $860. It has been reported that the conditions have become a little better after the election of President Mutharika.


8. Eritrea

Eritrea was very unlucky to have intruders as its rulers for a very long time. This foreign rule almost blocked the major part of the economy of the country. Even the national rulers could not do any good to the country. Mostly, Eritrea remained under military rule, again obstructing the incoming of capital. GDP per capita of Eritrea is $777. The popular Suez canal is located here, providing path to thousands of ships.


7. Liberia

Liberia has been hit by a deadly virus ‘Ebola’. This virus has gained all attention of government. Government is spending all the capital to eradicate this issue. This is making the economy of Liberia hitting below the graphs. Export of rubber and iron was the source of economy till 1990. After that the civil war destroyed everything. And the remaining was engulfed by Ebola. The positive thing is their focus on education. Education is compulsory and free for people from age 6 to 16. This inclination towards education can bring some good talent from the common masses.


6. Central African Republic


Political instability is the major reason of poverty in the country. Military dictatorship and uncivilized civil ruler ship has abandoned the economic growth of the country. Although the country is rich in minerals like crude oil, diamond, gold and uranium, still its per capita GDP is $768. A proper rule with an honest and sensible leader can turn the tables for this country.


5. Burundi

The reason behind Burundi being poor is dirty drinking water. This dirty water spreads AIDS and HIV so fast, destructing a major population. Burundi is a landlocked country which becomes the second reason of its poverty. No proper transportation system makes the country a fully deprived one. On a smaller step, if the problem of clean drinking water is catered, then the country’s economy can be uplifted to some extent.


4. Congo

Poorest Countries In 2020

Congo is one of those countries which have about 70% of all the mineral resources. But unfortunately, due to lack of resources and management, the country is facing poor economic conditions. The GDP per capita of Congo is $348. People are unemployed and are deployed of basic life facilities. Congo can progress with all the mineral resources if properly governed.


3. Gaza Strip

Gaza is on the top in the news headlines due to the war going on in the country. And this war is the sole reason of the economic declination of the nation. People are mostly unemployed here due to the destruction of every industry. The main industries working are that of construction, manufacturing and agriculture. Sadly, these industries are not enough to increase the annual GDP of the country.


2. Zimbabwe

Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World 2020

Almost two decades back, no one could ever think that Zimbabwe would be in the list of poorest countries in 2020. The credit of dragging this country in the list goes to the government. After 2000, the corruption and mismanagement of government lead to an exponential decline of the country. The illegal distribution of land by white farmers also added cherry on the top. All these and a lot of other reasons were involved to make the nation suffer. The only industry working in the country is that of tourism. But still Zimbabwe relies on its neighboring countries even to fulfill the basic needs.


1. Zambia:

You would be amazed to read the fact that Zambia is one of the biggest producers of copper in the world. Still it is at the top in the list of poorest countries in the world.

The biggest irony is that Zambia also contains some industries like cement factory and agriculture industries. But Zambia is still not capable to deliver to its nation. On average, about seventy percent of people owns less than two dollars a day. The average life of the people is 51 years. Most of them dies due to lack of proper medical facilities. Educational facilities are also minimum there. The overall environment of the country depicts a very difficult growth of GDP.

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