Top 10 Reasons Why Education Is Important

If we talk about food, shelter and healthcare the first thing that comes into the mind of any common man is that these are the basic necessities of life. If the people of any country are provided with these facilities it means that the poverty is alleviated but the point of sustainability always go unnoticed. Now the question arises that “what is the sustainable way to help any community to improve its living standard?” The answer is simple “Education”. Education is not just about reading and writing. It’s about changing your perspective that how you look at life. It’s about that how you can make your life and world around you better. Education is such a bloom that executes itself in number of ways and manners in your life. Have you ever thought that why the world is running after education? What its center of attraction, for all, from children to elders? We are living in an era in which it seems so strange to even think that how the life would be if there was no concept of Education. It would surely be the total waste of time. The great philosophers quote that there is a huge difference between the educated and uneducated in every way from living to dead. The top 10 reasons why education is important I am going to list here up will explain that it’s not wrong to say that man lives a life in slavery if there is no education.


10. Competitive And Knowledgeable

Top 10 Reasons Why Education Is Important -

Education makes you competitive than others. It teaches you how to face the challenges in professional as well as personal life. Education enhances your knowledge, makes you participate more enthusiastically in all the discussions kicking off the shame of being dumb. Education makes you open minded to understand all the issues well that are going on in the society in better way. Educated and knowledgeable people are always supportive in development works as compared to the uneducated people.


9. Makes You Financially Secure

It would not be wrong to say that if you are well educated you will be financially secure. Every company wants to heir the individual with good education and knowledge in the concerned field; it means that there are more chances of educated people to get good jobs with high incentives. Apart from getting good jobs the educated individual can run their own business and get famous all over the world.


8. Peace And Harmony In Society

Societies and communities are group of people living in. It’s for sure that people who disturb the society or community are uneducated. Criminals, terrorist, pickpockets, killers, smugglers, rapists and other such people can’t be thought to be educated. Similarly uneducated people can’t understand the problems of the society and create the quarrelsome issues out of nothing. Due to the lack of knowledge and education they have no moral values and discipline. If we make such people to get education this would increase harmony and peace in the society.


7. Gives You Sense Of Right And Wrong

Educated people have a better sense of what is right and what is wrong; hence they make wise decisions in every step of life. If you are going to listen to the people you would be confused and would not be able to understand in which direction you need to go. The educated people are less likely to be cheated by the people and have faith in them that whatever they are going to decide would be right for them. Moreover the educated person can detect easily if something is fishy or wrong in something.


6. Leads To Better Health Conditions

Now a day the diseases that were fatal in the past are treatable, the streets and lanes are being cleaned daily; proper sanitation system has been introduced even in the backward towns and villages, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides are being used where required all these improvements are the wonders of scientific knowledge and education. People have better understanding about the epidemics and its cure. Everything in life have revolutionized because of the education.


5. Independent And Creative Individual

Independent And Creative Individual

Education is a key to be independent and to start up a new life. Education provides you the confidence to take the right decisions that will not harm your respect and image anywhere. Optimum growth is a benefit that only the education can provide you. Independent thoughts and lifestyle are the creativity of mind that only the education can flourish. If you don’t want to be follower but an innovator then you need to be educated. Besides this education develop your creativity. It will make you think uniquely.


4. Makes You Confident

Today nobody pay heed to what the illiterate say. It’s a fact that someone knows that you are well educated every word you speak becomes a new philosophy or a fact. The educated person can face the problems and challenges more confidently. The results of such behavior are always better and brighter. To be an authentic speaker you need a proof that can only be your educational degree. The illiterate person cannot stand in front of people to speak something authentic. Education makes you courageous enough to confront the world.


3. Provides You Better Opportunities

The gate way to the new and better opportunities can just be provided by the education. The realistic example is usually related that either you can pray to God for the rain or either you can dig the ground under your feet to get water. Educated people always choose to dig rather than waiting for the rain. It is said that you get what you seek for and opportunities will never come knocking at your door. Education broadens your horizons and helps you leading in a successful life.


2. Recognizable Personality

Education helps you to be recognized globally in many ways. If we look at the successful businessmen it’s for sure that he had achieved all the fame and success through education because without education he would not even be able to take a single step ahead in business field. If you get some good job it is just for that you are well educated and satisfying the company’s demand. There you will be able to recognize your own skills and talents. Also if you lack something in your personality you will try to cover that gap as well to make yourself able to be recognized globally.


1. Makes Your Life Happier

Enjoying the sun

Happiness and satisfaction in today’s world is synonym for Money and luxury. It is the fact that for the living you need to be educated. Good job, good reputation, enough earning in short the successful career comes only with education. Happiness in life cannot be calculated but can be perceived. When you have enough to make you both ends meet then many of the conflicts are managed themselves.

Education helps you to live a respectable life in the society and you have an overall good place to stand on. Being educated you will automatically avoid the bad habits such as smoking, drinking, drugs addiction and other criminal acts. You would have a happy family with lesser disputes and hence the satisfaction of mind as well. So all the points stated above conclude that along with food and shelter education is also one of the basic necessities of life.

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  1. Education not only guarantees us of brighter future, it also helps humans advance and discover new things and appreciate one another and the environment at large. I think quality education will enable people to realize the need for peace and end conflicts

    1. Today everyone is getting education because they want a healthy job in future, They are trying to secure themselves which is necessary too but education is not exactly restricted to earn money only. Education is necessary to live a happy life, to become mature …..

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