Top 10 Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place

Every picture has a bright and a dark side. And it is wise to look at the dark side also before facing the consequences. Now, if you are thinking of visiting India, I would suggest you to read this whole article in detail before doing anything else. The article tells about the Top 10 Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place for visiting, for doing business or for living. Read the facts and then make your further plan.


10. Haunted Locations

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place -

There are some places in India which are extremely haunted. It is assumed that some ghosts or unrested souls live there. India has a whole haunted city rather than some locations. At Grand Paradi Towers in Mumbai several suicides and anonymous deaths take place. Visitors have told that in Dumas Beach at Surat, several voices are heard without any physical appearance which tells them to go back. Lambi Dehar Mines in Mussoorie and Bhangra in Rajasthan are also some of the haunted sites in India.


9. Caste Violence

Top 10 Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place

Caste system is still prevalent in this century of technology and development in India. Lower casts are not respectable and hence they are thrown out of every important sector of the country. This problem is especially seen the area of Uttar Pradesh whose population is more than that of Russia and is the poorest state. This issue is not a smaller one as a lot of unrest occurs. Shooder cast is mostly pissed off and strives hard for their rights.


8. Injustice

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 8. Injustice

Court system in India is very sluggish and not trustworthy. For every one million people, there are only 15 judges in the country. So in order to get justice, you have to go through a painfully slow process. Police force is also not enough and up to date. Bribery is very common. Political unrest also is the cause of no attention towards justice.


7. Corruption

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 7. Corruption

The basic issue making the country economically weak is corruption. According to the International Transparency reports, about 62% of the population is involved in corruption. Schemes of social spending and entitlement launched by the government are the major sources of corruption. If you were thinking of expanding business to India, than you must give a second thought as fraud, bribery, corruption and unfair means are very common when dealing with money.


6. Religious Conflict

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 6. Religious Conflict

Religious intolerance is not new in India rather its history goes back to 1947, and even before the year of formation of India. Muslims are also in majority there, so there is always a conflict between both the sectors. Gujarat riots, Bhagalpur riots, Bombay Riots etc. are some of the common evidences. Last year 31 people were killed during election days due to religious issues between Hindus and Muslims in Muzaffarnagar. History of conflicts with Sikh goes back to 1984 when Indra Gandhi (than the Prime Minister) was killed by her Sikh guards. Anti-Sikh programs were introduced and as a result a large number of Sikhs were killed. This clash has not finished yet. Even Tamils and Buddhist do not feel safe in India.


5. Street Crimes

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 5. Street Crimes

Street crimes due to poverty are a vivid act. Mobile snatching, wallet snatching and jewelry snatching are the common acts. Concern authorities are doing nothing to avoid such unfair acts. Public places are mostly safe. Safety tip; never walk alone especially when it’s dark. Avoid isolated places.


4. Kidnapping

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 4. Kidnapping

India is the second largest country of the world regarding population. But the government has failed to provide proper social rights to everyone. People find unfair means to get their rights and as a result crime rate is increasing day by day. Kidnapping for ransom is not peculiar. Bad guys kidnap people having high profile and demand a huge ransom.  Showing you as a high profile person is not a wise thing to do. Groom kidnapping is also prevalent in the society. Bride’s family kidnap groom to void giving dowry. Here is a safety tip. Never ever take any eatable while travelling in trains or buses from unknown people.


3. Kashmir Dispute

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 3. Kashmir Dispute

Kashmir, at the time of independence in 1947, was originally allocated to Pakistan. But some conspiracies took place and Radcliffe Award made Kashmir a part of Indian Territory. Since then, there is a political unrest. Kashmiris also want to be a part of Pakistan but India is afraid to lose the most beautiful area of the country. Even UN also stated Kashmir as a part of Pakistan in 1963, but India ignored every order. As a result there are always killings between the people and the forces. Hence the most beautiful area is not safe at all. People avoid going there and so the tourists.


2. Terrorist’s Attacks

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 2. Terrorist’s Attacks

Bomb blasts as a result of terrorist’s attacks started from 1984 till present. Terrorist’s activities have increased since the past decade. Causes are numerous, as been discussed in all over the article. Mumbai and Kashmir are the main places where such activities are vigilant. Sites of terrorism are mostly religious and public places. Tourists have shown a destructive attitude towards visiting India after series of terrorist’s activities. Neither locals nor the foreigners feel safe anymore. It has been reported in The Times of India that almost 800 cells indulged in terrorism are active inside the country.


1. Sexual Violence ( Rape ).

Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place - 1. Sexual Violence ( Rape ).

Rape stories are very common in India. Prominent stories include the December Gang Rape”, “the Swiss Woman Gang Rape”, “the British Teenager Rape”, “the German Tourist Rape”, “the Teenager Bus Rape” and the list goes on. Delhi has got a new name of “Rape Capital” after these frequent on scene incidents. So, it can be said that women are not safe in India whether local or foreign. It has been reported that the number of tourists have decreased to 25% after the incident of December Gang Rape. About 35% of female tourists have changed their routes who used to frequently visit India. Dinesh Reddy,

DGP of Andhara Pradesh Police, stated that “women’s provocative dress sense/fashionable dresses are cause of different rape cases”. India is at number 2 in the list of countries having most rape cases. It is advised to women to follow proper dress code of particular area. And it is advised to India to control the sexual violence as it will take no time taking India down.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why India Is Not A Safe Place

  1. do some reearch b4 posting such things. 10. All haunted locations in India are most popular tourist spots. Many hotels fake to be haunted so that they get pulicity and adventurous tourists will patronize the hotels. Also, the world’s most hunted place in Rajasthan is called “Bhan Garh” and not bhangra. 9. Govt of India has a law that any crime againt lower class people will not be bailable. India gives almost 50% reservation in govt jobs to lower class people. 8. India is a democracy and people have full faith in judiciary. 7. Global Corruption Index put India at 94th place which is far better than countries like Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Ukrain, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico etc. 6. India is a pluralist and secular country. India gives equal rights to all minorities and some smaller minorities like Zoroastrians (originated in Persia, now Iran) are given incentive to increase their population. Never in history any minority has taken refuge elsewhere due to religious persecution. Instead hindus have been killed and thrown out of kashmir where muslims are in majority apparently at the behest of Pakistani intelligence who supported Osama Bin Laden. 5. Street crime is negligible in India. this is false accuzation. Pick pocketing and chain snatching from women are prevalent but not such a its made out to be. 4. check the site for kidnapping world-wide – – India is far better than Turkey, Canada, Kuwait, Scotland, Luxembourg, Australia, Srilanka, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Bahrain etc. 3. Kashmir is an integral part of India and Pakistan has been training and supporting the terrorist activities in Kashmir. After 9/11 the global war on terror broke the backbone of terrorism in Kashmir. Now every year millions of tourist throng to kashmir including thousands of foreigners every year. German embassy even organised a Zubin Mehta concert in the heart of kashmir. 2. All terrorist attacks in India are sponsored by Pakistan’s ISI last one being attack on Mumbai in november 2008 by 10 pakistani gunmen who targetted americans, westerners and jews alongwith indians. After 2008 there has been no such attack worth mentioning. 1. pls check the following link on rape India does not even appear in top 50 worst nations for rape crime. Bahrain, Oman and Egypt are the Arab nations that are among the worst nations for rape crime. To sum up, this is a malicious article and it should be taken out of the website. I wont be urprized if this website gets funding from the ISI for writing against India.

    1. India is at number one position in the list of highest rape crime countries.
      Must research about that we are not hear to represent India in bad picture may be we are Indians too.
      Our aim is to explore the reality of every place of this world.
      If you are the citizens of India than you should promote this article because we never mention anywhere in this list that India is not a safe place for tourist . Your country is good but the politicians are now spoiling the life of there citizens
      Most of the people are living life beyond poverty level in India.
      So if you want change in your country than first of all you have to point out the wrong things in the country policies.
      Hope you understand my point of view

      1. Rubbish. People are laughing at your article. Imagine, India is not a safe place because it has haunted places….. none of the points mentioned in your article can be substantiated as superlative for India. Rape numbers may be high as India has a population of 1.25 billion. But if you check the rate of occurrence its not even in top 50 nations and much behind Arab nations like Bahrain, Oman and Egypt. Who are you trying to fool? Indian media is highlighting rapes as even one rape is henious but people like you are trying hard to prove that India is the rape capital of the world. Find out what is the population of Sweden and how many rapes occurred there? same goes about USA and Russia.

        Politicians world wide have same reputation and its not just India. At least we have democracy and throw away a govt peacefully. India is no longer a poor nation and poverty does not mean people are hungry. Poverty means surviving on Rs. 120/- per day or US$ 2 per day. this can get in india 3 nice meals and a booz. Lets not forget that India was under colonial rule for 200 yrs before 1947 and thousand years under muslim rulers from west asia or central asia who rarely did anything to iprove the lot of masses. In the world, India is fastest eradicating poverty from her soil.

        when you write an article, please mention the source of information and give a correct picture and comparative data, relative data. The rape figure in India is 35 rapes per million population which is far lower a figure compared to US, Sweden, Norway, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman etc. where rapes per million population far exceeds that of India. A country with 10 million population has a rape incident of 1000 will be considered more severe than a country of 1250 million having a rape incidence of 35000. I hope you understand the basics of statistics.

        In fact in none of the ten points as you mentioned in your article, India ranks even in top 50. Its a misguiding article and should be shun.

        1. I think your knowledge is Rubbish, if i am replying to your comment with good words then select better words too. India is at number one at rape crimes as mentioned from . Your own people are against your government and police because of this crime. They are not taking any action related to this. Ever tourists were raped in Delhi and some other places. Corruption , Injustice everywhere in India ..

        2. Indian Government is not sincere with the Muslim community which is a big fact- Hindu muslim fasadat … One more fact … Safe place is a place where you have equal rights of every thing , having great law and order ,, And due to these facts India is not a safe place like other safest countries in this world.

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