Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists

The word terrorism is described in Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area”. Terrorism does not specifically points about bombings and suicide attacks but in fact all of the actions -such as murders, theft, robbery etc. – which frighten people lie under it. Mostly the purpose of terrorism is to create havoc politically, religiously or ideologically. Terrorism is practiced massively by many political parties in different countries. Terrorist activities are increasing day by day in all most every country. Mostly it is seen to disrupt election campaigns or to deteriorate law and order situation in the country. Moreover, many political parties and religious sectors have the terrorism wing just to earn a big amount of black money. Here are Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists.


10. Identity Search

A study by United States Institute of peace in 2010 found that a total of 2032 foreign people who joined Al-Qaeda were the identity seekers. Most of them are vulnerable to the society and want to prove themselves. Youngsters with traumatic and tragic youth often answer to the question “Who am I” by doing terrorist activities. It may sound weird to you while you are reading but it is a big cruel fact.


9. Looking For Thrill

Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists -


Some people look at this issue as a source of entertainment or a thrilling experience. Every other day we see news of some teenager shooting incident. Such teenagers are mostly attracted by the fantasies of exploiting human fear.


8. State Sponsored

It’s very shocking to know that many activities are done under the supervision of government. The government sponsors terrorist groups for suicide attacks, bombings, plane hijacks and many more such activities. The main reason people agree to do this is the large amount of money they or their family members receive.


7. Unwillingly Indulgence

Many of the terrorist we encounter does not willingly join this occupation. Now days, internet is very common and people can access any type of material. It is seen that people use internet to learn, for example, how to make bombs, and then they become excited to use it. Moreover people also get involved with some terrorist groups on internet- known as virtual training camp. After that they actually engage into terrorist activities and become activity supporter from a passive activist.


6. Inspired By Its Effectiveness

Another belief, which is rather difficult to swallow, is that how effective terrorism could be. People think that creating havoc will help them seeking attention more rapidly than any other means. This attitude and thinking of common man is very destructive. Government should take measures in such a way, so the terrorist will have an impact that whatever illegal they do is useless.


5. Poverty & Lack Of Education

Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists - Poverty & Lack Of Education

This fact cannot be ignored as it is the base of many crimes. According to a study done by University of Chicago, it was proved that terrorism and poverty are directly linked to each other. According to it, “nations or regions that are experiencing rapid growth appear to have lower incidences of terrorism.”. It means that we can stop it by increasing development policies, unemployment should be cured and hence increasing economic opportunities.


4. Political And Social Injustice

When a person is deprived of his rights, he become angry and find ways to react. The reaction can be of any scale. The wise people protest and demand for their legal rights in a legal way. But the other set of sensitive people who are emotionally charged goes in the wrong direction. And sometimes this direction turns out to be terrorism. One of the major reasons of terrorism is thus political instability which is too mainstream nowadays.


3. Religious Conflicts

It has been observed in recent years that religion is also one of the reasons of terrorists’ activities. People have become intolerant and have forgotten ethics. No one is ready to listen patiently to a different point of view whether it is politics, culture, language or any other thing. And when it comes to religion, even small conflicts takes shape of massive arguments which end in terrorism. This can be vividly observed throughout the world.


2. Reaction To Oppression

“If you talk to people they will talk to you. If you hit them with stick they will hit you back” – Nelson Mandela. This quotation explains my point clearly. If you keep your people oppressed, you will face the consequences. Keeping the people under burden will might be a beneficial thing for some time. But at the end, people always react to the unjust behaviors as it is in the psychology of a normal man. History has proved that leaders who have tried to suppress their nation through unjust means have actually troubled themselves. People would definitely go for unfair means (terrorism) to raise their voice and have some air.


1. Psychological Causes

Out of all the disgusting causes, this is the most depressing of all. Often people who are psychological ill or having hard time in their lives are involved the most. According to a research, done by Ministry of Interior of West Germany, there may be multiple reasons for a psychological disorder. Thirty three percent had severe conflict with their parents.

Twenty five percent of terrorist had no or only one parent in their childhood which resulted in poor grooming of the child.Thirty three percent had annals of juvenile court conviction. Moreover, various victims were also depressed by the injustice done in the society.

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