Top 10 Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Causing one’s own death intentionally makes every related person curious to know the reason why he or she did it. I have though never lost somebody close due to suicide but still I have seen number of people left behind who are close to the person who committed suicide. The devastation, pain, anger, guilt and regret which I have seen in them are unexplainable. It’s obvious that if a person had taken such a big step he or she must be desperate to die, but the question is simply why? How much harder you try, you just can’t reach the actual reason if you are not aware of person’s feeling and physiology exactly. According to the major research work regarding the suicidal attempts, it is found that no matter what’s the age or race, how rich or poor the person is, is suffering from some strong emotional or mental disorder.

World Health Organization has reported that in past fifty years the suicide rate have increased by 60% almost. The percentage mainly comprises of teenagers and the people of around forty to forty-five years of age. China and India have the highest suicide rating. Well it’s clear and understood that suicide attempt is not the state of mind that is set overnight or the next day of a normal day. The problem must be lingering for so long in life and when it became unbearable, life is over. People always criticize the suicide attempts but nobody tries to figure out the reason. In my opinion it is the due combined personal and socioeconomic problems. Here we are providing you top 10 reasons why people commit suicide. You must help those people to manage their life in a good way, they needs your help, if they are facing any one of these 10 problems in their life .


10. Philosophical Desire To Die

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide -

Usually people commit suicide based on some reason that may be an illness or a problem, from which there is no hope of recovery or reprieve exists. But the people, who are not ill, depressed or involved in some big problem attempts a suicide it means they have a philosophical desire to die. They have a thought that they can shorten their life and can take control of their destiny by causing their own death early than written in fate. If such people have been evaluated by some professional physiologist they would definitely be categorized as a people with serious mental disorder.


9. Sexual Orientation

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide -  Sexual Orientation

In teenage most of the kids have a chance to get aware of their sexuality in true terms as they have grown up have a relatively mature state of mind, hence it’s obvious there are complications. If someone realizes that he or she is a gay, lesbian or bisexual at this stage of life, it’s surely very difficult to admit and telling relatives and friends. At this point, in shame and complex the person can think of the easiest way to get rid off of this situation to end up his or her own life.


8. Domestic Abuse

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is one of the most common reasons of committing suicide in teenagers. They are physically and mentally abused by their own family members. The non-supportive behaviour of the family is the biggest disappointment and can have the damaging effect on person’s life. Another case can be if the person himself or herself is not the victim of the abuse but is a witness to such abuse on daily basis then this can also have a devastating effect on mind. Moreover if the person is treated in such a way that he or she feels demeaning can make a person to attempt suicide.


7. Bullying And Complexes

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - Bullying and complexes

Bullying among friends is very common now a day. It is practiced in most of the high schools bit more than usual. The teenagers have to experience bullying, but some of the teens are already complex and sensitive about their personality. This bullying and pranking all the time beat their confidence and lower their self-esteem. They feel that they are not capable of anything and cannot do anything productive. This feeling keeps on lingering in their life and they find it meaningless and worthless. This ends up them in taking their own life. Parents and teachers should teach their children to ignore such comments before they join any social place.


6. Emotional Neglect

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - Emotional Neglect

When parents are busy in their own lives they may have no time for their children. Especially teenage is such an age when children actually know the world. They may suffer from some sort of depression or some physical problems where they need their parents help and attention. If they are being ignored and forgotten all the time this may develop the feeling of loneliness in them. They may feel that their existence makes no difference in their parent’s life. This could be one of the most dangerous and worst reasons to commit suicide.


5. Depression

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide -  Depression

The most common reason to commit suicide is depression. Depression is the feeling always accompanied by hopelessness. The person is thinking all the time that everything would have been much better without me. The biggest issue is that person is thinking all this silently and planning suicide. The depression is always treatable. If any of your friend or relative or children is sharing something with you saying “I am depressed” just don’t ignore it or make fun of her or him at the problem. Support the depressed person and assure him/her that everything is fine. You can save a life by being helping and supportive in this way.


4. Drugs Abuse

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - Drugs Abuse

The most common but unpredictable reason to attempt suicide is being impulsive which is mostly related to drugs addiction and alcohol. Here as well are two cases. First is when the addicted person is calm and sober he may develop the feeling of shame and regret. The sense of shame is genuine but this is no reason to be so emotional to commit suicide. If you know any person in such state you must not let him give away the life just in regret. The second case is that when an addicted person don’t have an access to the drugs anymore. In pain and in aggression he takes his life away. Something needs to be done to help such people in both the tough situations.


3. Mental Disorders

Top 10 Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

When person’s brain starts to work in some different orientation than usual the thoughts that came in mind usually leads to suicide. The different thoughts are due to the mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar illness in brain commands self-destruction. They feel that they are not the part of existing society and have no right to live. They feel frustrated from themselves. They feel trouble while adjusting for the society they live in. The mental disorders can be very severe and they need to be detected and treated on very early stages otherwise they results are very sympathetic and heartbreaking.


2. Sexual Abuse

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide - Sexual Abuse

The most common reason of suicide in teens is that grow up by being sexually abused. This is one of the main causes of being physically and emotionally damaged. Sexual abuse has forever and long lasting effect on one’s life. Anger, guilt and irritation become the part of the effected person. The unimaginable pain through which the person is going through leads her/him to take away her own life. The percentage of the rape victims is increasing in country such as India day by day. The hypocrisy of society and frustration of being abused can make someone attempt suicide easily.


1. Stress

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide -  Stress

Person who is stressed commits suicide to take pressure off once for all. It’s one of the top reasons why people commits suicide regardless of the fact to which age group person belongs to. If we talk about the teenagers the stress may be related to the good grades and marks in school exams, the teenage love breakups, picking up a career at the young age and many others, it can be. The pressure and stress is mostly increased by parents and family to make children live up to their standards ignoring the capacity, liking’s and capability of their own child.

In the same way the elders may be stressed due to the burden of family expenses and less income or may be due to some incurable illness. In all the situations the family support and attention can be the best treatment to get rid of the stress and can save lives.

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