Top 10 Richest Families Of America In 2020 – 2020

Money is an important medium that we all depend to carry our life. It is like an instrument not only for buying basic necessities of life but also to groom your lifestyle. Since the recorded history of human society, we can easily see the financially dominated families around the world. Today, the trend of multinational companies and corporate houses turn the world into global economic village. American people dominate the list of the wealthiest people of the world. Many families are still running in the money making race to increase their fortune but many others are enjoying their inherited wealth. So, here is a list of Top 10 Richest Families Of America In 2020 – 2020. Let’s meet the richest people of America


10. S.C. Johnson Family

Richest American Families -

Johnson’s family has got a wealthy and sound background since the 20th century and the struggle to become in the top list goes back to 19th century. The basic mode of income of this family is their company which is famous for making some very useful cleaning products, nearly found in every house. Curt Johnson got the seat of presidency in 2004 but due to some criminal charges he lost it. Helen Johnson (sister of Curt) is now leading the firm. The approximate money they have is $3 billion.


9. Duncan Family

Richest American Families - Duncan Family

The history of Duncan’s family goes back to a tragic story. Dan Duncan, the head of the family, lost his mother and brother when he was mere 7 years old. He spent his life with his grandmother and made his life worth through pipelines of petroleum, oil and natural gas. The family owns about $15 billion. Dan Duncan died in 2007 and left his money to his four kids. The next generation of Duncan’s seems to spend the money wisely, maintaining the tradition.


8. Pritzker Family

Richest American Families - Pritzker Family

Penny Sue Pritzker started her career and became an entrepreneur which turned her stones t gem. The famous chain of hotels named as Hyatt hotel and Marmon group is the property of this wealthy family. The other business they do includes TransUnion credit bureau, Superior Bank of Chicago and Royal Caribbean cruise line. They are new in the world of diamonds and got noticed in 1982 by Forbes magazine. Individual members of the family owns about $2 to $3 billion, when added up makes a total of $27.1 billion. All the members of the family are working hard to maintain the family’s reputation.


7. Cox Family

Richest American Families - Cox Family

If you are a fan of music, you must have some deeps relation with the Cox’s. Cox family is a group of bluegrass music originated from Cotton Valley. They have launched 6 albums and have sung a large number of masterpieces. They won a Grammy award in 1995. The family has made $32 billion due to 6.2 million customers, 2.9 million subscribers of digital cable and the same on internet. They also do business with Cox Media group, Kelly Blue Book and AutoTrader Group.


6. Hearst Family

Richest American Families -Hearst Family

William Randolph Hearst, the pioneer of this rich family was initially a newspaper publisher. He worked hard and his paper got the title of the largest newspaper chain of the nation. The business is now expanded to variety of media groups. On daily basis, 36 newspapers are published while 36 weekly. 300+ magazines are delivered to the whole world by the company. $35 billion is the net worth of the family.


5. Johnson Family

I am pretty sure you must have used the Johnson’s baby lotion at least once in your childhood. Well this and a lot of many other daily products are the creation of this Johnson family who has assets of worth $39 billion. Founder of the company is Robert Wood Johnson who established it in 1886 starting from the products like first aid kits and dental floss. The company is flourishing since then.


4. Cargill Family

Richest American Families -  Cargill Family

Cargill Corporation is the property of Cargill family making them one of the richest families with the net worth of $43 billion. The business was started after civil war which now includes business with agriculture, food, industrial products and finance. They provide services worldwide. It is said that this family does business in a secret manner so people don’t know much about them. It seems that their way of earning has got some serious recipes which are hidden from other cooks.


3. Mars Family

Richest American Families - Mars Family

Are you a chocolate lover? The Mars Snickers and Milky Way that you often eat are made by the famous Mars Inc. which is owned by the Mars family. After the success of these chocolates products they launched M&Ms. They do a sale of $39 billion every year (which is to be obvious as they produce really yummy eatables). They were richest once but then got stabbed by Walton family.


2. Koch Family

Richest American Families -  Koch Family

The second largest private company Koch Industries is owned by Koch family having revenues of $112 billion. The basic idea of the business was refine heavy oil into gasoline which was started by Fred C. Koch. The Koch’s are big philanthropist which explains the ever exceeding amount of money in their bank accounts. The family is also politically active and has some sound connections in the country.


1. Walton Family

Richest American Families -  Walton Family

Walton family comes on the top with a total worth of $152 billion. Sam and Bud Walton were the pioneers who founded Walmart, the biggest retailer. The company is presently working in 27 countries with 55 different names like Asda and Seiyu. The family has a total of 50% of share in Walmart at present. The other prominent members include Alice, Rob and Jim, all of them appearing in the Forbes. Walton’s are on the top of the list since a decade.

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