Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020

Whenever we talk about football, the money automatically gets involved in it. All footballers we see now-a-days have fancy cars and luxurious houses. One might think where does this money come from? Well the answer lies in the amount of profit obtained by the club which owns them. Larger the profit, larger the incentives. Let’s look at it in another way. All the top football leagues are followed tremendously by their fans. They purchase tickets to watch their favorite club or their favorite team play. And this is not limited to just watching the match. The fans purchase t-shirts of clubs and players and all this money goes straight into the account of these clubs. This is the reason most of the football clubs we see these days collect a lot of profit every year. So we decided to make a list of the top 10 richest football clubs in 2020 which gained maximum profit of all the other clubs. Let us have a look at them.


10. Dortmund

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 -

During the past 3 to 4 years, Dortmund has emerged as a surprising candidate in the list of rich football clubs. In the last season, they gained an overall revenue of about 250 million euros. The reason behind such big success was the excellent performance by this team throughout the year and the fans couldn’t resist to watch them playing. It earned them profit in the form of broadcasting as well as by selling shirts of the club.


9. Juventus

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 9. Juventus

Juventus has always been one of the top clubs in Italy and their fans love to see them playing live in the stadium. They signed Carlos Tevez from Manchester City and their fans were so happy they couldn’t help purchasing his shirt. As a result a large number of t-shirts were sold which increased their revenue. Also they won the league last year and the prize money also helped them in increasing the revenue. Their overall revenue last year was about 270 million euros.


8. Arsenal

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 8. Arsenal

Arsenal is one of the most followed football clubs in the world and every season when they release their new kit, their fans purchase them like hot cakes. The purchase of star player Ozil turned out to be a great signing for them last year in the form of income when they managed to get millions of dollars by selling his shirts. Every time they come to play, thousands of fans come to see them play. This is the reason their revenue last year was about 280 million euros.


7. Chelsea

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 7. Chelsea

This club contains a large amount of star players like Hazard, Oscar, Lampard etc. and they have millions of fans all over the world. As a result, they manage to earn a huge amount of revenue in the form of broadcasting as well as by selling tickets and other goods. All this sums up to give them a huge profit every year. Their total sum in the form of revenue last year was about 300 million euros.


6. Manchester City

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 6. Manchester City

This club gained a huge turn over in the year 2009-10 when it was purchased by an Arab owner. A large amount was spent by them in purchasing players from different teams in different leagues and this helped them gain a huge fan following in a short span of time. Fans started purchasing shirts and watching their favorite players play in front of them who used to play in another country. They managed an overall revenue of 315 million euros in 2020-14 season.


5. Paris Saint Germain

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 5. Paris Saint Germain

PSG is another club in this list which gained a huge number of fans in very short time. 2 years ago when they purchased Ibrahimović, this turned out to be a shocking surprise for the fans of both Ibra as well as PSG. The huge fan following of Ibrahimović and then signing Cavani helped them win the league last year and they managed to get a huge revenue with the estimated amount of about 400 million euros.


4. Manchester United

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 4. Manchester United

Even though last year was not the best year for Manchester united fans but they didn’t let their club down in the form of revenue. They watched their every match and didn’t step down just for once. Their overall revenue of 422 million euros give then 4th spot in our list. But the fans believe that this year the revenue will increase even further.


3. Bayern Munich

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 3. Bayern Munich

Bayern is considered among the top 3 clubs in Germany and their inclusion in our list comes hardly as a surprise. Winning Champions League in 2020 proved to be even better for them and their fan following increased surprisingly. Also when Guardiola took over as their manager, a large number of fans also shifted from Barca to Bayern showing their support to Guardiola.


2. Barcelona

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 2. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the top clubs in Europe as well as in Spain and players like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, and Puyol all play for this club. Their fans never stop to show their support to the club and purchase their shirts, watch their matches and follow everything they do. Messi is one of the most liked footballers in the world and fans always purchase their new kit every year. Their overall revenue last year was about 480 million euros.


1. Real Madrid

10 Richest Football Clubs In 2020 - 1. Real Madrid

No surprises as the club which takes No. 1 spot in our list is Real Madrid. Founded in 1902, this club has the most number of fans in the world and players like Ronaldo, Modric, and Casillas play for this club. The shirts and kits of these players are purchased not only by their fans but also by other junior footballers to show their support to their favorite club. Madrid has always been one of the best clubs which produce best footballers every year. In every ground they play, their fans turn out in an enormous amount just to have a slight look of them and all the money in the form of tickets and broad casting results in increasing their revenue to a huge amount.

Their approximate revenue last year was about 520 million euros.

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