Top 10 Scariest Amusement Parks For Halloween 2020

America has some amazing amusement parks which is a source of enjoyment for every age group of kid. In the day they are fun amusement parks and as night falls they turn into spooky parks displaying illusions and dark unknown shadows. Every corner has something hidden which scares people as they pass by, but then that is why the amusement park is on a Halloween day and that is what people ask for on their favorite Halloween. There are a number of scariest amusement parks all over the world. Here we have made a list of the top 10 scariest amusement parks for Halloween 2020.


10. Zombie Uprising

The Zombie Uprising is the most visited during the Halloween days as either you have to dress up like zombies or as the protective personnel. Zombies have to be passionate about being a zombie and play their role very well. You have the option to be any sort of a zombie you want to be, like the walkers, chasers, lurkers and herds. Each zombie has a part to play which you will be guided about. All ages are welcome to participate in this amusement park and enjoy your Halloween.


9. Thorpe Parks Fright Night

Thorpe Parks Fright Night

Located on an island this theme park is not like any other with about 30 exhilarating rides you need a whole day to visit this park so you can stay overnight and enjoy every bit of the hotel. The Thorpe Parks have a shark hotel for the visitors.  Those who want some real chilling, Saw-the ride based on the movie, throws you from a 100 ft. and all you can hear is screaming and chills running through your spine. They also have some incredible mazes out of which se7en are the scariest in which on every way you will face the deadly sins.  The tickets of Thorpe Parks Fright Night are available online and you will find some reasonable rates as well.


8. Cedar Point Haunt

Cedar Point Haunt

If you have really eager little one’s ready to go to a haunted house, then Cedar Point Haunt is the perfect spot. Their specialty in the day time is the Howl-O-Palooza which has some great activities including pony rides, mazes etc. They also have six petrifying horror zones with supernatural experiences.


7. Kennywood Amusement Park

Kennywood Amusement Park

Kennywood Amusement Park comes in the foremost list of the theme parks. With 28 unbeatable rides like the Sky Rocket, Cosmic Chaos, Sky Coaster, Phantom’s Revenge Steel Coaster and three water rides the theme park has some arcade and video games as well. You can spend hours in the amusement park without getting bored.


6. Knott’s Scary Farm

Knott’s Scary Farm

Along with all the rides, fascinations and roller coasters Knott’s Scary Farm is not going to be about the old stuff this time. This year they have introduced three eerie mazes which will spin your head. Also they have a new zombie killing game for their visitors in which they will be armed properly and will be faced with deadly zombies. This year Knott’s Scary farm is all about new stuff and people are eagerly waiting to try their new activities. You will also witness the Darkness Mistress Elvira the famous face of the haunted house. Knott’s has also introduced their Skeleton Key Rooms this year as well because of its tremendous success.


5. Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa

Looking for a real thrill and adrenaline this year, Busch Gardens Tampa has some amazing and unbelievable rides to offer. Their Cheetah Hunt coaster which is vicious and will take to a magnificent dive in the air is not the only one; Kumba and the Montu ride are a must to ride on. Anyone who enters in this amusement park needs to be daring as these rides are no ordinary ones. This theme park is opened on all days the whole year so you just have to check online for the event updates and get on the rides.


4. Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure

Voted to be the best theme park by the US readers Six Flags Great Adventure has a lot more coming this year for you guys. They are introducing Zumanjaro the scariest full of adrenaline rush ride which is going to give goose bumps only by reading the description. It will be the ride which will take its riders on the height of 415 ft., which is the tallest in the world and will take you back 90 miles per hour. You will be back on the ground within ten seconds. To make space for a new ride in 2020 Six Flags Great Adventure had to say goodbye to one of its best rides Rolling Thunder.


3.  Scream Fest 2020

Scream Fest 2020

One of the famous Halloween attractions is the Scream Fest theme park. They have haunted houses which are scary and entertaining at the same time. As the name prescribes you will experience some serious screaming so it is not for children under 13. Along with all the scary events they have some great music playing with some of the best DJ’s and party all day. It is like a vacation where you party all day and night. So get the tickets available and enjoy the party. This year the Scream Fest has some new activities for you as well including the Stampede Park, Zombie Paintball and some live contests.


2. The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus

Open for all age groups if you are seeking some real horror tingling get your tickets for the Strangling Brothers Circus. Visiting this circus is like experiencing the ultimate horror movie with their grotesque and wacky characters they will take you to the real world of dreadfulness. As you will start your experience with 29 terror rings you will experience some unexpected and eccentric things which you haven’t seen before. This amazing circus because of its advanced lighting’s and sound system has gained its fame in a very short span. The clowns are real and the creation of creatures on the set is just mind-blowing and takes your breath away.


1. Terror Behind The Walls

Terror Behind The Walls

This year in the top list is the Terror behind the Walls with its schedule already updated on the internet. This haunted house has walls like an ancient castle and its history and gothic setting makes it even scarier. This Eastern State Penitentiary used to be a prison which is now used as a scary house with its empty cells. This Terror behind the Walls is petrifying at day time too. It is the most visited haunted place during Halloween and has been nominated as the leading horror attraction.

The chaos, loudness and electrified sound effects and the lighting used inside are absolutely splendid and scare the hell out of its visitors. This year the team of the Terror behind the walls has introduced ‘Venture into the Machine Shop’ which they consider not to be even imagined by the people. An inimitable experience is waiting for everyone at the Terror Behind the walls for everyone.

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