Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Halloween is getting pretty close and if you haven’t decided your costume yet then the situation is going to get immensely horrifying. Even though Halloween is about ghosts, scares and screams, no girl wants the scream of not having a proper costume on the day.There were days when Halloween were meant to be only scary in terms of supernatural entities, phantoms, souls and shadows but if you were alive on the last Halloween you might have observed the fact that now Halloween is more about using your empty portion of the head and picking up weird costumes which are only frightening for your eyes because of their horrendous appearance.But worry not for we are here to rescue! This year you can come out and instead of alarming people with the awkwardness, make them woo and go ga-ga with your sensuality without being vulgar. A word of advice! Don’t overdo your costumes. Keep yourself intact somewhere in the middle of all that makeup, accessories and costumes. Here we have list of Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas 2020


10. Gothic Red Riding Hood

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas -

Poor red riding hood after having an unfortunate encounter with the big bad wolf decided to go gothic. You can represent this phase of her life. All you need is a dark red cape, with a red and black short length puffy dress. A corset would complement this perfectly. And don’t forget to take you basket of goodies with you…or may be just the basket and you can collect the goodies on your way!



9. Lara Croft

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Lara Croft

Angie fans, please be informed that all of Angelina’s movie costumes are pretty much available everywhere. Tie your hair in tight braid and get a sensual, appealing costume. To pull of the exact look you might want to watch the movie again and practice a perfect pout.

8. Ninja Costume

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Ninja Costume

Ninjas are the coolest and hottest thing combined on the face of the earth. If you are one of the crazed ninja fans and believe in their supernatural abilities then you can opt for this look. But be sure that the costume suits your body type. You can be a true ninja dressed all black or you can be a ninja turtle. Put on a mask, take your sacred sword and lets do some ninja tactics on those cool boys who live across the street.


7. Corpse Countess

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Corpse Countess

What if you aren’t a countess in this life, you can achieve the status in the life here after. Everyone wants to be zombies since people are more prepared for zombie apocalypse than the natural disasters. But corpse countess is different. You don’t have to be rotten and stinky for that, but you need to be pale white and powdered skin. Put on a beautiful dress and then let the tommy scratch it to shreds. Or you can buy it from somewhere, but where is the fun in that! Put on a few jewelry pieces and you are ready.


6. Ursula

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Ursula

The evil side of you might find a way out on this Halloween. If you are fat and bulky or even if you are skinny, a little lavender and white hair can make you work the look. The sea witch is one of the most loved villains. Saying loved and villains in the same sentence might be a little awkward but the sense is pretty clear. Many girls will want to be mermaids, but you need to pop out and carve a niche for yourself so be the sea witch with rad tentacles.


5. Cat Woman

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Cat Woman

Want to be cute yet sensual, playful yet arrogant then Cat woman costume should be your choice for this year. Cat woman costume is not a new thing and there have been many different versions of it but it never gets old and it never loses its charms. Cat woman costume, in which you actually look like a cat, is a big no no! What you really need is a black rubber suit hugging your fit body, showing all the curves. To find the inspiration you can watch Britney Spears ‘Crazy’ video.

4. Devil

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Devil

Well if this October you want to show world what you are made of and be on the wrong side of the line, then take it a step further and be a devil. Everyone knows that devil is irresistible so you might get a date for coming days with this costume. Devils costume demands high on makeup but low on embellishments kind of attire. Swing your tail and get the sultry look into play, voila!! You will have a line of guys behind you.

3. Queen of Hearts

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Queen of Hearts

If you are inclined towards being evil, then look good doing it. Say Queen of hearts and mind goes straight towards big head, white skin with heart shaped lips. Obviously you cannot make a big head but certainly you can put on a lot of face powder and put a neat clean, well-handled red lipstick in the shape of heart. Don’t forget you blue eyeshade reaching high up your eye brows, cards and your stick.

2. Wonder Women

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Wonder Women

If you stand for what’s right then join Justice League and what is the better time for it other than All Hallows Eve. The usual costume of Wonder Woman includes a corset, cape, skirt, belt, gauntlets and headpiece. The embellishments can be usually removed or added as per choice but there is certainly no overdoing the costume when it comes to wonder woman. You can change corset and skirt with a tight dress. No one would be able to resist the justice this way…!!

1. Cleopatra

Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas - Cleopatra

If you believe in yourself as an ambitious and ruthless young woman then Cleopatra costume is the one for you. Cleopatra was a pharaoh who was well educated and had exceptional convincing skills thus the class she had. So if you are as classy as she was start thinking about the beautiful long thick eye-liner, straight black hair wig and that light silky white dress from which your sensuality and feminism oozes out like never before.

Many ready-made costumes are already available but if you are creative enough and have ample time then you can change one of your white dresses into Cleopatra outfit by putting a tinge of golden borders and pinning on some metallic embellishments. But don’t forget the cape at the back attached to the bracelets and some head and neck gear. This costume is available in both full and above knee length size.



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