Top 10 Stunning Places You Love To Sit There

Beauty always attracts us and we wish to explore new places to look deep into the beauty around us. Albert Einstein correctly said “look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”. So according to this saying we should explore the beautiful places once in a life, just to have a better understanding of everything around us. To sit in a wonderful place makes you feel out of this world and you actually get the perfect refreshment for your soul from this pure nature. In fact, the world is like a book and people who travel, read and enjoy every page of this book and those who do not travel perceive this book by only its cover page. Here we have top 10 Stunning Places You Love To Sit There. Enjoy!


10- Natural Rock Pool in Pamukkale, Turkey

Top 10 Stunning Places -

It is one of the wonderlands that catch the attention of the viewer in first sight. It’s an amazing place to visit. It is recognized as World Heritage site together with Hierapolis. The great terraced pools of pamukkale are considered as one of the most highlights of Turkey. People named it Pammukkale, meaning “Cotton Castle”. The warm, mineralized flowing water from a spring creates a wonderful scene.


9- Salar de Uyuni, Southwest Bolivia

Top 10 Stunning Places - Salar de Uyuni, southwest Bolivia

If you ever wished to walk on clouds, then you must visit this gorgeous place. Actually this is the world‘s largest salt flat. During rainy season, this place presents a fantastic scene. A thin layer of water develops and reflects the sky above and you find yourself as walking on a cloud. So if you want to refresh your aesthetic sense, then you must visit this place in rainy season and enjoy on your dreamland.


8- Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

tOP 10 STUNNING PLACES -  Wisteria tunnel, Japan

This magical tunnel is located in the Kawachi Fuji gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. It’s like a painting a dream land where you can have a colorful walk. As flowering trees are hanging overhead the different colorful rows all around the garden present a stunning view all together. You must not miss this place before leaving this world but make sure that you visit this magical place in late April or early May, as in these months there is a wisteria festival and this tunnel is in full bloom.


7- Tunnel of Love, Klevan

Top 10 Stunning Places You Love To Sit There

This is one of the romantic places and is a popular spot for couples. The whole tunnel is surrounded by the giant trees .It is located in Klevan, Ukraine. The magical tunnel looks so amazing that one feels himself lost in its beauty.


6- Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

Top 10 Stunning Places - Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

This is something like paradise; a pride for Pakistan. This awesome valley has 370 small and large villages. The main credit for its beauty goes to its river. The clear sky colored water of this river is really charming in its own way. To sit on the side of Neelam River is really a stunning view and it is like exploring the hidden paradise on this earth. An excellent scenic beauty on a small land, free from the hustle and bustle of city life is something everybody would love and long for.


5- Plitvice Lakes National Park, Southeast Europe

Top 10 Stunning Places - Plitvice Lakes National Park

This is the oldest national park in southeast Europe. It offers the stunning view to the tourists. This park contains a series of beautiful lakes, waterfall and forests. There are about 16 different colored lakes .The color of water of these lakes vary and keep on changing ,depending upon the angle of sunlight and the mineral present on that specific lake. Over this entire place is famous for its rich beauty, amazing green scenery with an outstanding waterfall.


4- Sunken Alcove Garden, New Zealand

Top 10 Stunning Places - Sunken Alcove Garden, New Zealand

Sunken alcove garden is located in New Zealand. It was built in 1960 and then in 2001 it was constructed again. It has an artistic beauty, full of green colors that create a feeling of freshness. This is no doubt a quiet, fresh, cool place with a lots of beauty.


3- Tiny Peninsula in Mykonos, Greece

Top 10 Stunning Places -  Tiny Peninsula in Mykonos, Greece

It is one of the stunning places, one should love to sit. It’s kind of Small Island where one can experience the coolness of sea especially in evening. The fantastic sea view makes you feel so calm and relaxed from all the worries of this worldly life. One would wish to spend one’s whole life in this beautiful land. Over this entire tiny place you can sit and think of some amazing memories you had and can make new amazing memories of the place you could ever have.


2- Hanging Cocoon Hammock, Philippines

Top 10 Stunning Places - Hanging Cocoon Hammock, Philippines

It is a fantastic place and the coolest hanging cacoon for growing up individuals. It’s like your relaxing swing chair, your hanging garden seat; it’s everything you want it to be. People find it relaxing after a tiring job and it is kind of fun for holiday. While sitting on this place, one finds him so relaxed and enjoys the deep meaning of life. So, you must experience it once in your life.


1- Sea Restaurant, Bora Bora Island

Top 10 Stunning Places - Sea Restaurant, Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora is an excellent destination for tourists. It is located in Pacific Ocean; a conglomeration of islands of the French Polynesia. One falls in love with it while sitting on its aqua centric luxury resorts. There are also a plenty of coconut trees that add flavor to its beauty. One can enjoy the cool breeze of sea on this sea resturant. You can experience enjoying food on table set on a sea.

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