Top 10 Stupid Things You Must Do In Your Life

Is your life boring??? If you work from 9 to 5, come back to home loaded with work. Take meals at time, watch your regular TV programs, meet your old friends at weekends only, then your life is certainly boring!!! There is a need to add some spice, fun and enjoyment in monotonous routine. And I am pretty sure that you yourself are also tired of grinding routine you have every day, now it is not necessary that you have to go on vacation or party to refresh yourself. You can do some stupid things without thinking that what others say, solely to refresh your inside.

“Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”  ( Judy Sheindlin )

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe.”  (  Albert Einstein )

That shows everyone is stupid inside but in front of society we have to hide our stupidity deep inside us. So, here is a list of Top 10 Stupid Things You Must Do In Your Life. I am sure you would regret your whole life if you don’t do them all.

10. Give others a break

 Give others a break

I am sure, all of us have a relative or a friend around us who tells us about what should we do and how should we behave but it’s irritating. So, give them a break! Do exact opposite of what they tell you. Ask them to please leave us alone, it’s our life and it’s none of their business, we want to live our own life and they should do their own work. You can apologize to them afterwards if you want but this will make them conscious and next time they would be careful and wont be as bossy as they were. I think everyone should try this for once.

9. Call your Ex

 Call your Ex

If you have an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and you have broken with him/ her, then call your ex and tell him/her that why you left him/her or ask your ex that why he/she did this to you. And if you have some feeling about your ex just tell him/her.

8. Eat like a retarded person

 Eat like a retarded person

In your daily life, you are always conscious about your looks, you always think am I looking fat? Are there pimples on my beautiful face? But what if you forbid your dieting plans for one day and eat the things you like as much as you can. Eat whatever you want, make combinations of different eatables like an ice-ream with a hotdog, a banana with tea or any other thing you would like to without thinking of other people, without thinking of good or bad combination and it is surely a stupid but great thing to do.

7. Prank call

 Prank call

If you know any secret of your friend then there is an idea. Make a prank call from an unknown number to your friend and try to sound different. And threaten your friend that I will tell your secret to your mom or your love. Just threaten him/her but don’t actually do that otherwise it would be the last day of your friendship.

6. Go round and round

 Go round and round

From my childhood, I was and still am scared of playing round and round because it makes me puke. But when I was a child, it was my best time pass and I am sure you have the same case. So, if we talk about stupid things to do, I would like to go round and round again until I vomit and obviously it is a stupid thing.

5. Pretend to be someone else

 Pretend to be someone else

All of you would remember a game of pretending to be an army man, a princess or an alien, you used to play in childhood, play that again. Make a castle of cushions, and now it’s your state, only you are the king of this castle, attack on nearby place of your castle, take your sword made of ruler and attack on the pillow that is your enemy. It would be fun!!!

4. Scare other people

 Scare other people

It is really a stupid and funniest thing to do. Hide yourself behind the try and when somebody passes near to that tree, jump on his/her back, make a scary face and make a sound of gorilla. Or shriek at someone in the public “oh! My god! What’s that?” or make water balloons and throw them on the people on the road or throw them near the couple dating in the park.

3. Reveal the secrets

 Top 10 Stupid Things You Must Do In Your Life

Another stupid thing that we must do is tell everyone in your class that what you feel about him/her. Tell anyone that you are not as super cool as you think of yourself, tell some girl that her dressing sense is so pathetic, tell your friend that you love her/him, tell the person next to you that you are not jealous of him/her, tell that boy that he is so handsome and even tell your crush about your feeling. Though it is a stupid idea but this is what we want to do.

2. Study in vacations

 Study in vacations

I think it is the stupidest think ever, that’s actually not a good idea but you should try it for once. In daily routine, we study but what if we study in vacations without pressure, without the tension of being checked and without any burden. I am pretty sure; you will feel like you are also an Einstein

1. Break the rules

 Break the rules

“Stupidity isn’t punishable by death. If it was, there would be a hell of a population drop.”  ( Laurell K. Hamilton, The Laughing Corpse )

We daily intentionally or unintentionally follow the rules but let’s break all the conditions. Eat your dinner with hands, burp after the dinner as long as you can, fart in a gathering and poke your nose in front of your friend. And don’t worry all of these things are so natural and everyone do this.

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