Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World 2020

Usually the long and tall buildings become the reason of fear for many of us. The buildings can be ordered by official heights. The method of ordering has to deal with the building’s roof length as well as its spire height. In addition to this, there are a lot of other methods to measure the exact height of a building. It was never expected in the stone-age that the man-man structures and buildings will possess extreme level of heights. But now the time has totally changed and the dreams have come true. Now we have the real-life long Petronas Towers and Burj Khalifa like buildings in our lives. If you are excited to know more then here is the list of top 10 tallest buildings in the world 2020.


10. Zifeng Tower

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 -

Zifeng tower is a 90 stories tall and spectacular tower of Greenland. It also has a wide houses office space and different restaurants within its 450 ft expanded area. It has an estimated height of 1400ft. You can also have easy access to fewer sky gardens within the premises of Zifeng tower.


9. Ardmore Residence

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - Ardmore Residence

Ardmore residence is a spectacular skyline of UNStudios. It is tall and amazing skyscraper and one of the most luxurious vertical architectures of the world. It won’t be wrong to name this 1560 ft high residential monument a luxurious landscape of Asia.


8. Willis Tower

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - Willis Tower

Willis Tower is standing with its full pride in Chicago, United States of America. This building was built in 1973 and it is said that its construction took about four years. Willis Tower has an estimated height of 1600ft having 105 stories and a large observation deck on its 103rd floor.


7. One Thousand Museum

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - One Thousand Museum

One thousand museum is also known with the very first residential place of Zaha Hadid in USA. This 1700ft high building is wonderfully structured. Its bold and beautiful design, sleek architecture and captivating beauty make it an ideal building for the tourists to visit.


6. Shanghai World Financial Center

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 -  Shanghai World Financial Center

It is, no doubt, one of the busiest, tallest and most remarkable buildings in Shanghai. What an amazing thing to know that Shanghai World Financial Center took more than ten years to get completed. The construction of this 1830ft high building was completed in August 1997 and since then it is standing in the heart of the city with full pride. It has three different observation decks and about 105 stories with 91 elevators.


5. 432 Park Avenue

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - 432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue is a design of Rafael Vinoly. This is a truly beautiful and gorgeous building with about 1900ft height, 96 stories and a beautiful central park. This New York based residential apartment is known for its glazing facades add a plus to its level of beauty.


4. Taipei 101

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - Taipei 101

This is a wonderful and one of the tallest buildings of Taipei, capital of Republic of China, also known as Taiwan. It was constructed in 2004 and it took over five years to the builders to complete its construction. A total amount of 1.7 million dollars was spent on its construction and the design was presented by C.Y. Lee and Partners. This is a 2000 ft high and marvelous building of the world.


3. Abraj Al Bait

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - Abraj Al Bait

Usually Abraj Al Bait is known with the name of Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower. It won’t be wrong to name it one of the tallest and most sophisticated buildings of Islamic history. The design of Abraj Al Bait was presented by Dar Al-Handasah Architects. This huge building has an estimated height of 2131ft and 120 floors housing a 1,399-room five-star hotel with fifty six elevators. The top tower’s minaret is fitted with speakers so that the prayers’ calls are listened by the people of surrounding residential and commercial areas easily. The construction of this holy building was started in 2004 and it was finished by 2012. It is also a part of Fairmont Group of Hotels.


2. Burj Doha

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - Burj Doha

Burj Doha is a construction of Jean Nouvel. This Qatar based large structure has been constructed wonderfully. It is about 2311ft high and is said to be one of the most delicate skylines in the world. The building is round and somewhat cylindrical in shape, and has been composed with beautiful carved lattice works. It is also named as the most dominating climate recording points of Qatar and the top most area of Burj Doha is constructed in a way that it can expose well to the sun rays even under fifty degree Celsius.


1. Burj Khalifa

Top 10 Tallest Buildings 2020 - Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa can, no doubt, be named the tallest building so far seen on this planet earth. It has an estimated height of 2400ft and is situated in the land of wonders and beauties, Dubai, UAE. The building has more than 160 floors, remarkably constructed and has well designed interiors. Its construction was started in September 2004 and it took about five years to the builders to complete it. Burj Khalifa is an architectural piece of work of Adrian Smith.

He has been an architecture of Jin Mao Tower, China as well. Burj Khalifa has a marvelous observation deck on its 124th floor and the surrounding area of the building is superb and top notch. A beautiful landscape park situated close to Burj Khalifa enhances its level of beauty and attraction.


  1. It must be wrong that the construction cost of Taipei 101 is only USD 1.7 million.

  2. PLEASE don’t call the Sears Tower “Willis.” We don’t care what the London company calls it. You CAN’T rename the Sears Tower. You just can’t!

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