Top 10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband

Marriage is a divine relationship of heart and soul. Having a good life partner makes life beautiful and worth living. Girls are grown up watching fairy tales, admiring prince charming and dreaming of a happy ending so accordingly they always look deep into matters of relationships and emotions often struggling hard to find their Mr. Perfect! Someone who would come in their lives changing it completely and pleasantly, taking them to a place where the sun may set differently. A sense of being independent in her husband’s protection and care crosses a girls mind whenever it comes to getting married. Well everyone has its flaws and one must accept those. Here is a list of top 10 things a girl wants in her husband depicting and explaining the most common and somewhat legit demands a girl about to be a future wife:


10. Loving Nature

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband -

When it comes to spending lives together love is the basic magical ingredient binding two hearts together, giving them trust of achieving all blessings they dream of. Person spends his whole life building and maintaining relations. But still fail because after getting married most husbands develop a sense possession thinking that women should themselves understand. We agree sometimes situations make us too tired to explain but one should always express love, one should practice that love never diminishes cause loyalty never dies.




9. Respecting Towards Parents

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Respecting Towards Parents

A person is always judged by his treatment towards humanity and parents are the one who deserve the most respect and honour. The way one treats his parents is certainly the way he is going to treat your parents and most importantly you in future. Parents of the girl consider a husband someone they are handing over their most precious jewel and want their princes to be treated as a queen.


8. Romantic

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Romantic

Life is certainly no bed of roses and to make it a pleasurable experience smiles add to comforts. Being romantic makes a girl feels important and that sense of being the one in husband’s life creating a healthy and long term relationship. We don’t urge men to get moon and stars for her but a rose now and then, a breakfast some day, an unplanned long drive and a Smile plays the part making both husband and wife live a relationship always afresh.


7. Foreseeing

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Foreseeing

A girl desires her husband to be full of confidence. A planned personality accepts and modifies environment according to his abilities and desires, and thus can manage situations with his anticipating nature. When it comes to marriage children are gonna be part of their lives. A foreseeing father can easily bind family together, understanding what the family wants and what they actually need.


6. Communicating

Top 10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband

Husband and wife are considered better half and being communicating gives both partners a sense of involvement. Discussing financial issues is helpful in a way that one can understand needs and manages situations avoiding fights commonly observed in couples, people fight when the answers to the questions in their minds are given while being judgemental. Making opinions in a relation increases distances and hence differences.


5. Responsible

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Responsible

Marriage is technically an agreement of two parties who agree to live together on certain terms of love and amenities. A girl always wants her husband to be responsible towards her and their family. A man should also be responsible towards himself, girls never desire for a bodyguard or an appointed sort of husband they want their husband to be equally successful. They never want husbands to give up their personal ambitions and personal struggles.


4. Respect

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Respect

Woman, A creation of divine heavens should always be respected and a husband respecting her wife in public and in private gives her confidence. Women today are equally participating in national streams of success all because of the confidence of being important given to them by some gentleman in their lives. They say everything comes back to you somehow. If a man treats his girl nice, he is treated equally well. When one starts respecting someone he respects his ideologies, his believes, his emotions, his desires.


3. Rich

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Rich

Man is given the duty to fulfil desires and necessities of his wife and family. Wife demands a financially secure future where they can enjoy their lives. Husbands have to keep the stove burning in household. When family develops, expenses amass. Of course money can’t buy happiness but practically money buys food! Basic and natural demand of a being. I personally think that women should themselves participate in solving financial issues but the typical school of thought bounds a man to pay and fulfil every luxury demanded by a girl which is much easier for someone who has his pockets filled.


2. Participation

10 Things A Girl Wants In Her Husband - Participation

Girls always appreciate a participation of their loved ones in their lives, In house chores to their personal choices. Like in every relationship time is the key participation makes one more understanding which cause love to flourish. Girls like it when they are given attention, they like to be with men who suggest girls about their matters. A Girl dream about husbands who may give her shopping advice, compliment her on wearing a good dress. Appreciation for her efforts to look perfect for her man urges girls to please their husbands.


1. Consideration

The most important and most realistic desire of a girl is to find someone who is considerate, one who accepts that women share equal parts of nature. Social pressures, family issues, workloads, all effect women much same as they effect men. If we understand each other as beings we live to the fullest! Although nature created women emotionally strong yet her soul requires a shoulder to set head on. A person with whom she feels protected and strong and it is certainly a part played by a good husband.

Being desirous is good but one should be realistic, every relation bears tough times, but if two people are together that’s the main thing.



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