Top 10 Things Men Demands From Their Wives

Men are emotionally strong and don’t express their feelings and emotions very often. Maintaining their tough guy approach they don’t communicate much about what they think of stuff going on around them and insist on keeping it all to themselves. But naturally they feel equally troubled when it comes to loved ones misunderstanding them which makes them irritated. We find men pretty straight forward in their views and they usually fail to understand what’s going wrong as women are usually in habit of saying things in wrappings demanding their man to understand! Here we are putting together the top 10 things men demands from their wives to enjoy a happy and appreciating life full of fun and adornment.


10. Ambitiousness

Top 10 Things Men Demands From Their Wives

Men like ambitious and confident women. A girl who is able to take stands for herself, having an influential personality and presentable in character are the key things one desires in his wife. If a girl has ideas to do something she’ll put them to reality in one way or the other making way for herself which gives her ability to motivate his family and even her husband which makes men feel proud of choosing the right girl for themselves who is determined and mentally strong.


9. Care

Things Men Demands From Their Wives -

Man has socially difficult parts to play; tiresome jobs, mental stress and bearing a continuous pressure of keeping things at their places is not a pie. Husbands need care. A wife should arrange for her husband an environment where he is important, where his wishes are important to someone else.


8. Laughter

Happy Couple

I personally think that happiness and laughs makes the sun shine brighter! A wife who keeps a tinge of laughter as part of daily routine never fails to please her husband. When partners share laughs their emotional vibes grow strong and they lead to a stronger and long lasting relation.


7. Appreciation

Things Men Demands From Their Wives - Appreciation

Husbands work hard to keep their family happy. A man provides his family with basic elements of necessities and amenities. On the other hand he acts as the back bone of his family supporting his wife in social and emotional issues, helping his kids develop a better perspective of life so, for being the centre of all financial and moral demands he needs appreciation for what he is doing! A smile with a simple sentence of thank you for being always around makes a man’s day, and raises his morale to do much better.


6. Friendliness


Friends are always the best relation in one’s life. Even our blood relations ask us to consider them as our friends, which prove how important a friend is in life. A friend whom you can pour your heart out to, who understands. And what when you find that best friend in your wife, every man dreams his wife to be friendly to whom he can tell stories, share problems, discuss ideas, regret decision etc.


5. Moral support

Things Men Demands From Their Wives - Moral support

When life makes us feel low we need someone to hold us and make us believe that everything will turn out to be good. A husband shares an emotionally strong relation with his wife and can more easily describe his feelings to her than anyone else, when a wife makes him feel that they’ll overcome issues as long as they are together men feel strong as sense of being believed give them spirit of taking chances and trying out new ideas, if a man’s wife don’t support him in his views he loses confidence in his idea and trust me it’s the worst feeling on earth when your partner lacks faith in you.


4. Trustworthiness

Things Men Demands From Their Wives - trust

They say Trustworthinessmarriage is the most strongest and the most delicate relationship, in which you believe in each other, it’s a companionship of souls. Man wants his wife to remain loyal and true to them, and it is the most important thing for men. He bestows a girl with his love, care and respect and certainly deserves a wife who remains truthful to him someone he can trust for his mind, heart and soul!


3. Patience and Acceptance

things men demands from their wives

Women grow impatient which is a common matter of observation. Demanding answers, insisting on trying to know if there is something and all that stuff. Women should understand that husbands are also humans, they sometimes want to be alone, and not always it’s that he’s angry if he’s upset. Give a man his space, don’t irritate him behaving childishly. The biggest issue now a day is girls complaining about their husbands playing videogames come on girl he has a life the best thing is join him in playing video games. When a husbands finds his wife standing with him on even this part of his life he feels out of the world and starts giving interest in his wife’s matter because now he too wants to be a part of her choices


2. Clarity of behaviours

Things Men Demands From Their Wives - Clarity of behaviours

Say what you mean. If you are angry, tell him you are angry. It’s of no use saying you are fine if you are not. And most importantly he is your husband you can tell him freely what you feel about his behaviours or other situations. When a couple communicates freely and informally the solution of 90% problems is found which is highly appreciated by husbands, because it helps in avoiding quarrels making couples understand each other. It is important when someone knows that these are your limits and you won’t be comfortable beyond those your partner will avoid those and eventually conflicts would be no more.


1. Love

Things Men Demands From Their Wives - Love

Most important thing in one’s life is love. Life spent without love is survival not living. Just as they want emotional strength they want romance. Men want their ladies to be appealing and of course good looking.A wife should always keep love young in a relationship by celebrating events, buying gifts, planning dinners once in a while for her husband.

Most importantly if we start looking at life in a perspective of “We” rather than “I” it make s things better, If a girl understands that my husband possesses same human feelings that demand love and respect as much as I do she would never fail to please her husband and they will live a pleasant loving life!

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