Top 10 Unusual Bars In The World

Some people look for uniqueness even in the most common of places. For example, consider bars. All of them are pretty much the same, one way or another, with the same shelf behind the bar, containing the same drinks, with your typical bartender, and the typical customers. However, not all bars are like alike. They might all offer the same drinks but they may very well differ in their style, theme or presentation. Bar owners tend to provide a different and unique experience to the customers and while doing so, some of them go way beyond normal and usual stuff. They end up having a pretty unusual or sometime weird bar where customers feel both intrigued as well as freakish. The top 10 most unusual bars in the world have been listed below to show you that we live in a world where everything and anything should be expected.


10. H.R. Giger Bar

H.R. Giger Bar

Gruyeres, Switzerland The H.R Giger Bar is also known as the Skeleton Bar, and there’s a reason why it is called so. The bar is designed like a cavernous, skeletal structure with arches of spines meeting at the ceiling, so one feels like one is inside the belly of some huge beast. Bet blood-colored wines would be quite popular here. This is one pretty scary bar for a normal person. You may very well get Goosebumps at your first visit. But to be honest, it surely is awesome.


9. Cova d’en Xoroi

Cova d’en Xoroi

Sometimes all one needs to enjoy a drink is a good view, and Cova d’en Xoroi gives you just that. This disco bar is placed in the cliffs of Cala’en Porter and is a big tourist attraction. Mostly bars are situated in towns and cities near markets or residential areas. The unique thing about Cova D’en Xoroi is that it is located far from the usual locations, amidst cliffs where the customers can enjoy the amazing view of water on one side and land on the other.


8. Baobab Tree Bar

Baobab Tree Bar

South Africa The baobab tree in South Africa is about 6000 years old, making it one of the oldest living creatures on Earth. It is in the presence of something so old and majestic that people enjoy their wine, at a bar known as Tree Bar. The entire bar is built around this ancient tree that attracts tourists and visitors. What can be better than enjoying some fine old wine by the side of an even older natural wonder?


7. Gua’cara Taina

Gua’cara Taina

We might have observed in the famous “Jetsons” cartoons that future would take everything higher above the ground. However, today we see underground roads, tunnels, marine life resorts etc. And now there is one more, pretty unusual addition to the list of underground facilities. It’s the underground bar “Gua’cara Taina”. This bar is located in the Dominion Republic and is placed sixty feet below the Earth’s surface, adorned naturally by stalactites and stalagmites. Not sure what urged them to build a bar 60 feet below, but it is surely a weird thing to come across.


6. The Red Sea Star

The Red Sea Star

Underwater resorts are always a source of fascination, and people in the hundreds yearn to visit one. The Red Sea Star is the world’s first underwater bar and restaurant. That’s very unusual as you won’t come across bars or restaurants built underwater. But it’s a good step for the tourists who’d like to enjoy some drinks while at the underwater resort. You may sit and explore the marine life in the surrounding water and enjoy classy wine.


5. Vampire Café

Vampire Café

Tokyo has established itself as the capital of unusual bars around the world, and the Vampire Café is a prime example as of why. The café is draped in velvet, and the adornments consists of crucifixes, spiders, skulls, with a Dracula coffin as the centerpiece. It’s scary enough and seems like a place of some freaky cult members. The entire theme of the Vampire Café and bar is about the Dracula and the vampires. Once you enter the bar you get a feeling as if you are a vampire too, living in the vampire world. How about some red wine instead of blood?


4. Alcatraz ER

Alacatraz ER Restaurant

Another bizarre bar in Tokyo is the Alcatraz ER, a bar and restaurant in the likeness of a mental prison. To enter this place, people have to declare their blood type and declare any health disorders they may be suffering from. A nurse will then diagnose you and prescribe a medicine (drink) accordingly. The guests are also handcuffed to provide a complete prison like atmosphere and led to their cell where they would enjoy their drinks. Alcatraz is a popular prison known for its strictness. You can have a similar experience of being a prisoner in such a prison, the only difference would be that you’ll have access to wines, beer, alcohol and all such drinks. If it was really a prison, it would have been the best.


3. The Clinic

The Clinic

Locate in Singapore the Clinic is, as the name suggests, a bar with a hospital theme. Hospital beds separate by hanging curtains, surgery room lighting, syringes, test tubes and drips adorn this bar. Cocktails are served in blood bags. Normally it would seem awful to be in a hospital environment when you are perfectly healthy and all you want is to have a drink or two. But this is a pretty weird bar that does attract tourists only to see its uniqueness.


2. Dans le Noir

Unusual Bars In The World

With no lighting, the pitch dark theme at Dans le Noir in France may appeal to many. The blind guides take care of the visitors and ensure their well-being. People have to rely on senses other than sight.


1. Eternity, the Coffin Bar

Eternity, the Coffin Bar

Ever wonder how the inside of a coffin looks like with the lid closed? Here’s a chance to find out – sort of. Located in Truskavets, Ukraine, the bar is shaped like a giant coffin, with real coffins and funeral flowers as adornments. These were the world’s top 10 most unusual bars and cafes. Some are amazing while others giving paranoia, yet they all exist and attract people who’d like to experience something different.

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