Top 10 Ways To Help Poor And Needy

In this modern world, some individuals are enjoying their life fully, living a lavish life as all the facilities of life are available to them. Contrary, there are individuals in the society who are living a pathetic life, they can not even dream of the joy of luxurious living as they are unable to afford the basic necessities of a normal life. These individuals are deprived of food, shelter, clothes and other basic requirements. These underprivileged individuals combat a lot to survive in this society but being poor they are socially, economically and politically deprived and hardly get an opportunity to prove themselves. With every new morning they get up and battle with their life for survival while others who are living luxurious life can not imagine their pain and misery. These poor people also have the right to live comfortably in this world, have enough food, can educate their children and get basic healthcare facilities. So, think about this, humanity is not that you eat enough and others have nothing to eat for days. Change you perspective, consider these people as people to respect and care, provide them opportunities to prove themselves as no doubt they can also do the wonders and help them without disintegrating their dignity. Here we have a list of top 10 ways to help the poor and needy, peace of mind is superior to all things and you will definitely get it when you comfort some one mind.


10. Moral Consolation

Moral consolation is one of the best ways to help the poor and needy individuals. In their tough time your consideration, motivation and giving them a hand up instead of hand out will be a true help of them. It will give them an intense pleasure that some one cares about them and respect them and playing an important role in improving their condition. If you provide them an opportunity to change their life then it would not only increase their self esteem but also help them in facing the hurdles they face each and everyday. Spend some time with these people, motivate them and realize them their capabilities and support them and tell them that have the ability with the help of which they can meet the basic necessities of life.


9. Financial Help

Ways To Help Poor And Needy -

We can help the poor and needy individuals with the help of money. Providing them financial aid can help them in resolving their basic issue of food and shelter to some extent. Being a human we can contact some charitable homes that can provide shelter to them. Another option for helping them through money is to pay the fees of their kid’s education and this can also minimize their burden to a greater extent. You should also make sure that your financial aid is utilizing in a good an appropriate manner.


8. Social Media

Ways To Help Poor And Needy -  Social Media

Social media is getting much fame now a days and it is not only one of the most used ways to help the needy people but also the easiest one. With the help of social media and social networking sites like twitter and Facebook, one can raise his voice for the rights of poor and create awareness so that people become a helping hand of poor. With the help of social media, one can get access to charity organizations, can arrange charities, and ask the individuals to play their role and help the poor and needy in settling their life.


7. Donate Old Belongings

Ways To Help Poor And Needy -  Donate Old Belongings

People waste their old belonging but they do not know that these things can change someone’s life. The old stuff like old clothes, furniture, appliances and other things can be used by the needy. So, ransack through your personal possessions and give them to the underprivileged individuals. Inquiring old goods and giving them to needy mean a lot to them. With the arrival of winter season, needy people need warm clothes a lot as they do not have proper shelter to live so how they would overcome the cold. Therefore providing those old clothes to needy people in winter will be a great help of them. Extra stuff can be bequeathed to lighten up someone’s life.


6. Fund Raising

Ways To Help Poor And Needy - Fund Raising

Arranging funds for poor and needy is a superb idea of helping them. You can join the community that raises fund for the underprivileged individuals. You can also organize some cultural and social events including road shows and numerous competitions and all the profit that come from these events go as an aid for needy individuals. You can also organize some activities or can become a part of such organizations whose major aim is collection of funds for underprivileged people. Funding can also be raised by collecting donating items and holding an auction for those goods. You can also use sites for arranging campaigns for fund raising.


5. Collection Drive

Ways To Help Poor And Needy - Collection Drive

Another easy way to help the poor and needy individuals is through conducting collection drives for clothes, food, blankets, books and other basic necessities of life. These collection drives can be administered in offices, schools and some locality so that it can reach to the deserved and needy individuals. It is an easy way and you can also make in contact with some organizations that work for betterment of the individuals in order to find out the needs of needy individuals and then arrange collection drives, in which individuals can drop off their donations and these donations will definitely help the needy.


4. Donating Eatables

Ways To Help Poor And Needy - Donating Eatables

Food is the basic necessity of life and no one can live without it. For any ones survival, it is a basic requirement and we know the poor and needy are deprived of food and therefore suffer from malnutrition and look like skeleton. These people are unable to afford food for a single time, so it is the thing they require badly. Offering them nutritious meals and donating them groceries can help them in fulfilling their hunger and making them fit and healthy. It is better to give food to deprived people rather than to waste or throw it.


3. Better Understanding

Better Understanding

Understanding the requirements and necessities of the deprived people is a brilliant way of helping them. If you can better understand them then help them in overcoming the hardships of life. If you understand the desires, needs and thoughts of the needy people without demolishing their dignity and self respect and aiding them in achieving their dreams in a respectful manner then it is really appreciating. People treat the deprived people badly, but don’t forget they are humans and have the same rights as you have. Give them sane respect and generosity you demand from your family members and friends.


2. Employment

Ways To Help Poor And Needy -  Employment

One of the most appropriate methods to help the deprived individuals is helping them in getting employment rather than granting money for their expenditures. It will not only help them temporarily but for a prolonged period and with the help of this they can not only live a respectful life but also a peaceful one. We can contact some organizations or industries that can give them training and then employment. We can also help them in getting employment by making them learn basic things of art and craft, embroidery and knitting and then they become independent by earning from the stuffs they make. This thing requires a lot of work and long effort but it will make the biggest difference as the deprived individuals will be able to support themselves and will not depend on others for their survival.


1. By Imparting knowledge


Education is very important for survival in this modern society. It not only helps the individuals in getting a mean for better employment but also in making and building them a better human being. Education is the start of getting out from the adversities of life. Giving free education is the best mean to help the poor and needy people. Edification makes them confident and also helps them to become independent and self- supporting.

Through education they will be capable to get employed, make career, attain success, handle problems and live a prosperous and successful life. By imparting knowledge, the deprived individuals can develop skills that will aid in rejuvenating their life rather than making them dependent on others. You can also arrange classes for adults as well, along with their children and your this effort will not go in vain.

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  1. Very brilliant idea. I so much believe these points will help those of us who really think about the poor and needy. That was really a nice post!

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