Top 10 Ways To Survive Summer Heat

Among the various obvious solutions to beat the summer time is the intake of iced drinks. These chilly and tasty drinks refresh both our bodies and minds. When it comes to name the summer season, we start focusing on the picnic plans, cold and relaxing showers and orange juices. None of us can survive the heat and humidity, which is why we make our own distinctive plans for summer. It is impossible to compete with the hot sun rays and keep up our energy even when sweat is falling from body all the time. Tons of energy is extracted from our bodies during summer days. To survive the hot and irritating things there are a lot of ideas. But here comes the top 10 tips to survive summer heat in a better and effective way.


10. Hang Out The Wet Sheets

If the sun ray’s directly enter your room and you feel irritated, then hang out the wet sheets in the front of glass doors and windows. This will help you get rid of the direct sun rays and can keep your room cold, allowing the cool breeze to enter into the room. The color of the wet sheets should be yellow, pink, sky-blue.


9. Avoid Junk Foods

Ways To Survive Summer Heat -

Not only the junk foods like pizzas, burgers, French fries, cold drinks and snacks but also you should avoid oily eatables in summer days. Such diets increase the blood circulation in the body and raise the body temperature from its normal level. During summertime, the increment in body temperature is not good at all, so better to avoid junk and oily eatables when summer arrives.


8. Orange And Mango Juice

Ways To Survive Summer Heat - drink Orange And Mango Juice

Summertime is the time when you can enjoy the mouth-watering orange and mango juices. These liquids keep your body hydrated the whole day and make you feel internally refreshed. Use as much orange juice and mango shake as you want to stay energetic.


7. Cool Home Appliances

Ways To Survive Summer Heat - Cool Home Appliances

With the arrival of summer you say good bye to hot home appliances and welcome the cold appliances. Isn’t it? Yes its true but not all cold home appliances are worth your investment. Make sure when you choose your air conditioning system, it is free of CFC producing materials and is environment friendly so that fresh and cool air remains available to you whenever needed.


6. Wear Loose Clothes

Ways To Survive Summer Heat -  Wear Loose Clothes

The stay-at-home moms and children can wear loose clothes and silk outfits during summer days. You won’t feel warmth in such clothes, instead will feel relaxed and rejoicing. But when it comes to the men, they of course cannot wear such outfits because of their office routines at the daytime. But definitely they can wear such loose clothes like shorts and loose shirts during the night or at weekends to feel relaxed.


5. Take A Cold Shower

Ways To Survive Summer Heat - Take A Cold Shower

When we are tired of sweat and too much heat, then there is no alternate of cold shower to beat the summer. In addition to your regular shower, you can massage your body with cold oils so that both internally and externally you feel energetic and refreshing. It won’t be bad idea to take a cold shower twice or even thrice a day if you can get some time for that.


4. No Smoking Or Drinking

Ways To Survive Summer Heat - No Smoking Or Drinking

Smoking and drinking will drastically damage your stomach, disturb your digestive system and burn the poor lungs in summer. So why do we take any risk with out health and life. I believe when there are summers then we have to say a big NO to smoking and drinking so that our body systems and functions remain consistent in performing their duties.


3. Spend Less Time In Kitchen

Ways To Survive Summer Heat -  Spend Less Time In Kitchen

It is not less than an irritation for a mom to spend the whole day in kitchen during summer season. You can instead give preference to cook the foods which are easy to cook or require baking more than stove cooking. For example, prepare hotdogs in the microwave, make sweet cakes or shakes which don’t involve the usage of stove. This will help you save a lot of time in kitchen and you can enjoy plenty of other things during summer days.


2. Sleep With Relaxation

Ways To Survive Summer Heat - Sleep With Relaxation

Taking the full sleep is essential for our healthy minds and bodies. Especially during the summer nights, we need to sleep well and with full relaxation so that we can get ready to face the next day challenges. Do everything to make your sleeping hours comfortable, for example air condition your bedrooms, keep a jug of cold water on the side-table and of course wear very loose and relaxing clothes so that you can sleep well the whole night.


1. Pamper Your Pulses

Ways To Survive Summer Heat - Pamper Your Pulses

With that too much workload and hectic routines we all need relaxation and pampering at the evening. Both our bodies and minds get tired and bored so need to be compressed in a better and relaxing way. When you cold compress your pulses and body parts like wrists, neck elbow, groins, ankles and knees then you are directly pampering your pulses.

During summer days, this is indeed an effective idea to get refreshed in a shorter time frame. If you don’t get the technique how to well pamper your impulses then seek the services of your massage expert who will help you have that relaxing cold compress to soothe your nerves and veins.

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