Top 10 Websites to Watch Free Bollywood Movies Online

Bollywood movie industry has really come to such a state that it has become a grossing industry all over the world. This movie industry really has got good amount of the user rating as per the watch list. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies then here are the websites that you can use to get the best movies to be watched online. Here are the finest websites to watch online.

10. Hulu

Hulu is the website that is really good for watching movies but it is not completely free and you can use this to watch movies for two weeks with the trial pack. It is this reason which has made it get this position. It is easy to sign in too in this website.


9. Movie4kay.blogspot

It is not the website that is completely for watching free movies but it has got a category that is separate for the Bollywood movies which can be found online very easily. It is the distinctive feature related with this website for watching movies online which has got it the position it wants. It is not something available for free and even has trial period after expiry of the period. It can be singed up for enjoying Bollywood movies in full length for free.


8. Primewire

It is a website that has got very good quality for watching movies for free but it is necessary to have the flash player downloaded in the system if you want to use this in proper way. It is one such website that is widely used. It has got movies of great quality for all the users which gives website the position that it needs. It is possible for anyone to find the movie that you want for using the search option. It is possible for getting different links which are meant for different movie players when you get a movie.

7. Alluc

It is a website that is really a good one so that you can watch the Bollywood movies for free but has got really good package for the users and one can even watch the channel dramas that come on TV too for free. This website has got really amazing quality which is appealing.

6. Zmovie

It is the website that is popular for watching the Bollywood movies for full length without any cost. When you are searching for any movie, you may get the page with so many links so that you can get what you have created using the link. It is possible for anyone for clicking on the link that is described below so that you can easily enjoy the Bollywood movies free of cost.

5. iBollyTv

This is the website that is very reliable for any person for enjoying Bollywood movies for free at anytime and anywhere. All that you need is internet connection and you get good feature with the website that differentiates folder in the case of movies that are recently released.

4. Filmlinks4u

It is the website that has got awesome Bollywood movies for you to watch online for whole length. It has got the feature that is category based like classics, newly adds, thriller, mystery and action. It is really very easy for users to find the taste and type of movies him like and watch in this website.

3. HindiTVLinks4u

This is the website that may not have a good name but it is much useful in the case of users who want to watch the Bollywood movies of full length. It has got free movies in separate categories. You even get old movie collection too with them.

2. Solarmovie

This is a website that is very popular and is used mainly for watching Indian movies free online. This is the website that is one among those old ones that has come in this category. It is possible for watching Bollywood movies in this at any point of time you can choose to have. It has got distinctive feature with it that person can watch. It is available in full procedure that you can enjoy watching such movies.


It is the website that has got the top position in list because of the user ratings and also awesome features. You can watch TV shows as well as Bollywood movies with it. Based on what you are looking for, you should decide from the tabs on the homepage.

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