Top 10 Weirdest Ways You Should Not Try To Die

Death is scary but it is the bitter truth of life for all living creatures. The one who has come to this world has to go from this world one day. No matter how long you live, what you earn, what you do, one day your soul has to depart from your body to skies. We all should do good deeds and prepare ourselves for the Day of Judgment. Committing suicide is not a fun or joke, it is a crime and an ethical sin for which there is no forgiveness. There are numerous ways people commit suicide, but they should not do this, they should face the realities and challenges of life. Life is a gift of God that should not be ruined and ended by you. Here we provide you a list of top 10 weirdest ways you should not try to die, read this article and feel the pain and agony. I hope it will change your thoughts about committing suicide.


10. Overeating


Food is the basic necessity of life, it is required for the survival of humans, animals and everyone. It provides us energy to do various daily routine works but eating too much food can be injurious to health. Overeating can cause several health issues for individuals. Some of physical effects of eating too much include high cholesterol, acid reflux, stress, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Those individuals who are engaged in overeating are more liable to organ damage as well as kidney disease, heart attack, cancer and diabetes. Overeating is also a risk factor for diabetes. There are various examples of individuals who eat too much in their lives and die because of sudden heart attack or stroke problem. Too much eating will also cause vomiting and you have to get hospitalized so don’t use this weird way if even if you want to die some day.


9. Jumping Before A Lion

Jumping Before A Lion

The king of jungle, the lion is a merciless carnivore, who is always in search of his prey. Lion is a dangerous animal and is always life killing. You should always maintain a safety distance with lions, whether you are on a holiday trip and visiting lion in the jungle or viewing a lion in the zoo. Jumping before them is extremely risky, within no time the lion will caught you and tear you apart, leaving behind your flesh. This wild animal is always wild, whether in a circus, in a zoo or in a jungle. Like other animals that can kill you, lions do not suffocate their prey by holding the neck. They use their sharp and elongated canines to bite through the temporal bone in the head of their prey.


8. Being Hit By Cannonball

A cannonball or a round shot is a solid projectile without explosive allegation, fired from a mortar. Cannonball is worst of all round shot, a direct hit from it always mean death. Being hit or beaten by cannonball is an extremely awful way to die, as the individual has to suffer intense pain before his soul fly to the world of skies. Cannonballs are extremely heavy, they can even cause damage on concrete, so a human acquiring injury with this is always lethal and miserable.


7. Being Crushed By The Train

This idea seems to be so dramatic and people use this merciless way to die, but in reality this is truly creepy. Can you bear the pain of crushing of a finger or even a finger tip, then how can you allow your body to be crushed by such a massive and gigantic vehicle. Even the thunder of an upcoming train is so distressing and fearful, then just lying on the train track will make you feel worrisome. It is a horrible and painful method of death, even the witnesses can be traumatized. And in the cases when death is not instant, individuals suffer immense pain, and the survivors experience serious injuries including broken bones, limbs amputation and brain damage.


6. Caught By Snake

Imagining a snake is always scary, and then making it a reason of finishing life is extremely gory. Just a glimpse of snake or cobra is itself sufficient to make individuals die in no time. Even human death is possible with small venom of snake that is extremely poison and make human restless, panic and bluish. So, being caught by a snake will surely make the individual suffer from extensive pain and intense fear before the end of his life.


5. Drowning


People commit suicide by drowning and death by drowning is one of the most common dismays shared by individuals. A drowning individual will try to hold his breath as long as possible, but at last, the body needs oxygen for survival and when it receives just water not oxygen, the decreased oxygen supply or almost oxygen deprivation will cause cardiac arrest with a loss of consciousness in just after 2 to 3 minutes and after 6 minutes brain death will occur. It just takes six to ten minutes to die by drowning and individual is extremely helpless find no means to rescue. It is one of the most scared deaths an individual can experience.


4. Fall Into Volcano

Fall Into Volcano

If you fall into volcano, then you are pretty much dead, dead and dead before you could blink your eyes. Due to the density of the lava, if you jump into a volcano then you are not might be swallowed like a rock fluttering into the water. You will reach on the top of lava with a hoot and then will burst into flame, which is pretty sad and miserable. Can you bear the temperature of a matchstick, or the sun in the summer then choosing this weird way to die is extremely foolish and painful as you will have no method of escape.


3. Cutting The Wrist With Knife


It is very common method adopted by people to die but this is extremely creepy. People use sharp knife for cutting the pulse vein and bear tremendous pain. Death from cutting pulse vein depends on the width and depth of cut. Please, please thing again and again by harming yourself with this mean. Seeing the sharp knife is extremely fearful then you should definitely change your plan. Cutting wrist is fatal, it causes intense and rapid bleeding which can cause death of the individual in a short period of time.


2. Being Caught By Shark

If you jump into the water where fish live then it means you are expecting a shark to come and catch you. If the shark catches you then there is no means of escape, it will chew you and grind you like a food that will lead you to bleed a lot and suffer from intense pain. When most shark attacks, they first bite in order to taste the food, their first bite is so massive and severe that many individuals die from their injuries, and do not actually die from being devoured. A number of fatalities can be associated to individuals dying from shock or bleeding to death. So this idea should be cancelled, if you really want you are not chewed like a food.


1. Ingesting Piece Of Broken Glass

Have you ever felt the pain of a cut by a glass? It is very painful then ingesting a piece of broken glass is the weirdest way you should not try to die. Human internal organs are very delicate, this broken piece of glass will immediately kill your vocal cords, your food pipe and will travel to the stomach and damage it.

The pain of death is intense if it pierces any artery or vein. The intensity of injury depends on the size, shape and sharpness of the glass. Individual will suffer from extreme conditions and pain before losing his life as the broken glass has a generalized action. If the individual is unable to breath then he will die soon due to suffocation that is so awful. The seriousness and pain in this way can be easily understand, so avoid doing so.

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