Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom

When it comes to name the wonders of a country, we have to make our selection on the basis of natural monuments, man-made wonders as well as those which have been originated on the basis of human plans to give a creative look to a certain part of the world. Whatsoever the reason may be, but we can not neglect the fact that United Kingdom is one of those very few nations which is famous for its beauty, development, open-minded people and many other distinctive properties. So how could it happen that this nation remains behind in the race of unveiling some shocking wonders of all the times? It certainly was not possible so here are the top 10 wonders of United Kingdom to let you believe its prominent existence on the planet earth.


10. Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower: – The Icon of London

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower – The Icon of London

Some people call it the asset of UK, while others name it an iconic beauty of London—whatsoever the name may be but Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower is an absolute beauty of UK. This nickname has actually been given to the big bell clock of Palace of Westminster. This huge tower is said to be the third biggest and most charming tower of the world.Its construction was completed in 1860’s. This is also named as one of the most established and well versed symbols of beauty and attraction of UK.




9. The Seven Sisters

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters is a gorgeous white cliff point in United Kingdom. It is situated in the southern Downs and adjoins it with eastern Sussex. This cliff area is surrounded by various parks and gardens for the people to come and enjoy at during their spare times of the day. Another plus point of this area is no population or buildings are present around, thus making it a very relaxing and fun-making tourist point.


8. Tower of London

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - Tower of London

Tower of London tracks its history back from the times of Norman Conquests in 1065. Its must role, to be a well constructed building of history, can not be ignored in enriching the cultural values of United Kingdom. This tower is so beautiful and attractive that the local residents call it as a pride crown of London.


7. Tower Bridge

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge—a dreamy land of photographers was built in 1894. It is situated in London, and combines the two suspensions of River Thomas. The architects say that it is as high as a 30-story building can be.


6. Pistyll Rhaeadr Powys

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - pistyll Rhaeadr Powys

Despite the ancient and beautiful buildings of United Kingdom, there are some natural monuments as well which we can proudly name as the wonders of UK. Pistyll Rhaeadr Powys is one of them, it is a tallest naturally flowing waterfall of UK. Some people call it the waterfall of springs. The best part of its beauty lies in the fact that it falls down to the earth from a height of 80 meters right from the center of Afon Disgynfa cliffs.


5. Windsor Castle

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - Windsor Castle

Here comes another wonder of UK, Windsor Castle—a very stunning and biggest house in the world. I must say that once you happen to visit this royal building, you would definitely be forced to say that it is like a heaven on the earth. Its area expands over 15 acres and was constructed in 11th century during the times of William the Conqueror.


4. Stratford upon Avon

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - Stratford upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon is the place where the famous and world recognized English literature writer and poet Shakespeare was born. It is no doubt an expanded and highly populated area of southern Warwickshire. What makes this land to be a wonder of United Kingdom is its natural beauty, ancient buildings and presence of rare flowers in the gardens which attract millions of tourists towards this place every year. Some Royal museums and destinations of Shakespeare times are also present here to add a plus to its cultural and rich traditional values.


3. Buckingham Palace

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom - Buckingham Palace

The Great Britain’s Queens used to live in this palace. People and international tourists name it a wonder and most beautiful palace in the world. It was constructed in 1705 to serve as a resident point of Duke of Buckingham. This is not only a beautiful palace but also a big one, with over 20 staterooms, 90 professional rooms, 50 living areas and guest rooms and 200 staff bedrooms. Isn’t it a wonder of United Kingdom? Yes it definitely is. According to an estimate, annually more than 60000 people and tourists come to visit this mega palace of ancient times.


2. Stonehenge

Top 10 Wonders Of United Kingdom -

Naming Stonehenge to be the archaeological asset of United Kingdom won’t be wrong at all. This is doubtlessly a very iconic and photographic place of UK, and a building constructed with stones of Bronze Age.


1. British Museum

The Great Court in the British Museum

Although United Kingdom is never short of museums, but British Museum has its very special place in the hearts of tourists. It was constructed in 1753 with a purpose to let the visitors have a glimpse of the largest collections of ancient rocks, documents depicting human culture and traditional monuments of all parts of the world.

It well illustrated the story of human traditions from the times when he was living in caves.



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